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I love going to church.  I go almost daily for a weekend mass or just for hanging around a bit in prayer at adoration.  But Sundays are pretty much a mandatory thing in our family.  When I joined Active Rain, my youngest was just a newbie floating around the Bettag household.  Now, this little ki...
It was a great week at the Bettag House.  My oldest turned 14, tomorrow my 2nd oldest turns 12.  But the fun here was with my 4th, Grant.  Grant had his first reconciliation, a pre-requisite, prior to his first communion.  I was telling people that I''ll probably go to hell for this, but I couldn...
I have not blogged as much as I would have liked, but I am being consistent.  Frankly, that's a good thing for me. It means that I"m not depressed or suicidal, but I am ready to pull my hair out of my head because of all of the business that I'm dealing with right now. In the process of bulding a...
Gotta tell you, life isn't this simple.  It's not this easy, and there is no magic pill, but I will say that when the stars align and the kids are rested and fed, it really doesn't get much better than this.  Here is Grant and Tessa.  They're both running around like freaks over the Christmas Hol...

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