campton township: Victory for A New Batch Wanting to Leave Campton - 03/10/09 01:54 AM
I've been out of the political realm since the election this past fall.  I've been all about unity and not fighting the administration that ruins runs our lives in Campton anymore.  In truth, I have so much in common with many pro-campton people, but we disagree wholeheartedly on a need for more taxation and big government. 
Yesterday, Judge Colwell gave reprieve to a group of homeowners who wanted to leave the Village of Campton.  I guess I find some relief in knowing that homeowners who bought property in unincorporated Kane County, get to go back to what they had purchased.  They got … (2 comments)

campton township: I Met A Great Man Today....even if he was Pro-Campton - 11/19/08 03:36 AM
As the Campton dust settles and the businesses try to stay open and the people worry about the economy and Wall Street seems more like Dirt Street, I have been fielding other dissapating comments at to this who Campton issue.  Frankly, I hate it. I've always hated it.  No one can tell me that more government is better, but alas, I digress. 
I lost.  I lost my rights, my freedoms and ultimately the election on November 4th.  In consolation, I have told all that I would move on an seek for the healing of our community.  I'll never understand why any … (5 comments)

campton township: Campton's Citizens getting their wishes granted!!!!! - 10/24/08 08:05 AM
I'm so excited.  I just saw the news from today's Kane County Chronicle. It really couldn't be better news.  The courts applied the law that the parties had presented to judge.  This is huge because the disconnects can now vote.  This is awesome.  The citizens get their disconnect, but while Patsy, et al. determine whether or not they are going to appeal the disconnect rulings, they still are afforded the same rights as all of Campton's voters.  To allow otherwise, would mean that the disconnects would be preculded from voting, but the Government of Campton could file an appeal after the election … (1 comments)

campton township: Vote Yes, Yes, Yes for the Dissolution of Campton Hills!!!!!! The time to Act is now!!!! - 10/06/08 07:59 AM
Driving around Campton Hills, formerly known as the great area of unincorporated Saint Charles and Wasco and saw a couple of vote no for the dissolution signs in their democratic, big government blue.  I decided to give an snyopsis of my take on the importance of this issue.  Additionally, below I have attached the flyer that's being passed around by the citizens opposing the new, bigger government of Campton Hills. My synopsis mirrors a lot of what these people are promulgating. 
1)  Biggest thing for me is what they say about Fiscal Responsibility.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that … (0 comments)

campton township: Campton The Promise - 09/26/08 02:01 AM
Just signed on today and got an broadcast e-mail showing the new site for the opposition against Campton Hills.  I've cut and pasted, but you can get the information yourself from the site.  The site is  Do your own research and make your own decisions on what you want to do, but this looks like a very well thought out site.  All of the citizens in Campton are concerned with the future of the area out here.  It's taken over 2000 signatures to get on the ballot to dissolve Campton where it only took a few signatures to create this … (0 comments)

campton township: Vote Yes....for the Campton Hllls Dissolution - 09/23/08 05:23 AM
Time is always of the essence.  It's time that the Citizens of Campton Hills band together to let their voices be heard.  It's on the ballot and there's a lot of information for and against keeping this entity together.  We already know that a special service tax has been created for a drainage district despite the claims of no new taxes.  The villagers are free to vote any way they want, but the time to act is now.  Check out the site  Although, I'm not involved with any organization, I have strong feelings towards this dissolution.
Judge Colwell wrote in … (6 comments)

campton township: Campton Dissolution Is on The Ballot!!!!!!!! - 09/01/08 02:19 PM
A lot of taxpayers want out of Campton Hills...or whatever the name of the community of the month is.  People overwhelmingly want out.  Petitions for disconnect continue forth.  Judge Colwell ruled that the first two dicsonnect are allowed to leave and return to the peaceful entity formerly known as Campton Township.
There's a great amount of people who want to also see the entire frigging community go bye-bye.  More than enough people have demanded that the residents take a vote.  The vote simply needs to ask....SHOULD CAMPTON HILLS BE DISBANDED?????  Although the answer to this is a resounding yes, certain … (2 comments)

campton township: Goodbye Campton Hills. We can always hope!!!!! VOTE DISSOLVE!!!! - 08/25/08 02:59 PM
Check this out.  The referendum on the ballot!  Most importantly, it's the referendum of Campton Hills.  The village is trying to get this removed, but it appears that all is good.  Very excited to have this on the ballot.  Let's see if we can get this Village to go away.  Check out  Good things could be coming back to the residents fomerly known as Wasco, Campton Township and residents of Kane County.  Please vote to bring back the way of life we had prior to the creation of the Village.  Get out and vote. 

Shall the … (0 comments)

campton township: More Irresponsibility in Campton Hills - 08/19/08 04:56 PM
The KAne County Chronicle Today wrote about the village dissolution....A question to dissolve the village should not be on the Nov. 4 ballot because it is the wrong election and it was filed too soon after incorporation, four Campton Hills residents say.In court papers filed late Friday, Edward Fiala III, Aubrey Neville, Nancy Nickels and Linda Smith sued Chris Baldwin and Kane County Clerk Jack Cunningham to remove the dissolution question before ballots are printed. An initial hearing on the issues is scheduled today before Kane County Circuit Court Judge Michael Colwell."We are asking the judge to act quickly because the … (0 comments)

campton township: Campton Hills...My Personal Experience - 08/08/08 02:17 AM
The microburst that came through monday night left devastation at our house.  A lot of our roof was ripped off.  Shingle nails came down and pierce car tires.  13 large trees were torn down, but ultimately our family was safe.  No one was hurt.  We couldn't access our street because of all of the trees down on the street.  Later that evening Campton brought out a front loader and pushed the trees into the yards to make the streets accessible.
We had family come over to remove the trees and the pieces of our neighbor's homes that landed in our yard.  … (6 comments)

campton township: Betty Loren-Malteese Leads Campton Hills?????? - 08/03/08 04:42 PM
Funny thing happened to me last night.  I was out eating in Geneva when I ran into Paul Fritz, local landscape business owner who is trying to be squeezed by the local dictatorship, er government.  Mr. Fritz was telling me of his woes and the villages desire to burden him with a ridiculous SSA (Special Service Area) tax.  I later went home and found an article on Paul Fritz from the Kane County Chronicle. 
Evidently, there is a drainage problem and Kane County is going to pay for about 1/2 half of the cost to make these changes.  Having said that, … (4 comments)

campton township: Campton's Leaders Back Down.... - 07/18/08 03:21 PM
Campton Hills has decided to allow the petition for the dissolution of Campton HIlls to be certified.  Mind you, these leaders have spent a lot of time and money creating a community that most people now don't want.  They incorporated, and have spent a lot of money in legal fees fighting subdivisions that have the right to opt out.  What's so amazing is that I believe the majority of Campton's residents don't want anything to do with this village, but we're being taxed to pay attorneys to keep us hostage in Campton.  So stupid isn't it? 
I have spoken to people … (0 comments)

campton township: Campton Hills....the cards begin to crumble!!!! - 07/17/08 03:17 PM
Looks like the people are speaking.  The question becomes...IS THE VILLAGE LISTENING.  It only took, what, 250 people to get the referendum on the ballot to create this quagmire, but they needed over 2000, yes two-thousand, signatures to get the ballot to state, 'LET'S KICK OUR NEW VILLAGE TO THE CURB.  Long overdue. 
The village had a short notice meeting to discuss the actions of the village clerk.  You can find the referendum for the DISSOLUTION OF  CAMPTON, as well as the emergency board minutes that focused, for the most part on the clerk....not the resolution.
I've spoken to people who supported … (4 comments)

campton township: Campton Hills...the house of cards begins to crumble - 06/12/08 04:18 PM
Well just as I've been saying all along.  All those promises of NO MORE TAXES helped our Village of Campton Hills officials get elected and a new town created.....Gross.
The Kane County Chronicle reported yesterday that "Campton Hills wants to create a special tax district to pay for drainage improvements in the Evening Prairie and Verhaeghe subdivisions and about 87 adjacent acres. About 40 homeowners are affected. County officials say the area's aging drain tiles are on the verge of collapse and the work is necessary."  A courageous land owner, Mr. Paul Fritz, evidently is considering fighting this tax.
Of course, … (4 comments)

campton township: Communism has come to Campton... - 05/29/08 02:24 PM
Last week, I went to the Board Meeting for the Village of Campton Hills (VofCH).  The VofCH declared the dissolution petition containing 2100 signatures -determined to be valid by the Kane County Electoral Board this past December - to be VOID. Patsy Smith briefly feigned concern about providing some sort of explanation to the audience as to how this decision was reached. Attorney Braithwaite, in a side comment to President Smith, indicated that no explanation was necessary.The Board, none of whom dared to make eye contact with the mostly anti-Village audience, unanimously approved the decision. So much for open government and self determination!
Campton Hills officials took steps Tuesday to … (2 comments)

campton township: Walk with your IPOD and get Ticketed in Campton - 05/16/08 01:48 AM
Now that Campton Hills is slowly falling apart, I think that it's time to share with you the latest incident that happened last week out in the Village.  This is crazy stuff.  As you know, the "Owners" of this village, Patsy Smith, et al. have represented that they are going to run the village with no new taxes. salaries, new costs, more overhead and purchase village SUVs and no new taxes. 
There are the regular reports of getting ticketed for speeding 48 in a 45 zone.  Yes the speeder sped, but again, common sense is not prevailing here.  But with … (3 comments)

campton township: Campton on it's last legs? Only the residents can hope so!!!!!! - 04/21/08 01:56 AM
The Village of Campton Hills.  Oh what a great sounding name.  If only the leaders would have listened to the people.  You see, a name can sound so serene, so peaceful and so pacifying.  But the behind the mask with the face of Cinderella lurks the evil witch set so strongly on her own agenda.
Campton Hills was incorporated when more than 50% of the voters who voted (not 50% of the residents in the Village) voted in favor of incorporating.  Let's say only 3 people voted on this out of 4,000.  Two voted in favor and one voted against.  Well, those in … (3 comments)

campton township: Fox Mill is 15th out of 17 Petitions to Disconnect from Campton Hills. - 04/14/08 02:53 PM
Well the 17th petition to disconnect from Campton Hills.  17 petitions have been filed.  Can the implosion of Campton Hills be far behind?  We can only hope.  The other saving grace for Campton Hills dissolution is the upcoming November election.  Perhaps the dissolution will be on the ballot.  One can only hope that the the village dissolves.  Their attorney fees are ridiculous and the people that are left will be picking up the tab for something that they believe that the village should never be fighting for to begin with.  Isn't it funny that I'm going to be taxed because the … (8 comments)

campton township: Campton Hills Update...truths mixed with empty "words." - 04/07/08 03:07 PM
Campton Hills Newsletter asks for volunteers to work as a Village Historian to document the history of the village.  Hopefully, there will be the time that it was created and the short and few months that it existed before it was dissolved. 
Well most people know that 9 subdivisions have been granted their desire to leave Campton Hills.  The newsletter says that its 5 areas because they don't have the reveune of the other 4 areas just yet (so technically the other areas don't affect Campton - another bullshit sale by the deceivers in this government).  Campton's Kronies do get 30 … (8 comments)

campton township: Miracles Abound 5 Subdivisions get their Freedom from Campton Hills - 04/01/08 02:30 PM
Judge Michael Colwell mad a great determination last Thursday when he allowed 5 subdivisions to disconnect from THE EGOs of Campton Hills.  According to the Kane County Chronicle...
"Five areas encompassing more than 300 acres may disconnect from Campton Hills and reassume their unincorporated status, a Kane County judge has ruled.  The Cheval de Selle, Moraines of Campton, Campton Farms, Prairie Lakes and Hidden Oaks subdivisions have sought to disconnect from the newly created village. State law allows disconnections in incorporations under certain circumstances. The village was incorporated by referendum in April.  Circuit Court Judge Michael Colwell filed his rulings in the … (0 comments)

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