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Even in a tough market for sellers, there are still those that must sell due to personal circumstances. Whether it's a divorce, job relocation, or financial strain - there are still homeowners with equity, that find themselves in the position of having to sell and in this market, that can pose so...
This morning I came across an article on  They predicted the top 10 worst housing market for 2009 across the country and California had the unfortunate distinction of having 8 out of 10 spots.  Ranked as number 6 for the worst real estate markets in the country was the Santa Ana - A...
Today I came across an excellent article via Twitter; Missy Caulk directed me to it and I'm glad she did because it is another wonderful piece on Selling Your Home in a Buyer's Market by Bill Gassett of Massachussetts. One thing I particularly find interesting is his advice on selecting an agent....
It doesn't happen often but when it does, it's breathtaking. Saddleback Mountain is the backdrop for South Orange County. If you live in Mission Viejo or Rancho Santa Margarita, the views are spectacular. Here is a rare glimpse of Saddleback with snow sent to me this morning from a wonderful past...
This week Jonathon Lansner did his recap of the Dataquick report on the Orange County real estate market. Where are we today? And what does it really mean? The Median Sale Price as reported by Dataquick for a home in the OC was $400,000 - which brings us back to May of 2003 if you're tracking the...
My husband, Michael cringes when I post things like this - but I never promised to bring you just the Pollyanna good news in the market. The '60 Minutes' piece speculates that we are about halfway through this housing crisis. According to the show, the first wave of this crisis was made up of sub...
When I was a kid, and while in college as an adult, it was not unusual to get bundled up, carry hot cocoa in thermoses (might not have been cocoa in college....but I digress), and head out into the woods to cut down our Christmas Tree. Although I was born in Southern California, I moved to Oregon...
I saw this today on Twitter from Mike Lefebvre of The Uncommon Agent, and I knew right away that it was going to have place on 'Why Didn't My Home Sell?'. If you need a Realtor in the Boston, Massachusetts area, Mike's your guy. His suggestion to agents -be the third agent - first. My suggestion ...

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