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People are often unreasonable and self-centered.  FORGIVE THEM ANYWAY If you are kind, people may accuse you of alterior motives.  BE KIND ANYWAY If you are honest, people may cheat you.  BE HONEST ANYWAY; If you may find happiness, people may be jealous.  BE HAPPY ANYWAY The good you do today m...
It's not often I get the opportunity to endorse and recommend another author.  As most of you know I'm in the final chapter of my book that is to be released the first part of 2014.  With all my focus on finding free time to finish it, I'm having less success in reading others.  However, I do wan...
Parents Will Eat Their Young.... not all of the time, but sometimes, and only in the wild...... But I will tell you that I do understand the frustrations that leaders face when teaching and mentoring others. I love my kids, but as I tell them.....each day I have a different favorite....for the da...
The across the board minimum for most mortgage companies is a 640 middle credit score.  Now, at Cherry Creek Mortgage, we have the ability to approve FHA loans down to a credit score of 580.  Earth shattering?  Not really, but huge?  You bet!  This is something that takes a lot of borderline buye...
A new football season is upon us!  Starting right now!  Is anyone else as excited as I am or do you just not care?  For me, after the Super Bowl...it's empty with no sports until the football season begins.  My Green Bay Packers are poised for change, and hopefully for the better.  Your team may ...
I had three contact referrals to give to realtors over the weekend.  As the weekend was busy I called and left voice mails, but I like to follow up with an e-mail.  I wanted to e-mail all three realtors to give them further information.  So....doing the natural thing a geeky guy like me would do,...

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