jonathon lansner: State of the OC Market - 02/28/09 03:23 AM
Recently Jonathon Lansner posted a podcast that he did with Steven Thomas of Altera Real Estate. Great information whether you are a buyer or seller in Orange County. Mr. Thomas posts his Market Time Report every two weeks and continues to be an excellent resource for analysis on Orange County real estate.
If you are sizing up a purchase or sale, looking for an opinion on 'the bottom', this is worth 13 minutes.
Originally posted on OC Real Estate Voice.

jonathon lansner: Tracking the Bust and What 'Median Home Price' REALLY Means - 12/17/08 09:29 AM
This week Jonathon Lansner did his recap of the Dataquick report on the Orange County real estate market. Where are we today? And what does it really mean?
The Median Sale Price as reported by Dataquick for a home in the OC was $400,000 - which brings us back to May of 2003 if you're tracking the bust backwards. Lansner states, "That means that 53% of the 1996 to 2007 profit has evaporated."
I found some other interesting tidbits on the DQNews site to report:
44.2% of sales in Orange County in the month of November were foreclosures. Sales volume is … (2 comments)

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