campton township: Campton Hills May Actually Get Something Right ... for once.... could this be a trend? - 03/07/08 02:36 PM
Campton Hills a bureaucracy amazes me.  I feel that they dupe the public in many facets of their actions.  They are definitely tax and spend democrats running uder the auspices of the Republican name.  Nothing they do shocks me.  Last week they sent one of their trustees to a Jim Oberweis function where he was overheard saying that he was an "alderman" for Campton Hills.  They really are a broken bunch, but for whatever reason they may, and I do emphasize "may", seem to be getting one aspect of their political activities right.
From what the Kane County Chronicle reports, Campton Hills bureaucrats are actually considering revising, … (1 comments)

campton township: Reminder...Vote Against Campton Tomorrow....Vote for Responsible Leaders on Tuesday - 02/04/08 01:30 AM
Tomorrow is the big day.  Vote...print this out and take it with you. Support people who stand against big government.  Remember, you need to write in Robert Young.  Forward this to your friends, family and anyone in Campton who cares about the direction that we're headed.
Support the Free Us Candidates:
Village President - Robert Young  (Write In) 
Village Clerk - Carolyn Higgins
Trustees - William Brown
                William Lundborg  
                Fred Robinson
                Susan Secondi 
                Richard Seehafer
                Marty White

campton township: Concerned Citizens for Campton's Citizens...not Citizens for Campton's Government - 02/03/08 01:33 PM
Proponents of the Village of Campton Hills promised to spare its residents from many of the typical burdens of government.  Apparently not on that list is the unseemly conduct that so often accompanies the campaign process.  Candidates - even in this self-described hamlet of rural charm - seem more driven to smear fellow residents with a different point of view than to discuss the merits of the actual issues.
But voters would be wise to stay focused.  The fact is, both sides have received support from commercial interests (developers and otherwise), and while that may make for catchy headlines and tempting conspiracy … (0 comments)

campton township: Candidates for Campton - Candidates for Disinformation - True colors shown - 01/24/08 12:50 AM
The pro-government candidates are absolutely fixated on finding a connection between B&B and the Stop Campton Hills PAC.  Their time would be better spent trying to find a copy of the Village budget so we would all know what this Village is really costing all of us.  Their PAC (Political Action Committee) is fixated on contributions that B&B gave to fight the incorporation of Campton.  This was through Concerned Citizens Against Incorporation (CCAI).  This was a completely separate PAC than the current one that is seeking to dissolve the Village of Campton.  As far as the fraudulent postings on the Candidates FOR … (0 comments)

campton township: Candidates for the Citizens of Campton Hills....FREE US!!!! - 01/16/08 02:01 PM
Well, you have asked for it is the slate that you need to support in the upcoming election.  These are honest reputable citizens that are excited about supporting the citzens of Campton Hilss....  The other slate wants to support the government of Campton Hills.  I'm against any slate that is in the mix just to support a government.  Also, I'm passionate about supporting a slate that is truly interested in its citizens.  If this were Chicago, I'd say "Vote Early, Vote Often."  But in all your friends, neighbors and families and tell them by not supporting these people, … (1 comments)

campton township: Campton Hills Political Action Committee is Respite with Disinformation - 01/16/08 03:21 AM
A friend of mine who shares the same concerns about the future of Campton Hills.  Disinformation seems to be the theme for the proponents of big government and increased taxation.  They are running under the platform of Citizen for Campton Hills.  I know the majority, who seems to understand the truth will support the candidates that support the Citizens in Campton Citizens.  The other group is only interested in support the creation of a new government.  We want to support our citizens....
Here are the words from a friend who is just as concerned as the rest of us.
"I took a stroll … (0 comments)

campton township: Campton Hills - Judge rules there's not enough room on the referendum - 12/06/07 02:57 PM
It appears the Judge Mike Colwell has said that 3 referendums are enough on this ballot in the spring.  Therefore, he's not permitting a citizen led referendum on the ballot.  The other 3 referendums are municipality led referendums.  Many believe that the three referendums were put on the ballot in order to prevent a fourth.  Judge Colwell did, however, remove four electoral officials whom he believes are biased against the dissolution. 
I, for my part, am excited to see what comes of this.  There will be a hearing I hope when this case goes up on appeal as to the first … (0 comments)

campton township: Campton Hills Citizens file for the dissolution of their village!!!! - 11/19/07 02:02 PM
Despite the opposition of the members and administration Campton Hlls dissolution is going forth.  Over 50 citizens, myself included, made a peaceful march to their headquarters to file a petition for the dissolution of this village.  There were the usual members of Campton Hills trying to intimidate the peitioners, by taking photographs and writing down the names of those in attendance.  The petitions, which had over 2300 names on it was filed despite the minority opposition.  Needless to say, this village was created by the votes of 250.  Now 2300 oppose the existance of this village.  It'll be interesting to see … (2 comments)

campton township: Campton Hills either needs real leaders or they need to disband. - 10/16/07 07:07 AM
Just recently we had a nice little double homicide in Campton Hills.  The police Chief didn't show up to the murder scene.  County officials came.  These Village officials ran a campaign stating that there would be no new taxes since they wouldn't need them.  I argued that there are 1 of two questions that come into play when questioning the leadership of these "leaders."
 1)  Either they were lying in order to get votes necessary for them to create this new government entity that would exist without new taxes or;
2)  They weren't smart enough to know that creating a new government would necessitate … (2 comments)

campton township: More Chaos in Campton Hills - Illinois - 10/03/07 05:23 PM
So stupid is the administration in Campton Township.  They ran a political campaign on one of two platforms.  They said that they wouldn't raise taxes because the current tax base would be sufficient to support our township.  Later there is a double murder.  The police chief doesn't even go to the crime scene.  read the article below, but get my comments after words.  The comments are from the Kane County Chronicle.
After facing blistering criticism from a village resident, Police Chief Greg Anderson admitted that he should have come to the scene of Sunday's domestic shooting.Anderson said he was not told about the … (0 comments)

campton township: Campton Hills Update - 05/09/07 03:15 PM
Most people know that there has been a vote to incorporate into a village of Campton Township.  Today I received the following e-mail:
CAMPTON HILLS, ILLINOIS - The Committee to Incorporate the Village of Campton Hills is holding a meet and greet with the 21 candidates for village official positions on Thursday, May 10th from 7-9pm.  The 500 residents who signed the petition to place the incorporation issue on the ballot have been personally invited and will receive priority entrance to hear a brief biography from each candidate and then to informally mingle with the candidates asking questions one-on-one.   This meeting will … (8 comments)

campton township: Chaos in Campton??? Campton Township Becomes Campton Hills - 04/23/07 03:21 PM
Interesting develpments in the Fox Valley.  20+ Square miles just got turned from Campton Township to the incorporated village of Campton Hills.  There was a very low vote.  4000 of 8000 people voted, but I'm told that there were many more that could have been registered voters, but chose not to register.  Therefore the new village was created by a low voter registration of potential voters.  What does this mean?  Mix results that's for sure.  Many people see flaws in the arguments for the pro-campton incorporation views.  For their view look at  The flaws see obvious.  They have too little expenses … (2 comments)

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