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It's not often that the kids are in sync with each other.  They all have their moments, but Tessa and Grant seem to be in love with each other.  Wish I could capture the moment, but like any married spouses they have their good days and bad days.  The best thing about these two is that they reall...
It just doesn't seem right to work the day after Christmas, but given the fact that my day turned out the way that it did...I'll suffer through it once again. Today, I.... Had to drive 2 hours to interview a mortgage company to join Cherry Creek Mortgage; Took a $70,000 loan application; Went to ...
So...in keeping with my Friday Night Tunes, I was thinking about something that would be O' So Inspirational and Seasonal. I've seen this a myriad of times. Perhaps you have as well. This is a good Flash Mob set....very, very cool!!!! In the spirit of the season, I sure hope that you take a bit o...
So lately I've been thinking....do you need a photo or a picture in your post to get a feature here in Active Rain?  So, as an experiment, over the last few months I've been doing quite a few posts both ways.  I've been trying to put my best posts together with and without pictures, cartoons and ...
It's amazing!  2012 is finally upon us and 2011 is nothing but about 2 weeks away from being a memory.  How'd you do with your goals?  Me?  I did really well.  I failed in many areas, but I held fast to some massive memories.  I hired a few new just great and new branches.  I can't even tell you ...
Nothing better than getting your own into sports.  My daughter, Claire, has her first season as playing basketball of any sort at all.  Never dribbled, never shot, but.....SHE'S VERY ATHLETIC!  She is into gymnastic, and is very even keel in all that she does, but it's a steep learning curve if y...
So my wife and I go to a fund raiser this past summer.  Evidently, Cal, would have been 18 years old today, but he died at twelve of lukemia.  Of course the parents are superstars and start a non for profit called Cal's Angels, in memorium of Cal.  We go to the fundraiser and say that we'll deliv...
So we head to Chicago to help some folks out with some issues that need tending to.  On the way back we have to (we didn't choose to....we HAD TO) stop by SUPER DAWG.  It's been around forever and my dad used to bribe his sisters with the Super Dawg's when he lived up by there.  To this date, SUP...
I'm amazed that we're now well over 210,000 members...or "so called members."  Think about it....110,000, represents a pretty big sized city!  It's something to be proud of.  But I don't want to be like New York, L.A. or Chicago where there are millions of people, but no comraderie.  No, I'd rath...
So I was on the road for 7 hours today traveling to and from and between Saint Charles and Galesburg. In that time, I made about 1.2 million phone calls.....but when I was not on the phone I was cranking some very serious Christmas music. However, I did have to "break it down" a bit. Here's an aw...

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