albuquerque real estate: Know your rules, please! - 09/14/09 02:31 AM
Part of being a good real estate practitioner is to KNOW YOUR RULES.   While I sold Albuquerque real estate for years without having served on a committee or visiting a Board meeting, I was probably walking a tight rope when it came to properly practicing real estate.
Some mistakes that I see every day are just plain honest mistakes.  Some are really quite amazing.
The one that is on the top of my mind today is VARIABLE RATE COMMISSION in the MLS menu.
It seems the definition lies more in what it ISN'T than what it is....what is ISN'T is "this … (0 comments)

albuquerque real estate: My fantastic closing - 09/02/09 02:12 AM
Met my seller for the first time at closing; she was living out of town when she was referred to me; referred to me by a 'mystery' broker in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
I spoke to her at length about her home over the phone (it was listed with another brokerage, but expiring that night) as soon as it expired the next morning.  I sent her an extensive analysis of the market specific to her home's features, not just the 'comps' in the area - an approach I have been using alot once I started putting the 'buyer' hat on.  I … (6 comments)

albuquerque real estate: PUEBLO STYLE HOMES IN ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO - 08/25/09 09:31 AM
We are famous for our "pueblo style" homes - flat roofs, rounded edges, stylish interiors with historical touches.
The beauty of a pueblo home is that you can decorate with just about any interior fashion that you desire.  I have seen old world antiques, French style furniture, contemporary finishes - they all take on a new character.
The flooring is often made up of saltillo tiles, wood, or brick.  The interior wood finishes add architectural character not found in other styles of homes.
Check out these lovely examples of pueblo style homes in the Albuquerque area SEARCH FOR ALBUQUERQUE HOMES

albuquerque real estate: Forest Service to add 140 new jobs in Albuquerque - 08/25/09 09:19 AM
According to the NM Biz Journal, the Forest Service is going to add 140 new jobs by January '10.
These are going to be jobs that pay between 40-70K annually.  They will be looking for new property fo house their facility, and they will be needing up to 100,000 square feet over the next few years.
If they can't find what they are looking for, there is a possibility they will build their own facility.
Great news for our economy, both in the new jobs and the potential for new building projects to house them!
The Forest Service will discuss employment … (0 comments)

albuquerque real estate: If you are a Gas Company of New Mexico customer.... - 08/24/09 06:40 AM
On January 30, 2009, the Public Service Company of New Mexico divested itself from the gas service portion of the utilities service, and now you are the unfortunate customer of Gas Company of New Mexico.
Please know that you retain the same account number for BOTH services, even tho they are now separate entities.
Countless individuals (and some that you can count if you want to) have had issues with their billings because of this change.
If you pay your Gas Company bill you stand the chance of having your payment go to the wrong utility - both of which will … (0 comments)

albuquerque real estate: Home sales are up! - 08/21/09 02:23 AM
Good news, just in! Stats for home sales: Home resales posted the largest monthly increase in at least 10 years last month as first-time buyers rushed to take advantage of a tax credit that expires this fall.
This is the fourth straight increase on home sales.  Although the median price is down, the good news is still there.  Again, it's a great time to buy if you are in the market.
In Albuquerque, I have felt sales and activity is up, consumer confidence seems to be stirring.  If homes are priced right and are packaged nicely, homes are selling.
Sellers have to … (1 comments)

albuquerque real estate: Appraisals in real estate and all that fun - 08/19/09 02:01 AM
Amazing how different each appraisal "issue" is turning out to be.
In one instance, for instance, yesterday had an appraisal done on a 2 bedroom property, unique for the area.  Appraiser saw the subject property at 11:00, and the appraisal was finished and delivered back to lender, meeting purchase price, at 4:30 p.m.  No issues, no problems.
Then we had an appraisal done for a VA loan - appraiser required carpet/paint be installed before closing as a condition of the appraisal which came in 26K lower than the purchase price.  The bank owned property, of course, is not allowing for any … (2 comments)

albuquerque real estate: Home searches in High Desert - 08/18/09 09:41 AM
This a great area to buy, home prices have dropped a bit and now you can have something in this exclusive community in the 200's!
Gorgeous views, great hiking/biking trails - you will love this area for it's closeness to nature and an ever changing landscape.


albuquerque real estate: Recycling in Albuquerque - 08/18/09 09:12 AM
Recycling getting easier and easier.  Today I delivered to the Smith's store at Tramway/Montgomery 3 bags of glass bottles.  It's a quick trip to the dumpster, and even handier they have other bins for junk mail, boxes and plastic.
It's getting easier and easier to stay GREEN.
I even try to run my real estate business as green as possible with fewer pieces of paper, everything electronic

albuquerque real estate: How Do I Get My Home Sold? - 01/09/09 04:22 AM

Very popular question, not such a popular answer unless you are ready to play and get in the Game. 
I'm asked - How do I get my Albuquerque home sold? Simple - a few things that are very important.
1. Hire a great broker to represent you. This doesn't mean they have to have the BIGGEST numbers, but they have to be active in the market enough to know the most recent in's/out's...things to be careful of - for example a very big, long time inspection company just closed it's doors today. You need a broker that is on top … (0 comments)

albuquerque real estate: Opportunities - 12/29/08 06:19 AM
Opportunities are everywhere - we just have to find them!
My SWMLS Policy Committee asked me to serve again as Chair, and we have a great new year coming up with policy making and implementation of some new changes.  Change is always good.  It's great being in the middle of it all, watching the ins and outs of procedure and being able to be a part of it.
Social networking - what a great way to touch base with past clients.  I think that there is a new wave of communication that we need to be a part of. 
I think … (2 comments)

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