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RIP George Carlin. I love this skit for my clients and all their stuff. I relate too!
My husband sees me behind this computer in the 'black hole' (as he loves to refer to my office) and is convinced that I'm wasting my time.  'Blogging?  Why?  Just get out there and Sell a House!' Yet, tonight he is eating his words.  I received a contact from Courtney Cooper today - my first refe...
Honestly, just when I think I can consider myself a little 'techy', I get a reality check.  I recently took the afternoon off to address my 'Tech Crisis'.  Problems include: Ipod won't sync with my music and yes, I did reset it to factory settings and still not happening.  (BTW, I can pay $29 for...
If so, whether you are a seller considering a move, a buyer considering a purchase, or an agent with projects underway - you may work best with a deadline. After listening to my list of To-Do's and my various projects, my business coach once said to me, "Linsey, sounds like you're doing a lot of ...
When you get an offer on your home, I refer to this as an 'At Bat'.  I have often discussed with clients that are resistant to lowering their price, but still haven't had an offer - 'let's price it to at least get an 'at bat' and you can then decide if you are netting enough to make this move.   ...
Capo Unified School District in Orange County sharpened their pencils, utilized the $1 million dollars raised by parents and the govenor's revised budget numbers for the schools, and have reinstated the 265 teachers that had previously received termination notices.  But, it's not all good news. I...
Do you know where to go to check if a condo has FHA approval for FHA buyers? FHA has not been a player for a long time with all the other lending options previously available to buyers.  Given that, many condo communities and their Homeowner Associations have not been diligent about reapplying fo...

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