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Halloween is here!  As a father of 5, I can tell you that Halloween is a big deal to them all, especially for my younger ones.  In my quest to add value to your family this Halloween, I wanted to share with you something that I check on every year prior to taking my kids out for tricks and treats...
So...I'm sitting here thinking of all of my vision for this year and for my life.  It all is centered around a well thought out and well planned out vision.  But, en route.... My business becomes busy and I become successful.... The problem with getting busy and taking care of clients means that ...
I have done very little blogging this year compared to my prioir years on Active Rain.  I had 2 months of being just shut out because of the internet.  By the time that I got back....I had formed a bad habit.  Something kept nagging me and told me that I needed to get my ying yang back in the blo...
Veteran's Loans - V.A. Loans are one awesome benefit to our Service Veteran's. Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partiers......strong in opinion and not a lot of love between them all.  They don't agree on much, but most support the men and women who served our country.  You might support the war, be o...
I've received some more business off of Active Rain.  Truth be told, I'm finally up to over 112 referrals since joining Active Rain.  Over the past three months, I've had a number of calls from non-active rain members who said that they love reading my blog.  I get to thinking to myself..."Oh rea...

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