maintenance: Asphalt Roofing 101 - 06/27/10 02:42 AM

maintenance: Home Maintenance Tips For Your Windows And Doors! - 12/17/09 01:58 PM
Types of Windows and Doors


maintenance: Alternative Household Cleaning Products - 08/12/09 04:04 AM
According to the National Environmental Service Center (NESC) it is estimated that the average homeowner may have up to 100 pounds of various types of hazardous household waste products at any time in their home. This includes products that are flammable, combustible, toxic, explosive or corrosive. You are probably well aware of the hazards associated with the improper storage and use of certain products such as gasoline, anti-freeze, pesticides, and varnishes. But other common products such as nail polish remover, charcoal lighter fluid, and fluorescent light bulbs are also quite hazardous to humans, pets and the environment when used or disposed … (1 comments)

maintenance: Keep Your Fireplace Fit - 01/27/09 01:58 PM
To avoid unexpected mishaps that could ruin an evening around the fireplace, observe some simple precautions. Clean fireplaces annually, preferably by a certified chimney sweep. Use safety screens and doors for wood-burning fireplaces. Before lighting any fire, check to see that flue damper is open. Only burn dry, seasoned wood. Green or wet wood will not burn cleanly, increasing the rate of creosote buildup. Do not burn wrapping papers or evergreens in the fireplace. These ignite suddenly and burn intensely, increasing risk of a flash fire. Use care with "fire salts," which produce colored flames when thrown on wood fires. Keep … (5 comments)

maintenance: Be Mindful of Maintenance Costs - 01/27/09 01:43 PM
Maintenance costs need to be considered when purchasing a home. General estimates indicate that every home will require between 1 percent and 3 percent of the home’s value in annual maintenance costs, and this figure does not necessarily include major or emergency repairs.
Prevention Saves Time and Money The ongoing maintenance of a home is a significant contributor to holding or increasing its value. Homeowners should plan a solid preventive maintenance schedule, so problems can be fixed before they become more costly and damaging.
There are many other benefits for current and potential homeowners when they incorporate preventive maintenance … (1 comments)

maintenance: Homeowner Maintenance Tips - 11/21/08 02:37 PM
Every house is different, but there are some common elements every homeowner can include on a regular maintenance list:
Check the grading and drainage around the foundation Seal driveway and walkway cracks Check fencing and gates Check and trim trees near the house Check for deteriorating/damaged siding Check for loose, damaged, or missing roofing and flashings Clean all gutters and leaders Check weather-stripping and seals on all windows and doors Check all tile and sealant around tubs/showers and backsplashes Check for leaks at faucets and piping below fixtures Check condition of the water heater Check ventilation openings for nests, blockage … (0 comments)

maintenance: Are your Granite countertops Killing you??? - 11/15/08 03:42 AM
Chances are...  Probably NOT but here's some interesting info on the matter:

It has been known for many years that mined or quarried products such as stone can contain radioactive deposits. Granite, in particular, has been known as a potential source of radiation from naturally occurring uranium deposits and a contributing factor for elevated radon levels in homes. 
Allegations that granite countertops emit dangerous levels of radiation and radon have been raised periodically over the past decade, often by manufacturers of competing countertop materials. But with the increasing use of granite for countertops, as well … (1 comments)


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