ruth vogt: LIQUIDITY vs EQUITY - 03/17/22 04:33 PM
Reverse Mortgage, or Retirement Mortgage, may not be right for everyone, but it was for us! It helped us understand the difference between LIQUIDITY vs EQUITY.
There are many misconceptions still lingering from the initial rollout of Reverse Mortgages back in 1961. But what hasn't changed since then, right? If you google "Best Cars in 1961", the Jaguar E-type is #1. Now, even the Jag has gone through major changes (ever own one? I can speak from personal experience, it took me two purchases to realize I couldn't keep replacing engines!) But since the car was sold to Ford, it's been affordable … (1 comments)

ruth vogt: How far would you go with Branding? - 06/30/17 10:15 AM
"Branding"... an interesting word that has many slants and meanings to different businesses and industries. But according to, it means:
The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme.
With that in mind, I usually encourage agents that I help with branding, to not only seek out a domain name, but also check to be sure it's available as a Facebook business page, Twitter, and any other social media avenues that might require a public user name, even if they are NOT using it now, get … (2 comments)

ruth vogt: To "VA" or not to "VA", that is the question! - 06/26/17 08:42 PM
If there is one standard reason given for not considering a VA loan over other options, it's about the VA funding fee. So, "drop the mic"! It's time to crush a few misconceptions! If you are qualified, keep reading.  If your are not sure, click VA lOAN OVER VIEW.
First, there is no better NO DOWN. However, $0 down on a VA interest rate trumps any other options I know of - at least as of now.
So, what about a 5% down? Well, let's start by looking at a chart explaining VA funding fee charges:
5% down payment on a conventional loan is far better … (0 comments)

ruth vogt: What Military Designations Do You Have? - 06/22/17 02:14 PM
Colorado Springs is home to five military bases throughout our city.
Obviously, being a VA loan expert is imperative for success here. Not only is it important for business reasons, but serving those how served us is a key component weaved throughout out company culture. I came to Fairway Independent Mortgage because of their non-profit program, The American Warrior Initiative. We have sponsored two events in Colorado Springs and are getting ready to ramp up for our third. At these events, our AWI co-founder, Louise Thaxton provides a 3 hour CE course on better understanding the housing needs of our military. Real estate agents earn a … (2 comments)

ruth vogt: NAR 2017 Housing Trends Reports, Part 3 of 3 - 06/19/17 02:33 PM
2017’s most Important Generational Home Buyer & Seller Trends
For any home lender and real estate professional, understanding who is buying and why people buy are buying real estate in 2017, is of paramount importance. The only question is, what does the latest generational data from the National Association of Realtors actually say about home buying trends in 2017?
The Real Estate Market isn’t just about Millenials Anymore
Whenever new NAR data is released, home lenders and realtors go giddy with excitement when faced with data pertaining to millennial-specific buying trends.
Why this is is simple. NAR data, after all, routinely shows that millennials … (0 comments)

ruth vogt: Wild Turkey Property! - 06/14/17 05:54 PM
We have a "flock" of wild turkeys out in our neighborhood (did you know if they are domesticated turkeys, they would be called a rafter or gang?) It started with a sighting of just one. We named it "Kevin". Kevin has been very busy over the last couple of years, because we now have about TWENTY!
Do you know what the natural preditor of a wild turkey is?
A pilgrim at Thanksgiving time! hahaha!
Our neighborhood has only a few lots left if building a custom home in Douglas County is on your bucket list. The area, called Keene Ranch, is referred to as the best kept secret in … (6 comments)

ruth vogt: Tickle Me Tuesday! - 06/13/17 11:03 AM
As a start to the weekly Tuesday morning sales meeting, we always share a one liner. That happens right after the Pledge of Allegiance and then the "7 hug exchange". Our one liners aren't always real estate related, but this week it was:
So, all joking aside, here are some appraisal updates you might not have heard about yet:
Good News! VA is now allowing appraisers to use sale of comparable homes that may be located miles from the subject property. However, the appraiser must clearly document and justify why those comps were … (11 comments)

ruth vogt: NAR's 2017 Housing Trends Report, Part 1: Millennials - 06/13/17 09:29 AM
I was looking through the 2017 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational trends Report released on March 7th, and found a couple of noteworthy stats to look at. 
And yes, the numbers are usually boring, so here's a video that highlights a couple, and might interest you enough to skim some of the other statistics??
The Most Important Colorado Home Lender Trends of 2017 - Part I, Millennials
When it comes to buying and selling real estate in Colorado, it’s not just new home buyers who need to pay close attention to market variables and different new home financing options. Every Colorado home lender, after … (4 comments)

ruth vogt: This is a joke, right? Right? - 06/08/17 10:40 AM
I have recently posted several stories about the desire of millennials wanting to become homebuyers. Then today I came across this video of a millennial's first day on the job. I laughed. Then I stopped. Then I wondered. Then I worried. You see when an underwriter reviews a file for loan review, "The Four C's" must be met:
Capacity Credit Cash (or Capital) Collateral Capacity is not just about AMOUNT of income to debt, but HISTORY of income (pattern) and LIKELIHOOD  of income to continue. So, when I watched this video, I immediately wondered how this "millennial attitude" could affect underwriting decisions! (Keep … (7 comments)

ruth vogt: Thinking of Gold Star Moms this weekend. - 05/26/17 11:25 AM
It always amazes me how many people have no idea what a Gold Star Mom is. Or Gold Star Wife, Dad, Brother, Son for that matter. Too be honest, I didn't either until about a year ago, when I met Becky Woods Johnson. Her story literally ripped through my heart, and is one that certainly will touch yours as well.
By definition, the term "Gold Star" is given to a family member who lost a loved one during military service. It originated during World War I. A bronze star would signify a family had a loved one that was serving, silver for when a … (6 comments)

ruth vogt: Attended my first AR Meetup! - 08/11/14 11:08 PM
I was "showered" on with reasons to be back in the rain last night! But the weather had nothing to do with it... a perfectly wonderful Colorado evening to sit outside with friends and take it all in!
I recognized and remembered some. Some recognized me.
We heard and told stories. Shared tips and ideas!
And we even get POINTS for attending a Meetup??? REALLY???!!! That was one thing I always loved about Active Rain... it rewarded you with points for doing what common sense would tell you that you should be doing anyway!
Thanks, Donna Foerster, for setting this … (4 comments)

ruth vogt: If you can order coffee, you can understand social media! - 04/15/11 05:21 AM
Several of our Denver office employees have recently decided to take on the challenge of trying to understand social media. Our operations manager, Sharon Shunk, entitled her first blog, "What does Social Media and Starbucks Have in Common". It was a great analogy that stayed with me for a couple of days.
One day I happened to be at a Starbucks store (#10114) and was telling our Aurora manager, Rona Lewis, also a new blogger, about the interesting post. While paying for the coffee, the young woman, Amanda, behind the counter told us she had recently given a 10 minute speech about how to … (77 comments)

ruth vogt: I retired my walker today! - 03/16/10 07:50 AM
HOORAY! For those of you that either know me or have been reading my posts, you know that I recently broke my hip while on an out of town business trip to New Orleans. Three weeks ago last Sunday, to be exact. I was told to expect to be using a walker for 6 weeks (yes, I teared up over that one!) BUT today I graduated to crutches. ***cheers*** And I'm pretty sure I'll be using just a cane maybe by the end of the week. We'll see???
And what do I attribute my faster than expected recovery to? YOU! Thank you … (11 comments)

ruth vogt: For better or for worse... - 03/07/10 04:58 AM
Well, it has been FOREVER (over a month!) since I posted. So in the spirit of the meaning of "blog" (web log) I need to catch up before moving forward.
For better or for worse is the name of this post, as the month of February (the one month of the year that represents LOVE) gave our marriage of over 28 years an opportunity to test both.
For Better: We had an incredible twelve days to sit in the sun with friends and family in Cabo.
We woke each morning to an incredible sunrise, somehow always different from the day before.

ruth vogt: New Year's Resolution that I've decided against! - 01/01/10 02:08 AM
I just had to reblog this one. Just as a reminder on why I don't have to add this one to my list this year!
Happy New Year!

One of the number 1 New Year Resolutions, next to losing weight, is getting fit.  Walking is great way to do this. Lisa VonBargen, my friend in Estes Park, has a great post today about a wonderful place to take a walk in Colorado.
Yesterday, one of my friends sent me an email about the Importance of Walking, filled with excellent information about the subject.  I thought I'd pass along my … (3 comments)

ruth vogt: BELIEVING you will have a Happy and Prosperous New Year! - 12/31/09 08:55 AM

Believing 2010 will be a great year for Active Rain! I, for one, have learned so much and have so much more that I know I will learn this next year. Thank you to all Rainers for your support, direction, and the friendships this year. One can only imagine what next year will bring! Cheers!

ruth vogt: Remember when you believed? - 12/30/09 06:44 AM

Remember when you believed all you had to do was ask?
For those of us in sales, could that be something we often forget?
Ask for a referral?
Ask for the appointment?
Ask for the business?
Believe in... YOURSELF!
Are you wishing for a prosperous New Year in 2010? Or believing it?
Something to think about!

ruth vogt: The REAL story behind the Wizard of Oz! - 12/28/09 09:56 AM
A couple of weeks ago Mr. Barry Habib visited our office and gave us a number of "stories" which have prompted my writing of a couple of previous posts: What Would Rip Van Winkle Say About Homeownership, and Why Interest Rates Won't Get to 4%.
But there's another story Barry entertained us with which I can't seem to get out of my head, so I'm going to share it with you, also. It's the "Now you know the REST of the story" behind the Wizard of Oz. An explanation that some of you may have heard before, but quite honestly is my first exposure to the political interpretations and … (7 comments)

ruth vogt: Do I have to sell my home to qualify for the $6500 move up tax credit? - 12/01/09 03:01 PM
That is the question that came up in today's sales meeting with one of our real estate groups. Quite a bit of debate, however, the Q&A section found on the IRS website states "No". Think of the advantages we have here. If a seller is concerned about selling in this market, yet wants to take advantage of the real estate bargains available, they are not being forced to choose. They can have their cake and eat it too, so to speak.
Specifically, the Question asked is:
Q:  I'm already a homeowner. If I buy a replacement home after Nov. 6, 2009, to … (4 comments)

ruth vogt: New Colorado Cell Phone Law goes into effect TOMORROW! - 11/30/09 04:41 AM
Effective tomorrow, Colorado drivers will be ticketed if an officer "sees" you texting while driving!
There is a rumor going around that the law also bans the use of hand held phones. But according to the website ( that's not true. I also contacted a state trooper that confirmed the law, created as a result of Housebill 1094, does not ban the use of hand helds for drivers 18 and older.
First offense is a $50 fine plus a surcharge of $6.
Second offense is $100 fine plus the surcharge of $6.00.
If you are curious what the individual state laws are, here's … (7 comments)

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