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In the latest Zippy's Report, Orange County Register's Jonathon Lansner's ranking of Orange County zip codes for housing performance, showed that the hardest hit zip codes for the 3rd quarter were some of Orange County's most affluent zip codes.  Included in the worst performing areas were Newpor...
My last post had quite a heated debate on Active Rain (which I dig BTW).  How do you educate clients about when to buy? I did some research for a client tonight. The findings are important to share with readers here.  If you are a serious buyer or seller, this information is telling.  Please stic...
Last weekend, I went into an Open House with one of my buyers that is really struggling with the 'Rent versus Buy' decision.  The listing agent handed us an article by Orange County Register's Jonathon Lanser that shared the good news that home sales was up nearly 60% from a year ago.  In the wor...
Every now and then you see a headline touting the increase in sales in Orange County.  Less than a week ago, Orange County Register's Jon Lanser posted '1-in-3 O.C. ZIPs See Homebuying Doubling or Better'.   I love good news but it's important to drill deep into what these statistics are telling ...
Maybe. I remember in the early stages of the boom, there were whispers of a 'bubble'.  By 2005, it had turned into a dull roar.  In 2006, economists were shouting at us while many of us were turning a deaf ear, convinced that this market was an exception.  I know - not you - just the rest of us. ...
I had this conversation on Twitter today and had to share it as further evidence of the common problems we see in the marketplace when it comes to the handling of Short Sales.  In case you are not familiar with Twitter, it's a social media and micro-blogging platform. The banks aren't improving t...
The National Association or Realtors (NAR) recently posted this excellent map. Zoom into a metro area for the most recent quarterly median home price for the market you're interested in, and its percentage change from the previous quarter. NAR has also published the 2nd quarter numbers for median...

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