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There are some pretty awesome options. Just this past week we approved a Jumbo Loan with only 10% down payment.  Most Jumbo lenders want 30%, but most have options for as little as 20% down.  The realtor, the client, the sellers and everyone is thrilled that we have an approval for a 90% LTV! Oh ...
I wasn't aware of this in Illinois.  Even as an attorney.  But as the world spins and we continue to learn, under the Illinois Annotated Statutes, a person can vacate a lease without recourse if: the court finds that at the time that the tenant vacated the premises the tenant or a member of the t...
So we did the UNTHINKABLE..... We had a Catholic Brother stay at our house for the weekend during the largest vocation calling in North America.  We had a young guy who is from Brazil stay with us.  He is a stud, a rock star He know where he is from and where he comes from and where he's headed a...
This year we have already closed two FHA BACK TO WORK LOANS that other lenders couldn't do.  The realtors LOVED US.  Both files were with other mortgage companies for quite some time.  One for 4 weeks and the other for 6 weeks before Cherry Creek Stepped in.  This success helps our clients to ach...

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