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In the spirit of Halloween, I just had to share the following account of an actual sighting. We sometimes camp along the Arkansas River near Howard, Colorado, which is where the cemetery is located that initially sparked our curiosity. We'd heard about the "dancing lights" at a local restaurant, ...
How many times have we heard or read over the past couple of weeks the GREAT NEWS about the 1st Time Homebuyer Credit being extended? A dozen, or more, maybe?? Yet, is it? NOPE! We need to be very, very cautious about spreading "good news" that is premature, and becoming known as the Realtor that...
With all this talk about proposed legislation dealing with HVCC and the first time homebuyer credit, is anyone even noticing that we are in serious danger of having our maximum FHA and conforming conventional loan amounts reduced?? If you remember, it was the American Recovery and Reinvestment Ac...
Getting FHA loans in Denver may be easier than the media wants you to think. That is, only if you are an owner occupant... as it is true that FHA no longer offers investor financing, and actually hasn't for some time . However, buyers can get an FHA loan in Denver, for instance, to purchase two t...
I wrote a blog previously about HR 3126, and for those of you following that bill, there is really good news: IT PASSED THE COMMITTEE REVIEW! The update on the government tracking screen states: "This bill was considered in committee which has recommended it be considered by the House as a whole....
Mortgage Lenders in Colorado are required to retain licensing with the Department of Regulatory Agencies since the passage of HR Bill 1085. This bill went into affect August 5, 2009, subject to company exemptions from the mortgage loan originator licensing requirements for employees of certain mo...
Interesting blog, so much so that I decided to reblog. If you follow the links in this blog you will see that two of the banks are now one, and the third bank referenced is today referred to as one of "The Big Four Banks". Should I say interesting or frightening??? 80 years ago on this date 10-24...
In our neighborhood the houses are too far apart to make it easy for the kids to go from one home to the next. So, we picked a cul-de-sac that could be easily blocked off. Late afternoon everyone drives their car over, parks, and decorates the back of the vehicle in some goohlish fashion. (One fa...
We've been hoping and watching HR 3044, which was a proposal to put an 18 month moratorium on HVCC but suddenly there is a new and better one out there: HR 3126. This bill is currently being reviewed by the Housing Finance Committee and is expected to go before the House for a vote within a coupl...
I don't really reblog many things... and never do I reblog jokes, but his one has some merit worth consideration:Wordless Wednesday: Are You Who You Think You Are? It's OK if you don't get this right away. I'll be honest  - it took me a few seconds myself. ********************* Thinking of buying...

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