market conditions in orange county: Foreclosures Will Be on the Rise in Orange County - 04/20/09 12:17 PM
No crystal ball needed here - we are about to see a sharp increase in foreclosures in the coming months. The foreclosure report for the month of March was recently released by Foreclosure Radar.
During the final months of 2008, many lending institutions participated in a voluntary moratorium on foreclosures. Notice of Defaults (NOD's), the first step in the foreclosure process in California, plummeted. The final days on the moratoriums have just passed. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's were lifted as of March 31.
And if you've been paying attention to my 'Microscope on the Market' series, you've noticed the drop … (6 comments)

market conditions in orange county: Microscope on the Market - Laguna Niguel - 03/30/09 04:24 PM

So many of the media numbers focus on Orange County performance, but real estate performance can vary dramatically within our large county, and particularly at various price points. Today's Microscope on the Market focuses on the Laguna Niguel real estate market.
Homes Under $500,000
In the under $500,000 market, Laguna Niguel does not vary from any of the cities I focused on in South Orange County with a whopping 63.9% of the active properties in a short sale situation.
Couple of things to note - it would appear that there is significant movement with 71 properties in escrow. Sadly, … (1 comments)

market conditions in orange county: Microscope on the Market - Coto de Caza - 03/17/09 03:29 PM
So many of the media numbers focus on Orange County performance, but real estate performance can vary dramatically within our large county and particularly at various price points. Today's Microscope on the Market focuses on Coto de Caza.
If you aren't from Orange County - yes this is the home of the infamous Real Housewives of Orange County, although I can't say that the friends that I have living in Coto are anything like the woman as depicted on that show. It's really a beautiful gated community with homes in a wide variety of prices ranges. But I won't kid you … (0 comments)

market conditions in orange county: State of the OC Market - 02/28/09 03:23 AM
Recently Jonathon Lansner posted a podcast that he did with Steven Thomas of Altera Real Estate. Great information whether you are a buyer or seller in Orange County. Mr. Thomas posts his Market Time Report every two weeks and continues to be an excellent resource for analysis on Orange County real estate.
If you are sizing up a purchase or sale, looking for an opinion on 'the bottom', this is worth 13 minutes.
Originally posted on OC Real Estate Voice.

market conditions in orange county: The Bottom - Are We There Yet? - 02/07/09 06:31 AM
Remember those long car rides that seemed to last forever? I used to pester my poor parents with the tired question, "Are we there yet?" As a mother to 3 kids, 10 and under, I'm now on the receiving end of that tired question.
This Orange County real estate market is one of those long car rides where we are all asking the same question about the bottom of this market - "Are we there yet?" I even have moments where I want to say in my whiniest voice, "How much longer, Mom?"
Did you ever notice that your parents were … (2 comments)

market conditions in orange county: The Numbers Are Telling You a Story - 01/29/09 11:14 AM
One of the things that I constantly talk about on OC Voice, is the need to be an educated buyer or seller. My goal is always to provide information that helps to educate my readers about what trends we are seeing - without putting you to sleep. Heck - I still want you to keep reading and I know statistics are boring.
So today - I had an interesting conversation with an agent regarding her philosophy about showing buyers property. I'll be honest, I'm a little shocked by the philosophy. She shared with me that she shows her clients homes … (3 comments)

market conditions in orange county: Break Out the Crystal Ball - 01/13/09 03:49 AM
The Orange County Register has recently posted a series of predictions about the future of the real estate market in Orange County - Eyeball 2009. The predictions are from local experts, economists, and Realtors. If you're interested in the varies perspectives - take a look at the various links provided below.
I'll share with you the one thing I know for sure: No one knows for sure. These may be well educated folks and some I place more value on than others. At the end of the day, if you are considering buying or selling in this market - educate yourself, … (2 comments)

market conditions in orange county: Microscope on the Market - Rancho Santa Margarita - 01/06/09 03:47 AM
When you are looking to buy a home in Orange County, or anywhere else for that matter, it is critical to drill down into the numbers for the sector of the market that you are looking at. Orange County numbers are wonderful benchmarks to know, but our market is made up also of submarkets within the OC. It's important to understand Absorption Rates, Average Days on Market, price per square foot, sale price to list price, etc.
For every buyer I'm working with, I try to do an analysis that really tells the story of the market they are hoping to … (2 comments)

market conditions in orange county: 46% of Orange County Inventory is Distressed - 01/03/09 01:25 PM

Steven Thomas, President of Altera Real Estate recently released his latest Orange County Housing Report and it is definitely worth taking the time to review if you are curious about how the 2008 housing market finished and the possible outlook for 2009. It's a very comprehensive summary.
I would encourage you to review the charts for Active Listings and Pending Sales. I love the way that it visually lays out the '05, '06, '07, and '08 numbers for comparison.
One thing worth noting is that current inventory is way down - 11,842 homes off the March peak of 15,617. Homeowners … (2 comments)

market conditions in orange county: CNN Money's Predictions - 8 of 10 Worst Housing Markets in California - 12/22/08 08:17 AM
This morning I came across an article on  They predicted the top 10 worst housing market for 2009 across the country and California had the unfortunate distinction of having 8 out of 10 spots. 
Ranked as number 6 for the worst real estate markets in the country was the Santa Ana - Anaheim area.  The Median sales price for 2008 was stated at $532,140.  The prediction for '09 was a 23.7% decline.  The prediction for 2010 was a 3.5% decline.  If these predictions are accurate, that would leave us with the median sales price around $391,812 at the end … (4 comments)

market conditions in orange county: 60 Minutes - Second Wave Is Coming...This Thing's Not Over Yet. - 12/15/08 01:31 PM
My husband, Michael cringes when I post things like this - but I never promised to bring you just the Pollyanna good news in the market. The '60 Minutes' piece speculates that we are about halfway through this housing crisis. According to the show, the first wave of this crisis was made up of sub-prime loans. The second wave is predicted to be Alt-A loans and Option ARMs that have adjustments coming.

Watch CBS Videos Online Sean Egan, considered to be on of 6 Wall Street experts that 'predicted the fall of the financial giants' says that the housing market is … (56 comments)

market conditions in orange county: Trickle Up in Orange County - 11/29/08 08:17 AM
In the latest Zippy's Report, Orange County Register's Jonathon Lansner's ranking of Orange County zip codes for housing performance, showed that the hardest hit zip codes for the 3rd quarter were some of Orange County's most affluent zip codes. 

Included in the worst performing areas were Newport Coast, Dana Point, Coto de Caza (part of the 92679 zip), and San Clement. Some of the biggest improvements were areas that have recently had some of the worst performing zip codes including, Mission Viejo, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa.
This may be a case of 'Trickle Up' economics.

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