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The other day, I mentioned my astonishment at the Housing Affordability and Stimulus Plan and how it really leaves California (the most troubled housing markets in the country) out in the cold. Then the announcement came regarding an $8,000 tax credit. Forgive me, but whoop-dee-do. While this may...
Recently Jonathon Lansner posted a podcast that he did with Steven Thomas of Altera Real Estate. Great information whether you are a buyer or seller in Orange County. Mr. Thomas posts his Market Time Report every two weeks and continues to be an excellent resource for analysis on Orange County re...
After years in this business, my husband has learned a few realities about my business: "I just have to return this one phone call." Translation: 30 minutes and several phone calls. "I just have to run down to my office and shoot out a quick email." Translation: 20 + minutes in the office. "I'll ...
If you live in an area that has planned communities and tracts, it's easy to study the comparable sales for your area to assess value and pricing. In Orange County, it's the first place I go when trying to determine a price for a listing. But don't fall into the trap of thinking the homes in your...
The Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan was recently released. It attempts to address some of the issues that the current housing market is struggling with and I have been through some of the details and as it currently is written, I'm disappointed. Near the end of December last year I pos...
Las Flores is not unlike many communities these days in Orange County. We are plagued by low demand and a good deal of short sale inventory. Short sales are when the encumbrances/loans against the property are higher than today's market value plus costs of sale. Currently we have 19 Active Listin...
Okay - maybe not technically snow but it sure looked like it. This mornings hail storm was photographed and posted on Twitter by @dawnmiller. Thanks Dawn for allowing me to share your cool photos. These were taken in Lake Forest in South Orange County (click on them for the full view):
Linsey Planeta | Belterra Fine Homes | 949-939-2514 21651 Turtledove, Trabuco Canyon, CA This stunning, open floor plan is highly upgraded. Impressive and expansive entry with vaulted ceilings (perfect for an addition) & tons of light. 5BR/3.5BA Single Family House offered at $725,000 Year Built...
If you have uttered these words, "They can always make an offer" as a justification for not doing a price reduction, it is very likely that you are overpriced. Why? Let's examine this just a bit. First a disclaimer of sorts. This may piss you off. I know. This conversation generally pisses people...
Remember those long car rides that seemed to last forever? I used to pester my poor parents with the tired question, "Are we there yet?" As a mother to 3 kids, 10 and under, I'm now on the receiving end of that tired question. This Orange County real estate market is one of those long car rides w...

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