renovations: The Five Best Home Renovations This Summer - 07/10/20 12:48 AM
The warm temperatures and pleasant environment associated with the summer season makes said period an optimal time for many homeowners to tackle needed home renovations. Optimal projects often tackled during the warmer months include:
Power Washing
Significant cleaning of a home's exterior shouldn't occur during the winter for several reasons. First, the water utilized for such purposes can freeze and potentially precipitate damage to a residence's external components. Additionally, dust, dirt and other environmental debris are more likely to accumulate in the wake of adverse weather conditions, such as snow and ice storms.
Therefore, the summer is considered the most optimal … (1 comments)

renovations: Top 3 Home Renovations of 2020 - 07/09/20 11:58 PM
Among the renovations you perform in your home, kitchen and bathroom, upgrades and remodels provide the most bang for your bucks. These are the most used areas of your home and bring the highest return on investment when you decide to sell. That is, when the work is well done and on trend. If you want to renovate parts of your home in 2020, consider the three most popular choices below.
What's New for Renovations in 2020
Key trends for home renovations in 2020 include minimalism, pops of colour and patterns, and the addition of the latest technologies. Focusing on these recommendations … (1 comments)

renovations: 5 Services Offered by a Renovation Contractor - 06/02/20 12:01 AM
The old saying goes, "Home is where the heart is." This is so true. But at some points in time, our homes need a little updating. For others, major renovations are the pathway to personal fulfillment and a higher return on financial investment. Whether you want to update, upgrade or fully renovate, your renovation contractor provides the services you need.
Five Services Offered by a Renovation Professional
Below are five of the essential services your renovation expert offers. To find the right person for your job, ask about these services before signing a contract.
Free Estimate
Estimates for home renovation should be … (0 comments)

renovations: 3 Types of Floors to Try with Your Kitchen Renovations - 05/14/20 04:28 PM
When you are planning kitchen renovations, there are many decisions to be made. You must pick out the type of wood you want for your cabinets. You need to look at all the options for countertops. There are appliances to choose, backsplashes to plan and much more. While you make all these important decisions, one choice never to neglect is flooring. Kitchen flooring is incredibly important. It affects the overall design and has an impact on the daily function of your kitchen. Therefore, be sure to make the right decision for your kitchen. Here are three popular options to consider.
1. Stick … (0 comments)

renovations: How Renovations Increase Your Home’s Value - 05/01/20 01:06 AM
The housing market is a very tricky thing to get figured out. It’s up and down and around and around, and no one can predict what’s going to happen next month, much less next year. Though one principle of the housing market that’s tried and true and always proves out is that homes that have been renovated are worth a lot more than homes that haven’t been.
This is why millions of homeowners are going through home renovations right now, in order to increase the value of their property. Though while it’s easy to see that renovating a home can increase … (0 comments)

renovations: How To Start Home Renovations - 04/06/20 05:05 PM
Looking to start a home renovation project but don't know where to start? While it's a big undertaking, you can simplify the process with planning and organization. Here is a guide that you can follow to launch your home renovation project without any issues.
Start with What You Want to Renovate
The first step is to get an idea of what areas of your home you want to renovate. Start writing everything down so that you can create a handy list. Under each space, write down all the things that you want to change. In most cases, renovations for bedrooms, living spaces, … (1 comments)

renovations: Which Home Renovations Are Your Best Investment? - 04/06/20 05:02 PM
A home renovation is often carried out due to necessity. Homeowners may find that they need more storage space, a wider entryway or additional room for a growing family. Some home remodels are done for pleasure. You may wish to add outdoor living space, shelving or simply enhance the rooms you already enjoy. One consideration you should always keep in mind when remodeling is the return on investment.
Return on investment, or ROI, refers to the amount of money you can receive from an investment that you make. In most cases, home renovations that add usability to a home offer good … (0 comments)

renovations: 3 Things to Consider Before Your Home Renovations - 04/06/20 04:54 PM
Home renovations require investments of your time, patience, energy and money. Still, even the happiest of homeowners have a to-do list in their minds of changes or upgrades they want for their property. Whether you seek to expand a room's size by knocking down a wall or upgrading a dated kitchen, you need your feet firmly planted in reality. Otherwise, you face the potential for unfinished projects, botched jobs or a devaluation when reselling your home.
Below are three things to consider before your home renovations.
Dreams Are Not Always Reality
When you seek inspiration for your home renovations, maybe you turn … (0 comments)

renovations: What are the Best Home Renovations? - 04/06/20 04:49 PM
When it comes to home renovations, there are two key types. These are renovations that enhance the value of your home and those that do not. Maybe you see yourself living in your home for decades to come. Or, maybe you believe you will sell in the near future. Before starting home renovations, know your property goals and choose the best options to achieve them.
If you plan to sell in the near future or want to add value to your property, below are the top renovation projects to consider.
Painting Your Home
Painting is a simple method of sprucing up your … (0 comments)

renovations: Best Cabinets for Your Kitchen Renovations - 04/06/20 04:35 PM
A kitchen remodel is arguably the best choice you can make when renovating your home. Kitchen renovations offer immediate value, an excellent ROI and are enjoyed on a daily basis.
When considering kitchen renovations homeowners have multiple issues they must face. Should new appliances be part of the remodel? Do you need new flooring along with your cabinets? What style do you want to convey in your new remodel? Each of these questions is important and should be weighed heavily before the renovation process.
Kitchen cabinets are possibly the most vital subject to tackle at the beginning of a kitchen … (0 comments)

renovations: 4 Basement Renovation Ideas for 2020 - 04/06/20 04:02 PM
The basement is the hidden gem of your house. A finished basement can serve as a rec room, office space, media center or home gym. An unfinished basement offers a realm of possibilities. Many homeowners use their basements for simple storage or as a seldom-used storm shelter, which is an unfortunate waste of what could be a space that is used on a daily basis. Turn your Calgary basement into a part of your home you will use again and again with one of these great renovation ideas.
Create a haven for entertainment
One of the top basement renovations is the media … (0 comments)

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