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Yes....it's true....you can. Most people are so discouraged about their prospects after selling short. There are a few basic requirements: The new home has to be with an FHA mortgage; The current mortgage cannot have a late payment on it over the last 12 months; The current mortgage company canno...
OK....So You're thinking that your chances of getting a jumbo loan or refinancing your jumbo loan have the worst odds? The market sucks, home values have dropped and the no income loans of days of yore are like a dinosaur from a different time era that no one wants to remember. So You're Saying I...
My wife called me today and asked me if I knew "Jane Doe," a local realtor. I said I did, why? She said that her friend is using her and that she's a total freak. They regret listing their house with her, but are actually so scared of her that they're afraid to call and fire her.  REALLY????  How...
A couple of years ago, I was fortunate enough to have a one on one session with Brian Buffini....not with a Buffini coach, but with Brian Buffini himself. He was pointed, kind, humble, gracious and knowledgable. How I was blessed to recieve this is another story itself for another post. We talked...

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