dissolve village of campton hills: Congrats to the Pro Village Camptonites - 11/04/08 02:31 PM
I've been here for over 30 years.  I've minded my own business and lived a quiet life under the radar.  Since this election for more government, I've been blasted by people who, I believe, have not played anywhere in the realm of truth.
As I've said all along.  Once this election is over, I'll move on.  I've had threats from many from the pro-village people just because I have spoken my mind and given my opinion and shared facts regarding this issue.  Needless to say, I have anonymous slams from people who just operate this way. Yes, I've had threats as well.  … (8 comments)

dissolve village of campton hills: Campton.... It's never too late for the truth! Vote yes to dissolve! - 11/04/08 04:52 AM
First she promises your address won't change, knowing the reason you want the St. Charles address is to maintain the value / marketing power for your home.
Then she breaks her promise.
Then she says she never made the promise.
Then she remembers she put that promise in print to thousands of residents.
Then she says sorry, it was a mistake, we'll change it back, but you still can't market your house as being in St. Charles -- what do you call that?
Guess she forgot to point out that fine print when she made the … (0 comments)

dissolve village of campton hills: Campton - - - Last Facts to consider so that we can dissolve the EGOs - 11/03/08 02:40 PM
As fowarded to me today......   VOTE YES TO DISSOLVE CAMPTON!!!!
The flyer that came out Saturday is VERY MISLEADING!!
Our town name WILL CHANGE. 
The use of both St. Charles and Campton Hills is only TEMPORARY!!!  I was told this by the Post Master himself!!!  Call him.  Go on the web site and check out your street and town address!!  It is very easy to confirm whether you are being told the truth or not!!
YOUR PROPERTY VALUE WILL GO DOWN with a town name that does not have the recognition or reputation of St. Charles.  It is … (11 comments)

dissolve village of campton hills: More Campton Stupidity - 10/31/08 03:50 PM
Just spoke to a homeowner about 1 hour ago who spoke about the Special Service Area tax for the drainage issue that Campton wanted to bill them.  Patsy told the homeowner that they needed to have over 50% of the homeowners sign the petition.  The homeowner got 64%.  Patsy argued thereafter that she couldn't use the petition.  She instructed him to pursue other legal remedies.  When he went out to talk to the area land owners, one told him that Patsy said "if you sign it, I'll triple your assessment."  Bottom line is that Patsy doesn't have that authority.  Frankly, even … (0 comments)

dissolve village of campton hills: Campton The Promise or Campton the Hell - - - Vote Yes to Dissolve Campton Now! - 10/30/08 03:25 PM
Well it's official.  The gnats are out.  I received two phone calls from the village of campton or the big government of Campton or the Advertisers for Campton even though I'm on the do not call list.  Although the do not call list doesn't apply to political campaigns it should for oligarchies, dictatorships, and campaigns with known liars.  As a result, I get BS calls from people who want to run our lives and think that they can BETTER THAN WE CAN!
AS ALWAYS, protecting the names of the innocent, I want to share with you one of the myriad of e-mails that … (0 comments)

dissolve village of campton hills: Another "Live" Documented Lie - - - Vote to Dissolve Campton Today!!!! - 10/25/08 04:14 PM
So I get a flyer from the pro Campton Administration saying how great their new "take over the world" venture is. They are going to stop Elgin. They're going to not raise taxes. They'll provide MORE services (especially police) than through the county. Of course, the leaders really believe that they can run an new entire incorporated village governmental entity WITHOUT raising taxes.
Truly...they either erroneously believe that.....or they're just snakes trying to get you to bite. or even better...trying to bite you. But with the events that came down today, IT'S IMPERATIVE that the message gets out now and that … (2 comments)

dissolve village of campton hills: Campton's Citizens getting their wishes granted!!!!! - 10/24/08 08:05 AM
I'm so excited.  I just saw the news from today's Kane County Chronicle. It really couldn't be better news.  The courts applied the law that the parties had presented to judge.  This is huge because the disconnects can now vote.  This is awesome.  The citizens get their disconnect, but while Patsy, et al. determine whether or not they are going to appeal the disconnect rulings, they still are afforded the same rights as all of Campton's voters.  To allow otherwise, would mean that the disconnects would be preculded from voting, but the Government of Campton could file an appeal after the election … (1 comments)

dissolve village of campton hills: A Perfect Solution for the Campton Mess!!!!! - 10/22/08 03:02 PM
I've been slammed by the Village People a lot for speaking up against their viewpoints. I'm not a member of Camptonthepromise. I haven't contributed in any meaningful way. I've gone to two of their meetings. I haven't canvassed. I haven't contributed other than buying a $25 raffle ticket for some fundraiser about 6 months ago. I did get signatures to get it on the ballot, but I'm way too busy to get involved other than with my keypad. I'm married, have 5 kids, 1 niece, run a family, actively involved with my church and have been blessed with a business that … (0 comments)

dissolve village of campton hills: Fear, Smear & Broken Promises in Campton Hills - A factual account. - 10/20/08 01:59 AM
I was contacted this am by a citizen of Campton of whom I never met or have communicated with in the past.  His manifesto is just one of many from concerned citizens against the ill-placed big brother government that exists in Campton.  So many people who voted for the incorporation have switched now that they understand what Campton's ruling class is up to with Campton.  I'm please to have permission to republish this.  Here it is as given to me:
FEAR, SMEAR, and BROKEN PROMISES! No, it's not a new country western song, it's the tactical platform implemented by the … (9 comments)

dissolve village of campton hills: Patsy Can't be Serious can she? Campton Needs to Dissolve Now!!!! - 10/19/08 03:49 PM
Being a lawyer I can appreciate a good lawyer joke.  Here's one...."What's the difference between a lawyer and a vulture?"  A vulture eventually let's go.  While funny as a joke and a good dig on attorneys, it sure seems to be the M.O. for Patsy Smith....Let go already!!!!  People want out!!!!  The law is on our side!!!!People are winning.  Courts are ruling against her....but she doesn't seem to be able to let go....but then again it's not her money that she's spending.   
In my opinion, she spends money indiscriminately in order to:
1)  Keep the village from dissolving even though A … (2 comments)

dissolve village of campton hills: Vote Now - Queen Sheba Spends your $$$ to take Away Campton Citizens' Rights!!!! - 10/18/08 03:40 PM
This was forwarded on to me.  I really think that the time to vote is now.  I know so many have left the dark side and joined the "force" after the truths have been exposed.  Here's what I received this evening....
THREAT ALERT!!!You Need to VOTE NOW, if you are in one of the disconnections affirmed this week by the Appellate Court.Communities affected: Prairie Lakes, Hidden Oaks,The Moraines of Campton, Cheval-de Sal, Campton Farms
     With no Village trustee vote, but with our Village President making a unilateral decision she has again brought Bernstein & Lehr(A&L) in to litigate against her … (1 comments)

dissolve village of campton hills: Bye, Bye Campton....Hello Kane County!!!!! - 10/17/08 03:47 PM
Went out of town for the week and I missed a lot of turmoil it seems.  I received a myriad of e-mails asking me to tell others to vote Campton out of existence this forthcoming election.  I had so many e-mails at work that this has really dropped in precedence for a bit.  Too bad.  But, I must say that in my absence a lot of things have happened positively in this past week. 
Let me tell you a few of them;
1)  The GOVERNMENT of Campton Hills (not the people of Campton Hills) lost its appeal to prevent Campton Farms, Prairie … (1 comments)

dissolve village of campton hills: Reasons to Vote For the Campton Dissolution as Given by Campton The Promise!!! - 10/06/08 01:54 AM
Reasons for Dissolution
•·        It is unrealistic and ultimately impossible to effectively manage a municipality with "No New Taxes." Shared revenue from the State is never paid out at 100 %.
•·        The Special Service Area (SSA) established because of flooding in the Evening Prairie subdivision is essentially a tax, but residents have been told it is a benefit.
•·        Relying solely on sales tax revenue to support a village requires a thriving retail and commercial area.  Currently this does not exist in the Village of Campton Hills to the extent necessary to support the added layer of government. … (0 comments)

dissolve village of campton hills: Campton The Promise - 09/26/08 02:01 AM
Just signed on today and got an broadcast e-mail showing the new site for the opposition against Campton Hills.  I've cut and pasted, but you can get the information yourself from the site.  The site is www.camptonthepromise.com.  Do your own research and make your own decisions on what you want to do, but this looks like a very well thought out site.  All of the citizens in Campton are concerned with the future of the area out here.  It's taken over 2000 signatures to get on the ballot to dissolve Campton where it only took a few signatures to create this … (0 comments)

dissolve village of campton hills: 3 Reasons Why we need to Kick Campton to the Curb and Dissolve Now!!! - 09/18/08 04:26 PM
Last week a message urging residents to  'Vote No' was sent out using the Village of Campton Hills newsletter and notification mail list.  The Village Publicity/Media Volunteer, Don Grillo, is also active in the Preserve Campton PAC. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... Getting interesting here.  Supposedly, he used the Village Mail list, the one used for newsletters, by 'mistake' and sent the political message to the entire distribution list.    I'm thinking two thoughts.....
1)  Either a blatant misuse of power....they guy's gotta go if that's the cae or;
2)  The guy is so dumb that he doesn't belong in his position....please....ignorance about using a village mailing list for political game.  … (8 comments)

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