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PARENTS: It's Immunization Time Again! The Houston Fire Department (HFD) and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Care Van Program are offering FREE childhood immunizations at area HFD Fire Stations and other locations. All childhood vaccines (from birth to 18 years) will be provided, so this is the perfe...
I just had to reblog this great entry, working in the InnerLoop Houston, we deal predominately in old houses, alot of which are pier and beam or block and beam. So we have these issues more times than we care t think about.  I am a construction engineer and (just so they have another opinion)have...
 This is an absolutely great blog article about the "thinning out" of the ranks in what is a great business good market or bad market. Just had to reblog it!It seems that these days I encounter more and more individuals that are trying to expand their business by branching out into new fields of ...
Just absolutely loved this blog entry and is so true, some really good points about sending advance info. What a great idea----His idea of sending his secret listing presentation to all of your clients, so they know what you will be like working with them BEFORE they are ready to sell…  Then when...
Reblogged courtesy of Bruce Reichstein, some very timely advice since we are all expanding into a much higher usage of VA and FHA loan programs.  No you can't use for investment property. The Department of Veterans Affairs set up the VA loan program specifically to help vets purchase a home inten...
Reblogged courtesy of Randy Morrow.  Very sound and timely advice. What is it they say.  Being Rich is having money, being wealthy is having TIME. The jest of this blog is in some circumstances clients seem to be saying to others "Your time is much more valuable than mine, so here it is.  Take it...
Reblogged courtesy of the Rick Thompson Team, very good sound advice in this weird market.  Any offer starts a conversation potentiall. They are exactly correct Short Sale Negotiation Tip: Don't Get Insulted By Lowball Offers Montgomery County Short Sale Negotiation Tip: Don't Get Insulted By Low...

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