localism: Active Rain creates Activity because of Localism! - 07/14/11 02:31 AM
Wow....so I get the call.... Hello Larry, this is Suzi Q at the Daily Herald Newspapers.  Joe Schmo said that you're somone in the mortgage industry whom I can talk to. 
I say, about what? 
We're doing a five part series on the state of the mortgage industry and we were told that we need to start with you?  They say you're honest and integrous and (more kissy comments that I just soaked in)
I say "who referred you?" 
Joe Schmo!!!
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Joe Schmo!  Now I'm with you.
I'm to kick off their 5 part series, We're talking about the state of … (6 comments)

localism: One of the Best Sports Stories Ever Just Happened in my Backyard!!!! - 02/23/09 03:09 PM
I went to Northern Illinois University for Law School out in DeKalb.  I had a blast out there.  I used to run by the High School in DeKalb.  I still go out there every week.  When I read this story I just thought "How Friggin Cool is this?"  Actually, I was blown away by it.   You want a man and a team that kept it's perspective?????  This is the story as told off of the Associated Press.  I don't repeat other stories, but this is the rare one worth re-sharing so that all can think of what truly is important in … (1 comments)

localism: Know You, Like You, Trust You - - - An Active Rain Referral Guide! - 01/25/09 06:20 AM
 Sales 101 - Know me, like me, trust me.  That's the fundamental mantra of those getting in sales.  Just this past week, I wrote a post called....I Just Gave out A Referral to An Active Rain Agent...and I Liked IT!!!!!!!.  In the post, I talk about the blessings and privilege of giving a referral to another Active Rain agent.  In the course of the dialogue, I also talk about all the referrals that I've received while playing in the Rain.  I also mention that I've had the privlege of referring out 3 referrals to other Active Rain Realtors.
Two years ago, … (22 comments)

localism: Wordless Wednesday - Illinois Government Humor - 01/14/09 12:05 AM
Illinois has quickly become the prime target of Leno and Letterman....not to mention every other comedian and political talk show host.  The Republican, George Ryan, went to the pen not too long ago.  Blagojevich seems to be next on the Feds radar.  Obama let and is now running our country.  Hopefully he won't bring any of these fellas cronies with him.  We'll see!

localism: Twhat the Night Before Christmas Hists the Fox Valley - 12/14/08 03:09 PM
Fox Valley and Geneva in particular are blessed to have the Parcell family showing an incredible display of Christmas lights this year. www.twasthenightbefore.com/index.shtml is a great website that tells of the meaning of Christmas and why they do the displays. Quite a parallel to the meaning that is displayed in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Give the feedback. Go and visit 813 Cheever Avenue in Geneva this season. There is corresponding music to go with the broadcast of the light special. This promises to be a grand experience for all ages. We're taking our family later this week. Enjoy this experience. … (0 comments)

localism: The Pros and Cons of the 4.5% 30 Year Interest Rate! - 12/10/08 03:20 AM
Let me first say that I'm not a negative person.  Rather, I'm probably the most positive person that I know....Therefore what I'm about to say does not reflect an angry bitter person, but someone who has sat back and analyzed this 4.5% 30 year fixed rate that everyone's talking about.  Let me say that I'll conclude with some positive advice for all the young bucks in real estate that want to make this a positive.  Let's start with some of the facts.
1)  Last week there's an announcement that there may be a 4.5% 30 year fixed rate.  Here's the deal.  … (8 comments)

localism: Walk with your IPOD and get Ticketed in Campton - 05/16/08 01:48 AM
Now that Campton Hills is slowly falling apart, I think that it's time to share with you the latest incident that happened last week out in the Village.  This is crazy stuff.  As you know, the "Owners" of this village, Patsy Smith, et al. have represented that they are going to run the village with no new taxes.  Sure...new salaries, new costs, more overhead and purchase village SUVs and no new taxes. 
There are the regular reports of getting ticketed for speeding 48 in a 45 zone.  Yes the speeder sped, but again, common sense is not prevailing here.  But with … (3 comments)

localism: Campton on it's last legs? Only the residents can hope so!!!!!! - 04/21/08 01:56 AM
The Village of Campton Hills.  Oh what a great sounding name.  If only the leaders would have listened to the people.  You see, a name can sound so serene, so peaceful and so pacifying.  But the behind the mask with the face of Cinderella lurks the evil witch set so strongly on her own agenda.
Campton Hills was incorporated when more than 50% of the voters who voted (not 50% of the residents in the Village) voted in favor of incorporating.  Let's say only 3 people voted on this out of 4,000.  Two voted in favor and one voted against.  Well, those in … (3 comments)

localism: Fox Mill is 15th out of 17 Petitions to Disconnect from Campton Hills. - 04/14/08 02:53 PM
Well the 17th petition to disconnect from Campton Hills.  17 petitions have been filed.  Can the implosion of Campton Hills be far behind?  We can only hope.  The other saving grace for Campton Hills dissolution is the upcoming November election.  Perhaps the dissolution will be on the ballot.  One can only hope that the the village dissolves.  Their attorney fees are ridiculous and the people that are left will be picking up the tab for something that they believe that the village should never be fighting for to begin with.  Isn't it funny that I'm going to be taxed because the … (8 comments)

localism: Campton Hills Update...truths mixed with empty "words." - 04/07/08 03:07 PM
Campton Hills Newsletter asks for volunteers to work as a Village Historian to document the history of the village.  Hopefully, there will be the time that it was created and the short and few months that it existed before it was dissolved. 
Well most people know that 9 subdivisions have been granted their desire to leave Campton Hills.  The newsletter says that its 5 areas because they don't have the reveune of the other 4 areas just yet (so technically the other areas don't affect Campton - another bullshit sale by the deceivers in this government).  Campton's Kronies do get 30 … (8 comments)

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