homebuyers: When working with family is a problem... - 06/28/17 12:45 PM
So, I got in the mortgage business in the late 70's (before ECOA or Fair Lending, to be honest!). In the early '80's I decided to become a loan officer (which was unheard of for a woman to be in the sales department vs. behind a desk!) 
I convinced my husband, Jim, to give up his CPA profession and come into the business in the late 80's. We accepted our oldest daughter's (Michelle) request to come to work with us in the early 90's. Our next daughter, Stephanie, who was working as a stock timer came to us right after 9-11 and asked to join … (7 comments)

homebuyers: Rules on Gifts Vary by Program - 06/26/17 11:34 AM
Many states, such as Colorado, offer down payment assistance programs, or even county bond programs, such as the El Paso County Bond program. But sometimes a family member is interested in gifting you down payment money. It's important to understand the guidelines of a gift for down payment will vary by the financing vehicle you choose.
Below is a comparison chart to help you make your decision on which is best for you.
For more information on Colorado Home Loan options, contact me. Or call a local lender licensed in your area.
*Chart provided courtesy of and with permission from MortgageCurrentcy.com

homebuyers: 33% of Vets Aren't Aware of VA Home Loan Benefit - 06/23/17 09:27 PM
33% of vets aren't even aware of their VA Home Loan Benefit.*
More than 21 million Veterans and Servicemembers live in the U.S. today, but only about 6 percent of them bought a home using a VA home loan in the past 5 years!**
*Per VAgov.com National Survey   **Per Blogs VAgov.com
Not everyone who served our country is eligible for a no-down VA loan—but there are many, many veterans who DO qualify and don’t realize that they are eligible. They are issued a Certificate of Eligibility that makes the final determination.
Who Might Be Eligible?
 •Army •Navy •Air Force •Marines •Coast Guard •National Guard •Cadets – … (5 comments)

homebuyers: The New Loan App – Designed to be More User Friendly! - 06/21/17 04:42 PM
Remember when the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) and Truth In Lending (TIL) forms went away in October, 2015 to make it more “User Friendly”? The two forms were combined into one, called the Loan Estimate (LE).  Two forms, 1 page each, combined into one form, which became 3 pages.  (New math, maybe? 1 plus 1 equals 3??)
And remember the HMDA information section (Race and Sex)? Well, previously there were 7 options to pick their race. Now there are 21 options plus a place to write in others not listed! Some options offered include Mexican, Puerto-Rican, Cuban, Guamanian or Chamorro (what?? I … (0 comments)

homebuyers: Homeownership: The American Dream? - 06/19/17 10:48 AM
The phrase "The American Dream of Homeownership" is what those of us in the real estate industry typically think of.  Yet according to Home Ownership rankings on Wikopedia, there are 40 countries that have a higher percentage of the population that are homeowners than those in America, reporting a 64% homeownership rate. Romania is #1 with 96.4% homeowners being reported. I was surprised to see Cuba at 90%, Russia at 84%, and even Mexico is higher than the US with 80%.
 Wouldn't it seem our American Dream of Homeownership is more affordable today than it was a decade ago?

homebuyers: NAR's 2017 Housing Trends Report - Part 2, Buyer Demographics - 06/14/17 04:17 PM
According to the 2017 NAR Housing Trends Report, Millennials made up the largest group of buyers. Read more about those finding in Part 1, NAR's Housing Trends Report (Millennials).
Here is a quick video of just some of the overall finding of the buyer demographics report, with more details of the other buyer groups below the video.
America’s Second Biggest House Buying Demographic
Making up 28% of new property purchases in America, people aged 37-51 are America’s second biggest house buying demographic. What research also shows, however, is that people aged 37-51 are also the most ethnically diverse, likely to be married with children, and the … (4 comments)

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