notary public bradenton florida certified signing agent: Government is looking into REO properties - 08/16/11 02:56 AM
The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), the US Department of Treasury and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have issued a Request for Information (RFI) on the real estate owned (REO) properties held by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA. This RFI is seeking to address the current and future inventory of REO properties and encourages private investment in the housing market, and reducing the average loan loss. RFI also requests that we address property repair needs, assist in neighborhood and home price stabilization, and help current renters to become home owners (lease to own).
Millions of families … (1 comments)

notary public bradenton florida certified signing agent: Higher FHA down payments - 06/13/11 11:51 PM
The House Financial Services Committee is proposing an increase in FHA down payments. The current down payment for an FHA mortgage is 3.5% and they want to increase this to 5%. The FHA Rural Regulatory Improvement Act of 2011 would also prevent borrowers from rolling the closing costs into the loan. This would severely limit first time home buyers. Representatives of the Mortgage Bankers Assoc (MBA), National Assoc of Realtors(NAR), and the National Assoc of Home Builders(NAHB) all have testified opposing this new legislation. This draft legislation does not have a bill number yet but is presently being reviewed and debated. … (2 comments)

notary public bradenton florida certified signing agent: Senators fight to restore counseling funding - 06/04/11 11:49 PM
Senators fight to restore the $88 million in funding for the housing counseling programs that were cut from the budget. This cut also includes $9 million just for reverse mortgage funding.Counseling agencies may have to increase the cost for counseling servicies and limit the number of counselors available.Little is known about how this program impacts consumers. But one study did show a large percentage of home owners who received this counseling did not re-default.Sincerely,Lisa Scanlon,

notary public bradenton florida certified signing agent: New Reform only hurts borrowers - 05/12/11 06:20 AM
While reform was needed for the out of control lending environment, the government is destroying what is left in the fragile housing market with new guidelines that only seem to hurt the consumer.HUD has announced a new guideline that states if the borrower has officially disputed anything on there credit report they must retract there dispute even if it was an error on the credit report or they will not get a mortgage. Also it takes weeks to get the dispute removed and that can kill the loan process.On April 1st the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill was passed. This caps … (4 comments)

notary public bradenton florida certified signing agent: Online Notarization Website? - 01/19/11 06:21 AM
I recently came across an Online Notarization Website that offers online notarization through a web cam and video chat. I thought to myself how can this be without personal appearance, that is one of the cornerstones of the Notary office. When I investigated further I learned that the only state this is allowed in is New Jersey. But it made me wonder if this is where the notary office is going in the future. I don't see how you can properly identify and individual over a web cam and also you cant see anything going on outside of the viewing window, … (4 comments)

notary public bradenton florida certified signing agent: Mortgage Tax Deduction - 12/06/10 09:57 AM
Mortgage Tax Deduction  
The Obama administration's deficit commitee is currently reviewing the home mortgage interest deduction (MID). With the federal deficit of $13 trillion officials are trying to find ways to curb this growing debt. This deduction has been a strong incentive for home ownership since 1913. Americans have been able to deduct the interest paid on mortgages for there primary residences, second homes and home equity lines of credit for over 100 years. Any changes to the MID could be devastating to home prices and the value of homes. This could seriously harm the current economic recovery. There has … (1 comments)

notary public bradenton florida certified signing agent: New HUD settlement stmnt for FHA reverse mortgages. - 11/29/10 03:07 AM
The Dept. of Housing and Urban Development recently introduced a revised HUD-1 settlement Stmnt for FHA Reverse Mortgages. According to HUD the wording has been changed to include new statutory authority to penelize for false certifications or fraudulant activities and new language for sellers of a HECM for purchase transactions.On the day of closing the HECM mortgagor must certify the source of cash used for the investment or that the closing costs were not paid by the seller or any other person that will financially benefit from this transaction. Also the seller must certify the HECM mortgagor will not be reimbursed … (1 comments)

notary public bradenton florida certified signing agent: New TEA Opportunites - 10/15/10 01:33 AM
New TEA Opportunities The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has issued a new federal rule Effective June 1st 2010 permitting doctors to issue prescriptions electronically it is called EPrescribing. This could open up new opportunities for "Trusted Enrollment Agent" (TEA).This rule requires physicians to obtain a digital credential which verifies there identities before they can electronically issueprescribtions.This digital credential can be verified and performed by a TEA agent. As more industries embrace the use of electronic identity credentials and signatures to conduct confidential business via the Internet this should provide future assignments for TEA agents.Please call on us for all of your … (2 comments)

notary public bradenton florida certified signing agent: "Dodd-Frank Wallstreet Reform and Consumer Protection Act" - 10/11/10 02:05 PM

notary public bradenton florida certified signing agent: NewGuidlines for TIL - 07/20/09 11:26 AM
New Guidlines for Truth and Lending disclosure statement (TIL)
The Federal Reserve has approved new guidelines for the Truth in Lending (TIL) disclosures effective July 30,2009.   Now there is a 7 business day waiting period from the time the initial TIL is issued to time of closing. If the final TIL does change then there is an additional 3 business day waiting period until close. If the new TIL is mailed the waiting period is 6 business days. Also prior to the issuance of the 3 day disclosures only a credit report fee can be collected.   A new statement … (1 comments)

notary public bradenton florida certified signing agent: Why choose Scanlon Signing Services - 05/20/09 08:54 AM

notary public bradenton florida certified signing agent: History of notary public office - 10/21/08 05:43 AM

The practice of a notary public dates back to ancient roman times when few people learned to read and write. A "notarius" was appointed as a public official to create written documents of agreement or wills and hold them for safekeeping.  
Wax seals with engravings or symbols were used as signatures. In later centuries, ribbons were woven into the margins of multiple page documents to tie the pages together. Wax seals were placed over the knots to ensure no pages were added or removed. This was the begining of the notary seal and certificate.  
The notary public office … (0 comments)

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