customer service: YOU CAN'T FAKE CARING - 01/19/14 12:04 PM
It's Thursday night and I'm watching my 12 year old in his basketball game.  He is doing well and the phone rings.  I get a call from a client who wants to close in two weeks.  The real issue is that she was supposed to close at the end of December, but her lender didn't know what he was doing.  She'd been with the lender for two months and the file still hadn't been submitted even to underwriting.  YIKES!
So......I tell my client that it's almost half-time for my kid's basketball game.  The … (6 comments)

customer service: When Rude Leads to OPPORTUNITY....Thank You Very Much!!! - 10/29/13 01:43 PM
So last night, after hours, I get a phone call from a realtor, a borrower and the buyer's attorney.  All separate phone calls.  The realtor told the borrower to go with me.  The buyer's attorney told the buyer to go with me, but why?
The borrower then calls and begins to spill the beans.  The buyer said that the lender promised the borrower a certain program, but after three weeks, the loan program was no longer available.  Secondly, although the borrower was under contract, they wanted to leave the lender.  The lender was a jerk and was the poorest communicator ever.

customer service: Why Should I Replace the Realtor Who Referred me in the First Place - 03/04/13 03:33 AM
A couple of years ago, I was fortunate enough to have a one on one session with Brian Buffini....not with a Buffini coach, but with Brian Buffini himself. He was pointed, kind, humble, gracious and knowledgable. How I was blessed to recieve this is another story itself for another post. We talked about this, spoke about that, but he gave me some great guidance.....Specifically, he said one thing that resonates with me to this date. He said to me:
"I am only the hammer, when the hammer starts acting like its the carpenter, the carpenter will put the hammer down and … (5 comments)

customer service: My Process of Working with a Buyer - 08/04/12 06:28 AM
In order for me to really impact homebuyers, I need to have a meticulous system for working through processes.  For me, it's incredibly succint, not over the top, but ridiculously over the top, otherwise it won't work.
I incubate buyers AND help them educate themselves.  I put them in Home Scouting Report.  It blows away MLS connect, or any other online search engine for three reasons:
It's personal and secure, Secondly, there is zero marketing to the buyer by realtors, or any other third party, The technology BLOWS AWAY ANYTHING THAT I'VE EVER SCENE....EVER!!!  FOR A HOME BUYER Then I go … (11 comments)

customer service: HyperLink Hijackers!!!!! - YOU ARE NOW BLOCKED! - 01/23/12 03:36 PM
So today I see a good post by some realtor east of me.  I click on his link and open the blog post.  Good catchy title.  It appears that it may even be a great blog post.  I click on the post and WALLLLAAAA....There it is!
I just decide to leave his post for good.  I make note of his name because it's the third time I've been hijacked by him.  You see, on his header bar, he intentionally puts the hyperlinks as the exact same color as his banner or bar.  That means once I'm on his page,
I'm stuck.  Really???  … (38 comments)

customer service: The Problem with Lending Tree - 07/02/11 02:38 AM
So.....big bad Lending Tree swears that they are the best of the best.  The problem is that the process takes so long and they play the shell game with rates.  I've taken a number of deals from Lending Tree because they haven't been able to deliver on what's been promised to the customer.  One of my clients gave me the letter that the were sent...
In Their Engagement Letter, They Say..... "Note that Home Loan Inc., dba Lending Tree Loans does not lock the interest rate on an FHA loans until later in the process.....then it goes on to explain underwriting … (13 comments)

customer service: My Tough Deal Took over 1 Year, But My O' My....What a Success Story - 04/27/11 08:28 AM
So I have this client who has a mortgage rate at only 4.25%.  The problem is that her loan is currently a 15 year amortization and her income has dropped substantially.  It's not forcing her and her family into foreclosure, but it is killing her.  She's locked in.  She's prevented from doing what she wants and needs to do.  She needs her cash flow to be released a bit.  In other words, she's working twice as hard to make a mortgage payment while having earned a lot less income as well. 
SHE NEEDS RELIEF! image provided by Dreamstime. 
The other issues:

customer service: Dominating in REALLY tough Economy! - 04/27/11 02:30 AM
2011 sucks! BIG TIME AND IN A BIG WAY!!!! I'm signing on some great recruits, but am seeing some great kids getting out of the business.  They're either leaving their current lender and switching companies or just saying sayanora baby!  Our industry sucks......and so it goes on and on and on and on.
2011 ROCKS.....for me, my company and for all in our industry who want it to! Those who can
Master our changes; Weather the Storm, and Adhere to there vision  Will rise to the top.....Dodd Frank, Fair Lending or not!   Illinois data shows that there are very few licensed loan officers, … (13 comments)

customer service: This Winter Storm BLOWS!!!! - 02/01/11 03:30 PM
So I'm sitting here late at night frustrated with the storm.  Not all parts of the storm, but just one element of the storm.  The part of the storm that I really don't like is:
NEXTEL! I've always said that I love winter storms.  I can't wait for the storms.  Storms like these come along once every blue moon.  But I have only one beef....Nextel isn't working for me.  First thing I did when the storm hurt me was to check to make sure that I paid my Nextel bill.  BINGO!  Check cashed 11 days before payment was due.
So I … (5 comments)

customer service: We Have your payments, but we're taking your home anyways....8 MONTHS LATER - 08/11/10 11:26 AM
So I write this post at the end of last year.  We Received Your Payments On Time but are Foreclosing Anyway!
It was one of the better posts that I've written in that it was featured and I had a ton of comments on it.  The basic gist of the post was that:
I had some clients,  who were put in a mortgage, who made payments on time, The bank acknowledged receipt of the payments in a timely fashion but they were foreclosing on the clients anyway!  So what was the reason for the foreclosure?  Because first the bank said that … (99 comments)

customer service: Buyer's Beware....Times a Changing! - 06/10/09 01:08 AM
I got a call yesterday from a client who was purchasing a $300,000 house.  She was putting down $250,000 as a down payment.  Yes....$250,000!!!!!!  Wow!  She needed a loan of only $50,000.  I told her what the rate was and the costs were.  She told me that she was referred to me by her parents and a prior client of mine. 
As she was only borrowing $50,000 and has perfect credit and good reserves one would ask:
What's seems to be the problem?
It appears that she went to a local fact, it's a very … (8 comments)

customer service: Have You Ever Told A Client Off? (And the Repercussions) - 01/07/09 11:36 PM
I'm an attorney and a lender.  I really do a good job screening the clients whom I want to work with.  I know who I want to work with and who I don't want to work with.  It's imperative that I work with people who I can either get along with or at least work with people that I can get along well enough to get to closing without incident. 
Actually, I look to make my clients just raving fans.  I mean really raving fans.  I'm calm, cool and collective.  Nothing riles me.  Really.  My best friend, and top realtor, Joyce Courtney, TOP SUPER-STAR RE/MAX … (15 comments)

customer service: Preapproved, Discreet Viagra, Designer Watches - This is Marketing???? - 08/09/07 09:07 AM
Here are 3 of the e-mails that I got today;
1)  Are you looking for we1ght-l0ss med1cations such as Merid1a at a reduced price? Would you like to buy ant1depress4nts like Xan4x or Zol0ft, but don't have a prescr1ption? There is an online ph4rmacy that you need to visit then! I'm talking about US Hea1thcare 1nc., one of the most trusted names when it comes to buying prescr1ption meds on the web. US Hea1thcare 1nc. Offers a extensive list of brand name and generic products at quite competitive prices, a streamlined and completely anonymous shopping experience, low shipping prices, and 24 hours … (9 comments)

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