oppose campton hills: Campton Hills is Amazing....REALLY! - 04/07/11 04:44 PM
I've been out here since 1972.  I've lived in a great township for most of my life, never living in a village or city.  I've always hated bureacracy.  Frankly, it's appalling that a big brother thinks that they're smarter than the citizens who have invested literally hundreds of thousands of their hard earned dollars into buying their dream homes.
It appears that Patsy Smith won.  Am I bitter?  You bet!  I'm not a sore loser, kudos to you and your "entourage" Patsy.  Again, I'm not a sore loser, but I am bitter.  Illinois judges have continually criticized and questioned her credibility.  And … (3 comments)

oppose campton hills: And I Always Thought That Campton Hills is Screwy....Check out Grafton! - 12/14/10 03:00 PM
So, I'm checking my e-mails and I see this blast about Graton, Illinois.  I'm not dismissing Campton and all of the ridiculous issues that they deal with and create each and every day.  Nor am I dismissing the leaders (I'm not sure how they got blessed with that terminology in Campton - An Oxymoron really) that are supposed to serve and lead.  But...having said that, Grafton has it's own set of issues.
Check out the "Huntley Patch" regarding Campton's Grafton's Issues.  The judge, basically told the a person who was working in an administrative position that the position was no longer … (0 comments)

oppose campton hills: More Updates in Campton Hell....er Hills - 12/16/09 06:12 AM
I receive this e-mail this morning from Sue Secondi, a distinguished member of the community who needs to be supported in her bid for political office.  Sue is running for precinct committeeman.  She'll be an awesome representative who want to protect their land, and their income in troubling times.  Here's the most recent update from Sue.  By the way....write her name down.  Vote for Sue Secondi.
I wanted to let everyone know last night VCH banned video gaming within the Village.  They got this one right! 
I'm just not sure they would have voted on this last night had I not … (0 comments)

oppose campton hills: Watch Out For Campton Hills - 12/01/09 09:32 AM
Tonight at the Village Board meeting: 
XII. Discussion and consideration of a motion to adopt an Ordinance amending the Zoning Ordinance relative to PUDs.
This may look harmless enough, but I was told by someone who actually picked up the ordinance that one of the changes is to  exclude Horse Farms and home based businesses from being  allowed in existing PUDs,  unless your Covenants specifically allow Horse Farms and Home Based Business.
Talk about a blow to our way of life.  You must speak up about what the Village is trying to take away from you. 
PLEASE  this could be your future and … (4 comments)

oppose campton hills: Campton Hills - The Devil is in Their Details - 11/17/09 01:53 PM
Got this from a leader who took notes and observed more ridiculousness from "Campton" bureaucrats (My comments are in parens or italics):
If you were wondering what went on last night at the Planning Commission hearing, the Community Center was full (not standing room only, but a crowd).  After an hour of planning commission business including re-hash regarding Norton Lakes Subdivision the Public hearing was held.
Big thanks to unincorporated La Fox and Elburn residents who showed up and voiced their opposition to the annexation and zoning changes.  The planning commission heard  from 5 different people, all saying the same thing.  We don't want … (0 comments)

oppose campton hills: Urgent for Citzens of Campton Hills - 11/15/09 12:38 PM
I'm sure VCH hopes no one notices this Public hearing set for:
 Pay Attention to the Actions of the Campton Officials (I can't use the word "leaders" becase they're anything but that)!!!!
There's a zoning change request from a current land owner regarding annexation into the village.
The property is located at 2N190 Harley Road. (what it doesn't say is that for it to be contiguous to the Village, the property must start at 38 and extend down the west side of Harley to that address and maybe even further down Harley)
The Agenda also does … (4 comments)

oppose campton hills: Drama in Campton Hills - 08/06/09 04:20 PM
The drama continues in Campton.  As written by Dan Campana of the Beacon news.  www.suburbanchicagonews.com/beaconnews/news/talk/1697602,2_1_AU03_KANETALK_S1-090803.article
The directors of Campton are trying to vy for Patti Blagojevich's role on "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here."    Here's more evidence that the citizens of Campton are in such a tough quandry with the leadership, er "payrollees" who are paid for by the taxpayers of Campton Hills.
Cue the teen-pop soundtrack.
Announcer: "On the next episode of 'The Hills': A report on the treasurer comes out at a public meeting, leading the board to oust her. Is it about her performance? Is … (0 comments)

oppose campton hills: A New Group Opposing Campton HIlls - 06/24/09 02:47 PM
I wish that I could say that I have had even one thing to do with this site, but unfortunately, my contribution is just sharing this site with the world, or more importantly, the concerned citizens of what I hope will someday be "formerly called" Campton Hills.  A new site was launched and in all truth, I have no idea who did this, but to say that it tickles me would be a gross understatement.  I wish the person(s) would step forward so that I can give kudos where kudos is needed. 
Here's the site....http://opposecamptonhills.com/
Here are the top 3 questions … (0 comments)

oppose campton hills: Campton Hills Referenda - Are You Out of your Friggin Mind? - 04/07/09 03:11 PM
OK...so the results aren't finished, but it seems really clear.  Most of Campton didn't even vote.  The best issues that our leaders could come up with were the following:

Mind you....there are just too many problems with our economy, our leadership, families and morality, unemployment and crime and our leaders worry about how dark our sky is getting at night?  The businesses in Campton are begging for some leadership, but truly finiding none.  I've been contacted by individuals and businesses in and around their headquarters on the east side of LaFox saying how disgusted they are with what's been delivered vs. … (5 comments)

oppose campton hills: Campton - - - Last Facts to consider so that we can dissolve the EGOs - 11/03/08 02:40 PM
As fowarded to me today......   VOTE YES TO DISSOLVE CAMPTON!!!!
The flyer that came out Saturday is VERY MISLEADING!!
Our town name WILL CHANGE. 
The use of both St. Charles and Campton Hills is only TEMPORARY!!!  I was told this by the Post Master himself!!!  Call him.  Go on the web site and check out your street and town address!!  It is very easy to confirm whether you are being told the truth or not!!
YOUR PROPERTY VALUE WILL GO DOWN with a town name that does not have the recognition or reputation of St. Charles.  It is … (11 comments)

oppose campton hills: More Campton Stupidity - 10/31/08 03:50 PM
Just spoke to a homeowner about 1 hour ago who spoke about the Special Service Area tax for the drainage issue that Campton wanted to bill them.  Patsy told the homeowner that they needed to have over 50% of the homeowners sign the petition.  The homeowner got 64%.  Patsy argued thereafter that she couldn't use the petition.  She instructed him to pursue other legal remedies.  When he went out to talk to the area land owners, one told him that Patsy said "if you sign it, I'll triple your assessment."  Bottom line is that Patsy doesn't have that authority.  Frankly, even … (0 comments)

oppose campton hills: Lies, Lies and more Lies - - - Campton's Leaders have mastered Political B.S.!!!! - 10/31/08 03:46 PM
Another e-mail from a concerned citizen of Campton Hills:
Under the category of, "are you kidding me?"
Last night, the Pro/No people did a ROBO call.  The name, Linda Bauman was used at the beginning of the call, on behalf of Keep Campton Hills.  Ouch, Linda needs to re-check the FACTs before making the statements she did. The basis of the call was another outright fabrication. But this is nothing new.
The FACTs are Tim Ratliff (USPS Regional spokesman) and Don Sommers (postmaster at St. Charles) have both confirmed (to dozens of residents) that the address change came from the authority of the Village, and … (0 comments)

oppose campton hills: Campton The Promise or Campton the Hell - - - Vote Yes to Dissolve Campton Now! - 10/30/08 03:25 PM
Well it's official.  The gnats are out.  I received two phone calls from the village of campton or the big government of Campton or the Advertisers for Campton even though I'm on the do not call list.  Although the do not call list doesn't apply to political campaigns it should for oligarchies, dictatorships, and campaigns with known liars.  As a result, I get BS calls from people who want to run our lives and think that they can BETTER THAN WE CAN!
AS ALWAYS, protecting the names of the innocent, I want to share with you one of the myriad of e-mails that … (0 comments)

oppose campton hills: Another "Live" Documented Lie - - - Vote to Dissolve Campton Today!!!! - 10/25/08 04:14 PM
So I get a flyer from the pro Campton Administration saying how great their new "take over the world" venture is. They are going to stop Elgin. They're going to not raise taxes. They'll provide MORE services (especially police) than through the county. Of course, the leaders really believe that they can run an new entire incorporated village governmental entity WITHOUT raising taxes.
Truly...they either erroneously believe that.....or they're just snakes trying to get you to bite. or even better...trying to bite you. But with the events that came down today, IT'S IMPERATIVE that the message gets out now and that … (2 comments)

oppose campton hills: Campton's Citizens getting their wishes granted!!!!! - 10/24/08 08:05 AM
I'm so excited.  I just saw the news from today's Kane County Chronicle. It really couldn't be better news.  The courts applied the law that the parties had presented to judge.  This is huge because the disconnects can now vote.  This is awesome.  The citizens get their disconnect, but while Patsy, et al. determine whether or not they are going to appeal the disconnect rulings, they still are afforded the same rights as all of Campton's voters.  To allow otherwise, would mean that the disconnects would be preculded from voting, but the Government of Campton could file an appeal after the election … (1 comments)

oppose campton hills: A Perfect Solution for the Campton Mess!!!!! - 10/22/08 03:02 PM
I've been slammed by the Village People a lot for speaking up against their viewpoints. I'm not a member of Camptonthepromise. I haven't contributed in any meaningful way. I've gone to two of their meetings. I haven't canvassed. I haven't contributed other than buying a $25 raffle ticket for some fundraiser about 6 months ago. I did get signatures to get it on the ballot, but I'm way too busy to get involved other than with my keypad. I'm married, have 5 kids, 1 niece, run a family, actively involved with my church and have been blessed with a business that … (0 comments)

oppose campton hills: Fear, Smear & Broken Promises in Campton Hills - A factual account. - 10/20/08 01:59 AM
I was contacted this am by a citizen of Campton of whom I never met or have communicated with in the past.  His manifesto is just one of many from concerned citizens against the ill-placed big brother government that exists in Campton.  So many people who voted for the incorporation have switched now that they understand what Campton's ruling class is up to with Campton.  I'm please to have permission to republish this.  Here it is as given to me:
FEAR, SMEAR, and BROKEN PROMISES! No, it's not a new country western song, it's the tactical platform implemented by the … (9 comments)

oppose campton hills: Patsy Can't be Serious can she? Campton Needs to Dissolve Now!!!! - 10/19/08 03:49 PM
Being a lawyer I can appreciate a good lawyer joke.  Here's one...."What's the difference between a lawyer and a vulture?"  A vulture eventually let's go.  While funny as a joke and a good dig on attorneys, it sure seems to be the M.O. for Patsy Smith....Let go already!!!!  People want out!!!!  The law is on our side!!!!People are winning.  Courts are ruling against her....but she doesn't seem to be able to let go....but then again it's not her money that she's spending.   
In my opinion, she spends money indiscriminately in order to:
1)  Keep the village from dissolving even though A … (2 comments)

oppose campton hills: Vote Now - Queen Sheba Spends your $$$ to take Away Campton Citizens' Rights!!!! - 10/18/08 03:40 PM
This was forwarded on to me.  I really think that the time to vote is now.  I know so many have left the dark side and joined the "force" after the truths have been exposed.  Here's what I received this evening....
THREAT ALERT!!!You Need to VOTE NOW, if you are in one of the disconnections affirmed this week by the Appellate Court.Communities affected: Prairie Lakes, Hidden Oaks,The Moraines of Campton, Cheval-de Sal, Campton Farms
     With no Village trustee vote, but with our Village President making a unilateral decision she has again brought Bernstein & Lehr(A&L) in to litigate against her … (1 comments)

oppose campton hills: Bye, Bye Campton....Hello Kane County!!!!! - 10/17/08 03:47 PM
Went out of town for the week and I missed a lot of turmoil it seems.  I received a myriad of e-mails asking me to tell others to vote Campton out of existence this forthcoming election.  I had so many e-mails at work that this has really dropped in precedence for a bit.  Too bad.  But, I must say that in my absence a lot of things have happened positively in this past week. 
Let me tell you a few of them;
1)  The GOVERNMENT of Campton Hills (not the people of Campton Hills) lost its appeal to prevent Campton Farms, Prairie … (1 comments)

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