technology: Interest in PINTEREST.....Need a bit of help or advice here! - 04/13/12 12:27 AM
Can someone help me here.  I have some folks saying that they're done with Facebook and that Pinterest is it.  I just joined this week and am following a ton of peeps, but have a few peeps following me.  I like "pinning" things on all my boards...but so what?  For me it's like a rolodex maybe?
Is there anyone out there that loves it, and gets it and can tell me:
How do I use it to be social; How am I even supposed to use it; Can you build a business on it; Why are so many Active Rainer's on … (11 comments)

technology: Woooosh.....I'm freaking with the Speed of the New Active Rain - 02/22/12 11:38 PM
OK....freakin me out a bit.  Just logged on to Active Rain and it popped up almost as fast as a Google Search.  I had just posted my comment on Missy's featured post (does she even need a last name?).  As soon as I hit click I was back at the top of the page.  I had to scroll down to the bottom to see if it was another blasted error or what. 
I called paramedics and asked for an oxygen tank because my comment was there!  I then went nuts starting to comment elsewhere.  I wrote a few draft posts and … (8 comments)

technology: Sometimes User Error Means IDIOT ERROR! - 12/14/11 03:16 PM
Last week, I let my young boy, Grant, aged 6, play on my laptop.  All of a sudden the screen went dark.  For the last 5 days, I've been looking at how to rectify the situation.  It just so happened that a couple of days before, my battery died and won't recharge.  Soooooooooooooooo.  I go ahead and call all of these I.T. help gurus.  They all agree that since my battery won't charge, that I need a new battery. 
GETTING DESPERATE, WHILE WAITING FOR A NEW BATTERY.... I have spent 3 days googling other remedies.  Today, I find that if you … (6 comments)

technology: Marketing Tool - VISUAL SHOWS And Get it for FREE!!! - 09/29/11 08:43 AM
If you haven't seen visual shows, you are missing something. If you're familiar with E-properties, then you'll love Visual Shows. Why? Because it's incredibly easy and it populates to 275 social media sites including: Facebook; Twitter and, yes.... ACTIVE RAIN The best part of this is that if you want this....I can enroll you for FREE....Yes, at no cost to you. Visual Shows have complied with Respa and, as a result since there is no charge for realtors, I can offer this to you for free. YES...IT'S FREE TO YOU FROM VISUAL SHOWS. If you have an interest in being enrolled, … (24 comments)

technology: If You Need to Capture It, SNAGIT! - 03/22/11 03:24 AM
So, in my quest for becoming some sort of tech geek (given the fact that I'm anything but that), I have made it a quest to learn weekly.  About two years ago I started using Go to Meeting (check it out at to host meetings.  What this has done is allowed me less travel time and very comprehensive meetings from my computer.  Enough about that. 
This year, I've started doing more presentations to larger groups.  You know what that means?  It means that I'm now living on power point by Microsoft.  The problem with my lack of the right kind … (20 comments)

technology: The Twit Who Want's to Know a BIT... About Twitter! - 01/24/11 05:34 PM
Every few months I get on Twitter to see what I'm missing.  Tonight I got on and started to actually interact with someone on Twiitter.  Afterwards, I added all my contacts from Linked In.  I'm finally really digging deep with social marketing.  I feel that I have Active Rain down enough to make me feel good about it.  But I also feel really good about the direction about Facebook.
So what gives? What's the bottom line with Twitter? Michael Hyatt is a stud on Twitter.  He's one of the best of the best in the world with blogging (check out  … (7 comments)

technology: Need Some I - Tunes Help Please - 02/08/09 03:25 PM
OK...I'm a music freak.  I've stated this 1.2 million times it seems.  I used to be a DJ at the number one college radio station in America.  WONC out of Naperville, Illinois.  Check out  I have over 1,000 CDs and mixed for a lot of parties.
But times have changed.  I got married.  Have 5 squirrels running around the home and I run an insane business.  Here's the long and short of it. 
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