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So, I have a horrible head cold today, but I've been wanting to pump out a great tune tonight. Tonight, however, it aint gonna happen. Too beat to sift through my greatest hits to find something that just hits the mood, so I'm giving a lot of tunes and a lot of dances that actually put a smile on...
OK...just met with new clients from a new realtor just yesterday.  I've posted on this a number of times, but being the new year and all....let's revisit this issue.  This sounds almost too good to be true.  But it is true.  You can't do it on a conventional loan.  You can, however, do with an FH...
I went to the Packer Game this past weekend.  It was cold and we had on at least 7 layers a piece.  My friend gave us some cool beer glasses that just seemed like a natural fit in the scheme of a Green Bay Packer playoff game.  Then we came across some dude with Christmas lights in his beard.  Fo...
Most people who know me know that I'm an Iced Tea addict.  I hated beer when I first had it....but I learned to love it!  I hated smoking but grew to love cigars.  So....knowing my additive personality, I figured that coffee would be just one more thing that I hate, but would soon learn to love. ...
So it's not often that I'll put my name behind someone.  My definition of greatness makes it incredibly hard to just endorse anyone.  I do look forward to doing it when the opportunity presents itself.  Let's just say the Better Business Bureau does not grade as tough as I do.  I'm quite pleased ...
You Tube, oh You Tube, O how much I love thee.... I do want to say that there are some just awesome things on You Tube. For me, I love music. I love raw music. I love music that is raw, and unplugged. I played guitar growing up and am teaching two of my five kids how to play. For me.....nothing b...
Saint Patrick's Catholic Grade School is the highest rated grade school in the diocese of Rockford. Of course, I used to be the president of Saint Patrick's School Board, and therefore, I'm a bit biased. I wish it was because of me, but alas, it's not. However, I was a graduate of Saint Patrick's...
I call 4 State Senators about a stupid law that won't allow for fixed rate reverse mortgages in Illinois.  I won't belabor the horrible aspects of the law, but seniors cannot have a fixed rate reverse mortgage in Illinois as it stands right now...but the other 49 states they can.  I call 4 state ...
There's a lot of responsibility when you're the head of THE FAMILY.  Sure....didn't really set out to do this.  Just wanted to hang with the family, but when Don Vito Corleone went down, I got shoved into this role. I will tell you that I never thought that Facebook would do this to me, but, now...
So we have a steam room that we like to hit in our house.  It's especially awesome during the cold winter months of December, January and February.  When we had our only flakes of the season a few weeks ago, we get the steamer as hot as we can and stay there as long as we can, and then when it ge...

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