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                                           Fun with Attendees at Orlando Florida Rain Camp At Rain Camp, listening to Ben Kinney talk about SEO. Meanwhile, cell phones keep ringing all over the room. I happen to be sitting near Neal Bloom, (new partner-in-crime?) who decided to ask a question.  ...
In the last few days, as I've been perusing and commenting on different blogger's posts, I happened to stop in my tracks, as I noticed far too many images that looked like they'd been taken by the same person, while holding the camera at arm's length. They looked more like a picture I would have ...
If you've paid attention you'll know that I have an odd love for frogs. I pick up every one I find. BTW, toads are frogs too. People gave them a different name to differentiate between the bumpy, fat ones and the sticky, big-jumpers, but according to my Animal Enclyclopedia, they're all frogs. Ho...
Since I've recently shared with you all, that I've been writing a LOT, only it's not about real estate, I decided to share just a little something from under The Willow Tree. Whether you worship on Saturday or Sunday, we serve the same God; and I pray blessings, healings, miracles, and encouragem...
      Contract Pending on Daytona Beach area House. Professional REALTOR® Advice for Consumers I'm going to start this post with a bit of info about a sale on one of my real estate listings. But more importantly; I'm going to segue into some very important food-for-thought about how you, as a re...
                  Buy Daytona Beach Real Estate. You're Still Close to Lots of Orlando Fun!! Have you ever been to Blizzard Beach? (It's a Disney theme park in Orlando, FL: only an hour or so away from the Daytona Beach area!) And have you decided to ride the 90 foot drop that actually gets you ...

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