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If you're considering buying real estate in Florida, you may be wondering why so many Florida residents are making such a big deal about our real estate tax issues. If you're trying to sell real estate in Florida, you probably have a pretty good understanding of most of the problems. However, I'm...
This is just a questions for our self-proclaimed tech geeks. I'm seeing a lot of requests for "Fave Exchanges" on Technorati. I assume this is just for Technorati rankings? I thought Google was down-rating link exchanges unless they were done in the 3-step circle. Does Technorati not work the sam...
This post is going to be the first in a series about the loss of Florida's wetlands and how it impacts our state and our way of living.  (All these photos are of pets or critters I've found at one time or another) I have to admit that I've never been overly concerned when I've heard people talk a...
The public opinion of real estate agents can vary drastically. That's not going to be any surprise to any of us. We usually only hear the negative, but that's because we hear what the media reports. And we all know the media prefers negative stories. Have you ever noticed that when you talk to yo...
That's all this post is about. I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. And a merry Whatever Holiday you Celebrate!To all of my clients... Thank you for waiting so patiently and for being understanding of this extremely difficult market. YOU are why I LOVE what I do. To all of my Active ...
As a real estate agent, you should NEVER assume the agent on the other side of the transaction is doing their job! That is the advice that was given to me by a top producer, when I was new to the business. It is one of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given, during the course of my real...
For those of you who don't know about it, on December 4, I started a new group for some of your Localism posts, called Things to Do/Places to Visit. I'm very proud to say that our fledgling little group has 36 members and 87 posts already! Yes, I'm aware that those numbers are small, but as far a...
You may recall that I recently won a third place prize from HP, for entering their REALTOR® technology contest and writing a winning essay about how technology helps me in my real estate business, and in my personal life. You can read that post here, titled "I'm A Winner!"In relation to the conte...
Buy a new house in Port Orange Florida. New construction at it's best! In my quest to stay abreast of things that can help my real estate clients, I like to frequently visit new housing developments, since every builder offers different perks to their buyers. I compare the prices, floor plans and...
Daytona Beach Real Estate Blog. Houses, Condos and Reports by Lisa Hill, "THE SMART CHOICE!" The glamorous life of a REALTOR®. On come on. You know our lives are glamorous. Let's face it. All we real estate agents do is drive around in our SUVs with our magnetic riders on the sides, or in my cas...

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