roofing: 5 Ways To Save Money On Roofing - 01/04/21 11:13 PM
Roofs can be expensive, be it repairs, restorations or reroofing. Fortunately, as repairing or replacing a roof has so many moving parts to the process, there are opportunities for you to save money - lots of money - if you know what to look for!
To help you with your journey to save money with your roofing, we have five tips that can make a significant difference in your budget.
1- Assess What Your Roof Needs
You don't know if your roof requires repairs or restorations if you don't inspect it. That's the first thing you have to do to determine if … (1 comments)

roofing: Are Roofing Nails Magnetic? - 01/04/21 11:07 PM
If you have ever had your roof repaired, you likely experienced the aftermath of that project. That aftermath is the telltale scattered roofing debris left behind by workers. For a period of time after your roof completion, you will find an array of nails, shingle fragments and other materials in your yard. But, according to Active Exteriors, there are ways to avoid having this mess to clean up.
Are roofing nails magnetic?
A simple search on the web reveals a long list of questions and answers about whether roofing nails are magnetic. This is a popular topic as so many customers face cleanup … (1 comments)

roofing: Are All Roofing Companies Made the Same? - 12/04/20 01:50 AM
Something that most of us end up taking for granted is that we live in a very comfortable day and age where most of our home problems are very easy fixes if we have the money to have them handled. What this means, in a nutshell, is that no matter what sort of problems you find yourself dealing with, a quick phone call or email contact to a top contracting company will ensure that your problem is dealt with quickly. Electricity, plumbing, siding, flooring, anything else you can imagine; it's all taken care of quickly. This is especially handy when it … (0 comments)

roofing: How To Maintain Your Roofing - 10/02/20 10:01 PM
When many residential and commercial property owners think of home or building maintenance, they often overlook the roof. However, roofing is one of their asset's most important construction components. Read on for this brief discussion highlighting the importance of roof maintenance, issues that might precipitate structural damage, in addition to proper maintenance tips.
The Importance Of Roof Maintenance
Property owners who do not adequately maintain their roofs increase the risk of subjecting themselves to extensive internal and external property damage, property devaluation and diminished aesthetic quality. Moreover, poorly managed roofing could subject others who reside in and frequent said homes to … (2 comments)

roofing: How Does Location Affect Your Choice of Roofing Material? - 09/24/20 04:38 PM
It is easy to close your mind to the endless variety of the human race when surrounded by only one or two variations of the same thing. For example, consider roofing materials. In North America, it would be easy to assume that there are really only the two most common roofing material types: asphalt shingles and rubber roofing.
Understandably, these roofing materials are so commonplace because they work well for our environment. We will further explore this idea down below, but essentially, all that is relevant is that different locations warrant different materials. On the other end of the home, basements make … (0 comments)

roofing: 7 Novel Roofing Materials - 09/17/20 12:41 AM
Arguably, the roof is a home's most important safeguard against elements, such as potential health-impacting environmental particles and harsh weather events. Therefore, the material employed to create this structure is a crucial consideration for construction professionals, and homeowners ponder when either building a home or replacing a damaged roof. Interested parties are invited to keep reading to learn more about seven of the most popularly used roofing products today.
Important Considerations
Every home or building is different. Ergo, various considerations play into which roofing material would best suit said structure. Important issues were ultimately factoring into the final decisions homeowners and … (2 comments)

roofing: A Short History of Roofing Materials - 07/28/20 06:33 PM
Learning about roofs through the ages is an exciting and rewarding investigation. Mazlow’s hierarchy explained how human’s needs include shelter, and one of the most challenging parts of good accommodation is the roofing system itself. For thousands of years, we have, as a species, worked to improve our coverings and better protect our belongings from the elements of nature.
To describe all of the materials used by roofing companies would be a scholarly undertaking requiring months of research and data correlation. However, to investigate a few of the materials is much more manageable, and that is what we will do today. The … (0 comments)

roofing: How to Plan a Roof Project - 07/28/20 06:31 PM
Planning your roofing project is the easiest way for you to build a roof. If you try and just force your way through the build, you will find everything going wrong and prices skyrocketing very quickly. In fact, it would be fair to say that if you aren’t willing to plan your roofing project correctly, you would be better off just not bothering in the first place.
However, you are probably already aware of this fact and are ready to take on the burden of planning. Therefore, the following steps will prove invaluable in making the most of your roofing project.
1. Start … (1 comments)

roofing: 3 New Trends in Roofing - 06/02/20 12:19 AM
Your roof is more than just a protective covering for your home. It also supports the structure, instills efficiency and provides curb appeal. But did you know that roofing can follow new trends? Take a look at the latest trends below and consider their value when designing or renovating your roof.
Improved Energy Efficiency
Roofs play a major role in your home's energy efficiency. An efficient roof can provide energy cost savings for many years, particularly during summer's heat. Some of the options for this efficiency include:
Solar tiles
Light-coloured shingles
Metal roofs
Reflective coatings
Reflective surfaces do not absorb heat … (0 comments)

roofing: When to Rely on Roofing Companies - 06/02/20 12:07 AM
You should always ask some questions before hiring one of your local roofing companies. These questions help you understand the reliability and quality of the potential contractors for your job. Otherwise, you face the potential of a botched job and expensive repairs. We explore some of these questions below, as well as the need to hire professionals to repair your roof.
When to Rely on a Roofing Company
Before your conversations with roofing companies ever begin, you need to know when to call for roof repair or replacement. Below are some of the clearest signs that you need a roofer's help:
Moisture … (0 comments)


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