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having had more than a couple of friends who have been in this situation, I consider it to be very important to suppost and observe the Brest Cancer Awareness campaign. Linda Jamai Marshall Innerloop Houston Specialist 713-523-4600 OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! Tomorrow is the first d...
This is such a timely blog entry at this point in our MORTGAGE DILEMMA" stage.  We all are trying very hard to work thru similar issues.  This is also the time when you want a dedicated lender who knows their stuff to be on you and your clients side.  Who knows the ins and outs of this "new real ...
Wow haven't we all had this to happen.  What makes me even crazier are the ones that show without an appointment, set off the alarm and the police show up.  Thank goodness that this is a rare occasion in my 20 years of experience Inside the loop Houston, Linda J, Marshall, Broker ABR, Realtor, QS...
This is a particularly insightful as we are all going to be very happy for the economy to actually "turn the corner".  If has been hard to imagine a time again when economic activity is not artificially stimulated and manipulated. Linda J, Marshall Linda Marshall Realtors, Inc. innerloop Houston ...
While many had predicted home prices to stabilize by the end of 2009, that didn't happen. Through July of this year, prices have declined another 3.3% year over year. There has been no stabilization. Although home prices are down about 35% from the peak, they're still about 10-15% above the trend...
A very important news alert from Market Watch, reblogged with permission Economic Report Sept. 22, 2010, 10:59 a.m. EDT · Recommend (5) · Post: U.S. house prices lowest in nearly six years Prices fall 0.5% in July, and June price drop revised to 1.2% By Steve Goldstein, MarketWatch WASHINGTON (Ma...
This is a particularly timely article in todays market.  As a listing agent as well as handling alot of buyers, I am used to "picking up leads" from my listings, but things have changed so it is my opinion your sellers are being done a dis-service with a minimal presentaion. Linda Jamail Marshall...
This is a very timely article well worth a good read.  We all should stay on top of what is happening out there(our clients expect this at a minimum). Linda Marshall, InnerLoop Broker Houston, TexasWhat do these two vehicles have in common? Yes, they both have four wheels, motors and can transpor...

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