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Can't tell you how great it is to see and hear an all time classic. Took my kids to an United States Army 4th of July tribute band last night and they digress to an all American Theme. Guess who made the list...yes.... Fleetwood Mac. This is still an all time classic in my book. My best bud...."B...
Today, I'm meeting with a loan officer for a review of his production.  Not good.  He's closing 3-4 transactions per month as a full time loan officer.  In this market, if I went downtown Chicago, I could hand out flyers on any street corner and pick up 3-4 deals a day if I wanted to. Today I lai...
So...I have a closing today that closes at 1:00 pm.  We're done in less than 60 minutes.  Smoooooooooth as can be.  Now..... Just waiting on the wire... Wire was released, but the warehouse lender has to check with the Fed as well as OFAC or Office of Foreign Assets Control.  Check out the site f...
I just got back from Northern Canada with my two boys.  We did a ton of fishing.  It was my first father/son experience with the boys in Canada.  We did so much fishing....one day, my second oldest son, Jake, yelled "DAD!" and he pointed to the shoreline. We flew it back to Red Lake and got an ex...
It's been a great time getting back into the swing of things.  Two days in a row...albeit posting very little of value here in the rain.  Im just thrilled to be back in the game and posting on two consecutive days.  My business is rocking and I'm buried.  Signing on new loan officers and signing ...
I joined Active Rain in April of 2007.  I have never been more than a week without posting here.  Done a lot of good things too!  Had a lot of fun and received 107 referrals since joining.  Two months ago, we had our internet blown out by a lightning strike.  It's taken two entire months to get i...

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