foreclosure: Hope You Will Love This Home as Much as We Did - 01/15/12 01:08 PM
No, this was not the parting sentiment from seller to buyer at a happy closing. It was wistfully painted above the front door, surrounded by an artistic vine of leaves and flowers, of a bank-owned property I showed to some first-time buyers. We didn't notice it until we were leaving, where it stopped us dead in our tracks. No one spoke for a long time as we resumed our places in the car for the ride to the next potential home.
Every day we Realtors are faced with the dregs of lives gone sadly wrong. Abandoned bedrooms gaily decorated with pink … (73 comments)

foreclosure: The HOA is Foreclosing? You're Kidding, Right?? - 11/19/11 02:49 PM
The HOA is foreclosing? You're Kidding, Right?? Why would they do that?
Foreclosures by home owners' associations (HOAs) in Northern Nevada are becoming an increasingly common phenomenon. Makes no sense, you say? They will acquire the property with at least one (huge) lien attached. Are they nuts? The bank will just laugh at them.
As the president of the board of my own Reno, Nevada HOA, perhaps I can shed some light on the thinking behind this apparent foolishness. For starters, HOAs are required by both their governing documents (the CC&Rs) and Nevada State Law to perform certain functions. For example:

foreclosure: Shadow Inventory and the Foreclosure Timeline in Nevada - 09/05/11 06:43 PM
Shadow Inventory and the Foreclosure Timeline in Nevada
Despite all the press it gets, shadow inventory in the real estate market has never, to my knowledge, been officially defined. Is it the homes that the banks have foreclosed upon and not listed for sale? The properties that have fallen into default but not yet hit the courthouse steps? Where do short sales fit in? How about the normal, every-day sellers that would like to sell their houses and move, but haven't tried because a)they don't believe they would be approved for a short sale, or b)they can't bring themselves to take the loss, … (8 comments)

foreclosure: REOs: Are They Money Pits or Glory Holes? - 09/03/11 05:44 PM
REOs: Money Pits or Glory Holes?
Most of us in this day and age are familiar with the abbreviation "REO" for real estate owned, otherwise known as a bank-owned foreclosure property. The term is generally used (and specifically now by the Northern Nevada Regional Multiple Listing Service) to include all foreclosures, including those currently held by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD, which of course are not banks. Now I remember back in the day when these properties were called OREOs, "other" having been added to the moniker for some unknown reason hopefully more important than making a cutesy acronym.
And most of … (9 comments)

foreclosure: Pets - The Silent Victims of Foreclosure - 01/07/11 10:47 AM

The housing catastrophe in this country has devastated many families and sad stories abound. But one very sad aspect of the situation is below the radar screen for many: the fate of the beloved family pet. It is frequently inconvenient to find a new home, or even a relative to care for these animals when the family must find other accomodations. And many apartment complexes and even single family rental homes do not allow pets.
It is not uncommon for "trash-out" services to find pets that have been left behind and are near starvation. Other animals are just put outside and … (12 comments)

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