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  Halloween is here!  As a father of 5, I can tell you that Halloween is a big deal to them all, especially for my younger ones.  In my quest to add value to your family this Halloween, I wanted to share with you something that I check on every year prior to taking my kids out for tricks and trea...
One of the intriguing parts of Active Rain is the ability to have custom signatures.  "Follow me on Twitter"  "Follow me on Linked In"  "Follow me on Facebook" "Follow me on Pinterest."  How cool is that.   Well.....funny you should ask. Over the last 4 weeks, I have clicked on three realtors to ...
I keep thinking of all of these topics to post about.  But invariably you're so much better if you have the "why" as to anything in life.  So, for me, I'm thinking to myself...."I know why I blog, but do you know why you blog?"  Like anything in life without a passion, it really becomes quite mun...
Over this past month, I've received a number of new loans.  I love the easy slam dunk loans where someone with perfect credit, excellent income and a good down payment comes in, but it doesn't always work out that way. Just this past month... I have received 4 referrals whom have been denied by a...
So here we are one week later with no resolution to the government shutdown.  Democrats.  Republicans.  Can't stand either side right now!  As most of us roll our eyes and say "here we go again," there are people who are actually trying to buy a home right now. The problem is that the Social Secu...
Most lenders won't lend without a credit score of 640 or above.  Now, Cherry Creek Mortgage and FHA have the ability to lend down to a 580 credit score.  Obviously the further you are below the 640 mark, the greater the overlays are, but still, for those people who just can't seem to climb over t...

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