buy house: Life on Other Planets - What Do You Believe? Check This Out! - 09/29/10 07:38 PM
I can't remember the last time a bit of news got me this excited. (I'll bet Vegas Bob is jumping up and down right now!)
If you haven't read about the most recently found planet in the "Goldilocks Zone", you have to check out this article... "Could Goldilocks Planet Be Just Right for Life?"  What got me the most excited was this one quote- "...because conditions are ideal for liquid water, and because there always seems to be life on Earth where there is water, Vogt believes that chances for life on this planet are 100 percent."
I don't know about … (8 comments)

buy house: Speechless Sunday-Snow in July? ... in Florida!!?? - 07/25/10 04:19 PM
Can it be!??
No, of course not. It's just a Snowy Egret :-D  My brother took this photo. And I think he did a great job on this one (except for the date stamp), so I decided to share it. (This is from the bro who took those crazy weather shots over the ocean!) But this one's much more peaceful. And this little guy doesn't seem to mind if his feathers are getting ruffled.

If you're interested in buying or selling real estate in the Daytona Beach area, I'd love to help. I'm a Daytona Beach native, with experience selling … (14 comments)

buy house: Photo Friday - Above the Chicago Skyline - 07/23/10 04:31 PM
Today is not one of my usual photo days, but a friend of mine who frequently travels to Chicago insisted on e-mailing me this photo today. He said I HAD to see it. I warned him that if I liked it, he knew where it would end up. He didn't care. Sooo....  ENJOY!  Isn't this amazing!?

BTW, a lot of the photos you see on my blog, if taken by my friend Nick, are from Chicago, where he lives =)  But this one happens to be from a REALTOR right here in Port Orange, who has family in Chicago. So … (16 comments)

buy house: Down the Hatch in Ponce Inlet Florida. Special Facebook Promo - 07/17/10 04:39 AM
This weekend only. Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, Daytona Beach area residents and visitors; this weekend only, visit Down the Hatch Seafood Company in Ponce Inlet, and mention the Down the Hatch FACEBOOK PAGE, and receive a FREE Fish Dip Appetizer.
Search Down the Hatch on Facebook, located in Ponce Inlet Florida and stay abreast of their specials. You can also Subscribe to the Down the Hatch Newsletter.
If you're a Ponce Inlet real estate seller, I'm a native of this area with 16 years of experience selling homes here. I'd love to help. Feel free to call or e-mail me for … (4 comments)

buy house: Consistency- The importance of writing regularly to your blog - 07/13/10 06:34 AM
I just read this post by Jeremy Blanton, and HAD to share it with those of you who have not yet read it. The statistics he shared are astounding! Read his blogging statistics below.
If you're looking to buy a house or condo in Port Orange or Daytona Beach, or if you're looking to sell a house or condo in Port Orange or Daytona Beach (or any city in East Volusia County) make a Smart Choice and contact Lisa Hill for all your real estate needs.

I get asked from time to time by new bloggers how … (6 comments)

buy house: Almost Time for First Half of 2010 Real Estate Statistics! - 06/22/10 05:42 PM
I just finished a series of posts for the available listings in each city that's primarily part of the Daytona Beach Area Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This post is to provide you with a quick and easy way to find the houses and condos that are currently on the market, for sale or lease in each of the cities where I've sold many homes and investment properties.
To find a summary for the active MLS listings for sale or lease in the city of your choice, just choose your preference from the list below...
Port Orange Real Estate Houses and Condos … (4 comments)

buy house: Unable to Comment, or Need More Real Estate Info? - 05/01/10 05:07 AM
If you're one of my blog readers and/or subscribers, and you haven't been "in the loop" for the past week or so, you're probably discovering some problems with the Active Rain system. and unfortunately, you probably can't comment. This is the first post I've been able to make "stick in 3 days, and I've been unable to comment at all, on anyone else's blog.
So, in order to keep you up-to-date on some of our new listings, I've posted 3 of them to one of my backup blogs. I don't use it very often, but at least I do have a … (0 comments)

buy house: Embrace Your Unique Gifts, Talents and Abilities. Be the Best YOU, that You Can Be! - 02/22/10 05:48 AM
A little while ago, I read this blog post by Gary Woltal called "Is Your Camel Parked in the Right Desert?". I felt the need to share it, because it spoke volumes to me.
As REALTORS®, most of us are constantly trying to better ourselves. We read and study and learn, with the intention of bettering ourselves, and providing better service to our customers. We even do our required continuing education, plus study for even more real estate education and designations. All this is good for us, and for our real estate customers!
But how often do we blame ourselves for … (4 comments)

buy house: Ormond Beach FL Real Estate Listings - Sales - Foreclosures for 2009 - 02/11/10 01:11 PM
As a follow-up to my recent post titled "Ormond Beach Real Estate Listings and Sales 2000-2009 Market Report", I decided to write this post, which shows just how many of the 2009 sales were foreclosures and short sales. Once again, I've included a bar graph. And for statistical purposes I've also posted the actual numbers of how many of these real estate sales were along the lines of foreclosures, pre-foreclosures and short sales.

As indicated in the bar graph, for the city of Ormond Beach, the 2009 real estate Foreclosure Sales and Short Sales were not as high as some … (2 comments)

buy house: I HATE TO SAY "I TOLD YOU SO", but. . . . . . . "OBAMA TO LIMIT MORTGAGE INTEREST DEDUCTION!" - 02/01/10 04:12 PM
Daytona Beach area real estate buyers and sellers; this mortgage information will affect us all! thank you Len, for providing this impacting insight! (Scroll down to read the original blog post by a very insightful real estate blogger.)

LIMITS ON MORTGAGE INTEREST DEDUCTION was once a "sacred cow" of tax law.  No more.
The American home owner is square in the sights of the budget released today. 
On October 25, 2008, a bolt of lightening struck me and I realized that there is no income protection safe from the government's zeal to play chess with the American tax payer's … (6 comments)

buy house: Real Estate Buyers and Sellers and ALL of Our Prevailing Attitudes - 12/24/09 01:15 AM
Today I’m going to tell a real estate story. This is a story of a hypothetical real estate transaction, and the parties involved. I chose to tell this story in a manner that is obviously slanted toward one side, but that’s not really the point. It could easily be told from a different angle. Regardless, don’t get overly focused on the story of real estate. It’s about people. It’s about attitudes. It’s about the way people have changed in the last few years. It’s about the kind of person you are, or want to be... or DON’T want to be! Hold … (28 comments)

buy house: A Silly Saturday Video. Just a Tiny Touch of OCD as I Rearrange My Office - 10/23/09 07:54 PM
It's Silly Saturday again! I stumbled across this old video a few days ago, and set it aside for today =D  Yes I sped the video up a bit... have to keep things interesting ;-)  Anyway, I bought some new decor for the walls in my office, and had some trouble getting everything to look balanced  =/   Then I got this totally unrelated phone call... LOL. It seems that while I was trying to get my office just right, my husband was at home, rearranging MY shelves in the garage O.o  NOT cool!  LOL
(And yes, I have just a … (6 comments)

buy house: First Time Home Buyers; Act Now! Time is of the Essence on the 2009 Tax Credit! - 08/07/09 11:56 PM
First Time Home Buyers, please don't wait a moment longer to take advantage of the 2009 $8,000 tax credit.
You've probably read a lot of information about this program; much of it being conflicting. But I felt the need to point out some important information.
When you read a blog or watch a video about the $8,000 tax credit, FIRST pay attention to the date of what you're reading or watching. This program was changed several times in the first half of the year! The details at this point, and what is expected to be the final program, state that … (2 comments)

buy house: Beautiful 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath House with Pool in Daytona Beach FL. Walk to Ocean - 07/23/09 07:44 PM

*All material... text and images (except the actual copyright logo) are owned and copyrighted by Lisa Hill

buy house: Good Faith Estimates - Knowing & Understanding the Power of the paper!!! - 05/19/09 08:07 PM
When buying real estate, obtaining a mortgage is frequently a part of the buying process. It's also a part of the process that many real estate buyers know very little about. And unfortunately, as a REALTOR®, in my experience, when I've tried to stress this importance to my real estate buyers, they don't always take me seriously enough (because they don't understand). But yesterday I found a fantastic blog about this exact subject.
Here on Active Rain, there are a few mortgage lenders whom I trust to supply me with accurate mortgage information. They stay abreast of industry changes and alert … (5 comments)

buy house: FHA Loans vs Conventional Loans - 5% down - Things you need to know !!!! - 05/01/09 04:50 PM
Daytona Beach area real estate buyers, here's some fantastic real estate mortgage information. With financing being so difficult to obtain, for some real estate buyers a knowledgeable mortgage banker can make all the difference in your buying process. As a matter of fact, the right or wrong mortgage banker can make or break your real estate transaction!
With that being said, the following FHA vs Conventional Loan information is provided to you by a seasoned, knowledgeable mortgage banker. And last but not least, take note that Jeff Belonger is a mortage banker... not a mortgage broker! He has the experience and … (0 comments)

buy house: Trulia Real Estate Questions: Is This the New Floor Call? - 03/19/09 07:00 PM
I have a question about the Trulia real estate questions, for other REALTORS® and real estate professionals.
First of all, many of us have been answering real estate questions on Trulia for a long time. And the questions have primarily been for the benefit of real estate buyers and sellers who didn't understand the real estate process. But lately, the questions have been different.
A little while ago, I read a post by Richard Weisser, a REALTOR® in Georgia, who wrote a rant post, questioning How is it possible that real estate buyers still do not understand agency? Unfortunately, he marked … (10 comments)

buy house: Daytona Beach Shores Houses and Condos for Sale - 03/03/09 02:48 PM
If you're interested in buying real estate in Daytona Beach Shores, this is a great time to buy! The Daytona Beach real estate market seems to be stabilizing and there are lots of great real estate buys to be found.
In the last few days, I've written a couple of blog posts about some fun things to do in Daytona Beach Shores. You can read those here...
Home Buyers and Residents of Daytona Beach Shores, Let's Have Some Fun?
Real Estate Buyers and Residents of Daytona Beach Shores, Let's Have Some More Fun!
Now for those of you who would like … (2 comments)

buy house: Real Estate Buyers and Visitors of Daytona Beach Shores, Let's Have Some MORE Fun! - 02/28/09 09:58 PM
Daytona Beach Shores real estate buyers and residents who are looking for fun things to do in this beautiful city, read the blog below. Now this is fun! Before I get started, let me say that I'm a REALTOR® with Adams Cameron & Co., REALTORS®. We have 8 offices in Volusia County. So if you want to buy a house or condo in Daytona Beach Shores, call or e-mail Lisa Hill. Now let's focus on the fun stuff!
Last weekend while I was driving around Daytona Beach Shores, enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I stopped and took photos of this quaint … (6 comments)

buy house: How Would You Sell This House? - 09/03/08 04:57 PM
  Isn't it amazing that as a REALTOR®, no matter how long you've been in the business, you're constantly encountering new situations in real estate? But there's a good chance that another real estate agent has already experienced a situation that you have not, and vice versa. So this blog post is to ask for advice from other real estate agents who may have already experienced what I did today. Or even if you have not experienced this exact situation, you might have some fabulous ideas and advice. So here's my story and some questions...
Yesterday I got a phone call … (26 comments)

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