campton hills: The Village of Campton Hills - More Taxes, LESS VALUE - 05/01/13 01:03 PM
When Patsy went out to create her kingdom with her as the prince, queen, princess, chief, er Village President, it came with a lot of claims of grandeur and an utopian vision for all of the lemmings who would follow her over the cliff.  
For years we've all watched as senior leadership spend taxpayer dollars asking really intelligent questions to it's constituents.  For example: Do we need warning sirens?  Campton is so big.  Perhaps 50 of them all over the area or just one that's loud enough to bring down center square. Do we want to keep the post office open?  … (5 comments)

campton hills: Campton Hills....The Election and the People - 11/07/12 11:15 AM
The citizens of Campton Hells Hills scored a major victory with their resounding NO to the tax and spend elected officials.  Since the last election the "leaders" have spent a lot of time trying to come up wiith some brilliant ideas, and, as a result, put three "fun" things to vote on in this past election.  The three issues were
Does the grand pooba have the authority to select the village clerk instead of allowing voters to decide.  I'm sure that the idea was to "pick one of their own" instead of abiding by the desires of the citizens.  This … (8 comments)

campton hills: Saint Charles Gets Chosen as Best Place to Raise a Family - 07/08/11 03:08 AM
Family Circle Magazine puts out their list of best places to raise a family.  Saint Charles, Illinois gets the #1 this year.  In the magazine, they rate the student teacher ratios, the median income, and the median house price as well as things to do.  Saint Charles has made it's mark before with a lot of historical facts, but this is a big boon.  Check out:  Of course, I used to have a Saint Charles address, but now some idiots voted to parcel off some of Saint Charles and create a new village called Campton Hills (to most of us … (4 comments)

campton hills: Campton Hills is Amazing....REALLY! - 04/07/11 04:44 PM
I've been out here since 1972.  I've lived in a great township for most of my life, never living in a village or city.  I've always hated bureacracy.  Frankly, it's appalling that a big brother thinks that they're smarter than the citizens who have invested literally hundreds of thousands of their hard earned dollars into buying their dream homes.
It appears that Patsy Smith won.  Am I bitter?  You bet!  I'm not a sore loser, kudos to you and your "entourage" Patsy.  Again, I'm not a sore loser, but I am bitter.  Illinois judges have continually criticized and questioned her credibility.  And … (3 comments)

campton hills: Campton Hills has 2 sets of Lemmings - 04/03/11 03:44 PM
The election is here.  For me, it's important that we have major change in Campton.  I've lived here for most of my life never wanting to live in some power controlled village, but here I am living with some sort of leadership that seems to be straight out of the Twighlight Zone.  Of course, I've put my house up for sale, but since Campton seems to have so many lemmings, I just don't have the desire to follow the others over the cliff.
Patsy recently wrote that our population is down 17%.  But as she wrote:
"This number represents a 17% … (2 comments)

campton hills: When the Judge Criticizes Your Credibility.....Vote LeBlanc - 03/28/11 05:08 PM
I hate to keep harboring on the negative, but again, who's doing what to save our community?  I remember going to the hearing between with Kristin and Patsy.  The attorney questioning her kept asking if the judges on the disconnect hearings had issues with her credibility.  She said yes they did.  It's unfortunate that we have to deal with these things.  I just don't get it.  How blind can the voters be. 
Again, we need a leader we can trust.  Patsy, in my opinion, and, in the opinions of some courts, can't be trusted. 
Please.....citizens of Wasco, Unite for a vote … (4 comments)

campton hills: Voting Time is Almost here in Campton Hills .... What used to be Wasco - 03/28/11 01:37 AM
Voting time is almost here.  I"m sure that Patsy and her kronies will win because so many people sit on the sidelines and don't care while she runs amok with our trust.  Kristin LeBlanc is the natural choice, but  she needs to be voted in as a write in candidate.  A few things stick out to me about Patsy.
I remember her telling the world that life will continue with the Saint Charles addresses.  It's ridiculous.  Nothing out here is Saint Charles.  Every customer service number you call has us as Campton, Campton Hills.  One more promise, one more lie.  … (6 comments)

campton hills: I just witnessed stupidity in Campton Hills - - - Again! - 01/05/11 06:01 PM
So I come from this hearing on whether or not Kristin LeBlanc should be allowed to run against Patsy Smith as the new president of Campton Hills.  The hearing, which had a board or panel made up of three village people was kinda fun to watch.  I showed up late because of events with my kids and school, but I still caught the better part of the 3 hour dog and pony show. 
In fairness to a Mr. Millette (spelling, I'm not sure) he seemed to try to be fair to both sides, but after each attorney proposed an objection he'd relent.  The … (3 comments)

campton hills: Hope for Campton Hills....FINALLY! - 01/03/11 02:53 AM
It appears that we have a ray of hope rising on the horizon with Kristin LeBlanc.  I had the opportunity to talk with Kristin last week while I was on a family vacation.  We had a great conversation.  I appears that Kristin has the right understanding, as well as values to sufficiently understand the issues before us in Campton Hell Hills and to make a real and serious and positive difference.  I hope that the voters understand the opportunity before us.
Many of us have been lifelong residents out here.  Ever since Campton Hills was created, it's been nothing but a … (0 comments)

campton hills: And I Always Thought That Campton Hills is Screwy....Check out Grafton! - 12/14/10 03:00 PM
So, I'm checking my e-mails and I see this blast about Graton, Illinois.  I'm not dismissing Campton and all of the ridiculous issues that they deal with and create each and every day.  Nor am I dismissing the leaders (I'm not sure how they got blessed with that terminology in Campton - An Oxymoron really) that are supposed to serve and lead.  But...having said that, Grafton has it's own set of issues.
Check out the "Huntley Patch" regarding Campton's Grafton's Issues.  The judge, basically told the a person who was working in an administrative position that the position was no longer … (0 comments)

campton hills: Campton Hills to lose Fire Protection Services? - 11/23/10 03:49 PM
According to the Kane County Chronicle, a bunch of residents went to the St. Charles Countryside Fire Protection District meeting Monday night to find out about "the district's future" even though the trustees weren't quite ready to give any particular direction!
"I know there are concerns, but we will address those concerns on Wednesday," board President Jim Gaffney said, referencing a special meeting planned at 10 a.m. in Campton Hills.
City … (4 comments)

campton hills: Watch Out For Campton Hills - 12/01/09 09:32 AM
Tonight at the Village Board meeting: 
XII. Discussion and consideration of a motion to adopt an Ordinance amending the Zoning Ordinance relative to PUDs.
This may look harmless enough, but I was told by someone who actually picked up the ordinance that one of the changes is to  exclude Horse Farms and home based businesses from being  allowed in existing PUDs,  unless your Covenants specifically allow Horse Farms and Home Based Business.
Talk about a blow to our way of life.  You must speak up about what the Village is trying to take away from you. 
PLEASE  this could be your future and … (4 comments)

campton hills: Campton Hills - The Devil is in Their Details - 11/17/09 01:53 PM
Got this from a leader who took notes and observed more ridiculousness from "Campton" bureaucrats (My comments are in parens or italics):
If you were wondering what went on last night at the Planning Commission hearing, the Community Center was full (not standing room only, but a crowd).  After an hour of planning commission business including re-hash regarding Norton Lakes Subdivision the Public hearing was held.
Big thanks to unincorporated La Fox and Elburn residents who showed up and voiced their opposition to the annexation and zoning changes.  The planning commission heard  from 5 different people, all saying the same thing.  We don't want … (0 comments)

campton hills: Urgent for Citzens of Campton Hills - 11/15/09 12:38 PM
I'm sure VCH hopes no one notices this Public hearing set for:
 Pay Attention to the Actions of the Campton Officials (I can't use the word "leaders" becase they're anything but that)!!!!
There's a zoning change request from a current land owner regarding annexation into the village.
The property is located at 2N190 Harley Road. (what it doesn't say is that for it to be contiguous to the Village, the property must start at 38 and extend down the west side of Harley to that address and maybe even further down Harley)
The Agenda also does … (4 comments)

campton hills: Thanksgiving Treats from Campton Hills Police Department! - 11/11/09 12:36 AM
Don't get pulled over and get a ticket fromt the $17,000 seat belt study.  It appears that the Campton Hills Police Department will be pulling over a lot of people for seat belt violations over Thanksgiving.  In an article by the Chronicle entitled:
Campton Hills to begin stepped-up traffic enforcement
the author wrote: 
If you're tooling down Route 64 through the Village of Campton Hills this Thanksgiving season, better have your seat belt on, your child properly restrained and do the speed limit.If you don't and get caught by police, expect not only to get a citation, but a lecture … (5 comments)

campton hills: Village President's Neighbors can disconnect from the Village she rules - 08/08/09 03:40 PM
As most people are aware, the village is falling apart.  The village has a $10,000,000 suit against it.  It has a suit from the chosen head of the "Village."  There are budget issues.  Calls for reduction of the police force, an increase in admin employees, vast differences from those in power show the incredible increase in discontent in Campton Hills.
But now comes some just stunning news.  Judge Colwell again ruled in favor of the people and allowed those who never wanted to be in this village to depart and leave even though they are neighbors of the grand pooba.  Congratulations … (3 comments)

campton hills: More Victories for those wanting out of Campton Hills!!!! - 08/08/09 08:44 AM
The homeowners of Homeward Glen, Ms. Smith's neighbors, have reason to celebrate.  They have been granted disconnection from the Village of Campton Hills and big government.  What breaking news this is!!!!!
Golden Oaks, the small area off Town Hall Road,  has also been granted disconnection with the stipulation that the date of disconnection is 1 January, 2010.  Lucky dogs.  Not sure what determined that date but assume it is either revenue or blocking others from disconnection (Fox Creek, Bridle Creek) who will have an outside border once Golden Oaks is disconnected.  Stay tuned.....more good stuff to come we're all hoping. 
Check out … (1 comments)

campton hills: Drama in Campton Hills - 08/06/09 04:20 PM
The drama continues in Campton.  As written by Dan Campana of the Beacon news.,2_1_AU03_KANETALK_S1-090803.article
The directors of Campton are trying to vy for Patti Blagojevich's role on "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here."    Here's more evidence that the citizens of Campton are in such a tough quandry with the leadership, er "payrollees" who are paid for by the taxpayers of Campton Hills.
Cue the teen-pop soundtrack.
Announcer: "On the next episode of 'The Hills': A report on the treasurer comes out at a public meeting, leading the board to oust her. Is it about her performance? Is … (0 comments)

campton hills: Campton Hills - More Liability for the Taxpayers????? Go away already! - 07/25/09 12:50 AM
More stuff happening to negatively impact the taxpayers of Campton Hills. I just heard that the village now wants to hire more support staff and cut funding of the police department.  Now, from the article below, an ex employee of Patsy Smith says....hey, pay me my money.  I'm not sure why we have these issues?  Could this all been rectified when Patsy terminated the employee.  Evidently not.  Too the taxpayers are once again exposed b/c the leadership didn't do all they could to protect them.  Last week a $10,000,000 suit came against campton because of accusations of poor judgment wtih … (1 comments)

campton hills: Campton Hills Sued for $10,000,000 for Releasing a DUI violator to his own custody. - 07/20/09 02:17 AM
Here's the follow up information as "REPORTED" in The Chronicle....
The family of a Montgomery man struck and killed by a car after he was released on bond for a drunken driving arrest, is suing Campton Hills police and a Wasco pub.The lawsuit claims Campton Hills officers had a responsibility to keep Marcel Lizak safe, shouldn't have let him leave intoxicated, and in doing so, violated his rights.The complaint also blames Old Towne Pub and Eatery in Wasco and two of its bartenders for serving an intoxicated Lizak, who reportedly had a blood alcohol level of 0.233 - nearly three … (4 comments)

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