daytona beach: Facebook Changes and Abuses Part 2 - 10/23/10 03:46 PM
My last post was a reblog of C Tann Star's post about recent changes on Facebook, that allowed random people to add you to groups without your knowledge. At that point, and up until now, I had not had this personally happen to me... that I know of. But just a few minutes ago, I was logged in, and a box popped up at the bottom of my screen, saying that *insert name* had just added me to the group "Please Join! Stop Bullying In Schools!!".
Well, that certainly sounds like a worthy cause, but the problem is, I did not … (16 comments)

daytona beach: Brittany vs Dinosaur (part 2) - 09/08/10 07:21 AM
OK, so this post is not about real estate, since I'm still enjoying the photo (and picture) blogs, and I do tend to get stuck on my favorite image subject... my fabulous daughter! (Biased? What makes you think that?)
On Sunday I posted a picture of my daughter "fighting" a big, bad dinosaur. *Gasp!* There was much deliberation over who would win. Well, according to this shot, I think my daughter showed the dino who's boss! he he.  She took care of one and moved right on to the next one! (lol)
Umm... Notice the sign in the foreground? *sigh*


daytona beach: Summer's Almost Over. Are Your Children Enrolled in a YMCA Summer Program? - 07/22/10 09:00 PM
It seems like summer (in terms of children and school) can fly right by. Before you know it, your children are back in school and a grade higher (hopefully)  ;-)   But to families where both parent's work, or in single-parent homes, summers can be a stressful time. And you don't want your children sitting idle and bored. You probably want something your children can enjoy, while you can have some peace of mind while you're working to support your family! So I ask, have you considered your local YMCA?
When my daughter was younger (she's now in college and chose to … (0 comments)

daytona beach: Helpful Tool or Deceptive Marketing? You Decide. - 07/13/10 04:57 PM
I'm not one to click on many ads, but once in a while something will catch my attention; this being the case today. In my side bar on Facebook, I saw an ad with a warning about how blog titles can be deceptive. And of course it had the usual "Like" button that's found on Facebook. But being a bit of a conspiracy theorist, I guess I lean toward the suspicious end of things, so I rarely click the "Like" button without further investigation. So I right-clicked on the title and opened it in another tab so I could check it … (11 comments)

daytona beach: Kids Art Camps for Summer in the Daytona Beach Area - 07/12/10 03:13 PM
It's summer time and kids are out of school. If you're a parent who's looking for artistic things for your kids to do this summer, here are some suggestions in the East Volusia County area.
Summer Art Camp for ages 6-12; Atlantic Center for the Arts; Community Arts Center at Harris House in New Smyrna Beach, FL. - 386-423-1753.
Music & Dance Academy of Florida - Offering Music and Dance Lessons for All Ages and All Levels; Siblings can take music and dance lessons at the same location and time!  Summer MUSIC Classes Offered: Piano - Violin - Voice - … (10 comments)

daytona beach: Sailing Away, "Captain Ron" Style - 07/07/10 05:30 PM
I was just reading (and viewing) a photo blog post by Mike Mitchell titled "Sailing". As I commented on his post, it reminded me of the days when I met my husband. He had sold a lucrative business in Michigan, bought a sailboat (a Hudson Force 50) and taken a 2 year sabbatical. Since he didn't have much else to do, he was taking my aerobics class all the time. (For about 23 years I taught all kinds of fitness classes. I was always able to supplement my income and get a free gym membership, and there were even times when … (18 comments)

daytona beach: 4th of July Celebrations Abound. How About Doing it "Daytona Beach Style"? - 07/01/10 05:56 PM
Today is July 1st. It's almost Independence Day. And in Daytona Beach, that means we'll be overrun by race crowds. As a Daytona Beach native (and REALTOR®) who tends to forget about practically every special event we have, I was reminded of our upcoming Big Race when one of my Jacksonville cousins contacted me via Facebook, to see if they could crash at our house this weekend before heading to the "Coke Zero 400".
So I guess I'll have a house full of relatives tomorrow night, and I'll need to allow for a lot of extra time when showing houses and … (2 comments)

daytona beach: I'm Not Over-Invested in the Pig! - 06/29/10 09:35 AM
A friend of mine shared this on Facebook. So of course I thought of all my AR buddies! Now don't you feel special? LOL  I love this!
Remember... She's NOT over-invested in the pig! ...Psh; I take my pet pig to the beach all the time... wearing a sundress and hat.


daytona beach: South Daytona Florida - Houses and Condos for Sale or Lease - 06/12/10 04:18 PM
It's that time of year again. It's the time of year when the weather in Central Florida is warm and wonderful. It's also perfect for anyone who would like to buy a house or condo in the beautiful town of South Daytona. We also have plenty of leasing options available in South Daytona.
Below is a chart of the active real estate listings that are currently on the market in the Daytona Beach Area Association of REALTORS® and Multiple Listings Service (MLS) for the city of  South Daytona.

If you're interested in buying, leasing or selling a house or condo … (0 comments)

daytona beach: Unable to Comment, or Need More Real Estate Info? - 05/01/10 05:07 AM
If you're one of my blog readers and/or subscribers, and you haven't been "in the loop" for the past week or so, you're probably discovering some problems with the Active Rain system. and unfortunately, you probably can't comment. This is the first post I've been able to make "stick in 3 days, and I've been unable to comment at all, on anyone else's blog.
So, in order to keep you up-to-date on some of our new listings, I've posted 3 of them to one of my backup blogs. I don't use it very often, but at least I do have a … (0 comments)

daytona beach: Wordless Wednesday- Bet You Can't Guess The Subject - 03/17/10 08:08 PM
OK so yes, you can guess the subject. Because it's my favorite subject... my fabulous, beautiful daughter! =D lol
My last two "Brittany" posts featured her modeling Wedding Gowns, and then a photo shoot for a modeling company that she was working for. This set of photos were specifically for the photographer who was taking the photos. They're promo shots for D.C Photography, aka Danielle.Denise Photography (and fully copyrighted!!!) I love the creativity, and the diversity of these. I hope you like them too =)

If you'd like some professional photos for yourself, your family, or any subject matter, … (9 comments)

daytona beach: Rent or Lease a Daytona Beach House or Condo - 02/16/10 01:44 PM
If you're a Daytona Beach area real estate investor, or just an owner of a house, condo or townhouse that you'd like to rent or lease, I have customers who are actively looking! At this very moment I have...
A couple of roommates who'd like to lease a 2 bedroom condo in Daytona Beach, South Daytona or Port Orange for less than $1000 per month. A small family who need a 3 bedroom house in Port Orange or South Daytona for (preferably) less than $1200 per month. Another family who would like a 3 of 4 bedroom house in Port Orange … (2 comments)

daytona beach: Wordless Wednesday: Another One to Embarrass My Daughter! =D - 02/10/10 02:18 PM
As promised, I'm digging through old photos of my daughter and sharing with you all, so we can enjoy her embarrassment younger years. (he he)  So here's one for this Wordless Wednesday... with a few words =)
Believe it or not, this was her senior year of high school. She and her friend decided to figure out who could create the weirdest outfit. Unfortunately I think my kid won this little contest. >.<



daytona beach: Daytona Beach Chick-fil-A, Anyone? Eat More Chikin! - 01/21/10 07:00 PM
I've had an incredibly busy week this week, which is fantastic considering I've been busy with both real estate buyers and sellers! The down-side is, I haven't had time to write as many blog posts, and I completely missed the Wordless Wednesday photo blog. So I decided to go ahead and just post it now, since now is when I have time, and... well, because I felt like it! =p
So here is my usual photo subject (my fabulous daughter); posing as usual. She actually won some kind of contest and gets free Chick-fil-A sandwhiches for a whole year! So she … (9 comments)

daytona beach: Nothing Silly about this Saturday on Lisa Hill's Daytona Beach Real Estate Blog - 01/01/10 02:26 PM
Happy New Year, and welcome to this week's edition of Silly Saturday, on Lisa Hill's Daytona Beach area Real Estate Blog.
This week's post is going to be different than the usual style. This week is a simple statement, and a little taste of some new and exciting things to come!
You know what's silly? Continuing to do the same things the way you've been doing them, and expecting different results! (Actually, that's just not very smart.) So watch for my next post! Because things are about to change around here!  =D

*All content, including text … (10 comments)

daytona beach: Daytona Beach Peabody Auditorium Features: Avenue Q - 12/11/09 05:26 PM
Daytona Beach residents and visitors; once again, you can enjoy fine theater at the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach.
If you're in this area and interested in buying real estate here, I'd love to help! And while you're visiting, be sure to enjoy the Broadway series showing of "Avenue Q" on December 12, 2009 at 7:30 p.m. at the Peabody Auditorium, located at 600 Auditorium Blvd., adjacent the Ocean Center.
For more information, call 386-671-3462 or visit
For all your real estate needs, make a Smart Choice and contact Lisa Hill with Adams Cameron & Co., REALTORS®. <-- Contact Lisa … (0 comments)

daytona beach: Daytona Beach Peabody Auditorium: The Nutcracker Ballet - 12/04/09 02:10 PM
If you're a Daytona Beach area resident, or even if you're a visitor, here's something we can all enjoy this weekend. On Saturday, December 5, at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., The Peabody Auditiorium in Daytona Beach will be featuring performances of The Nutcracker Ballet.
To buy tickets, get more information, and/or reserve your seats, call 386-671-3462 or visit
You may also be interested in the Port Orange Christmas Parade on Sunday afternoon. eal estate data for the city of Port Orange, as well as a link to real estate MLS listings for sale in other local cities.
If you're … (3 comments)

daytona beach: Speechless Sunday:Duck Crossing? Photo by Lisa Hill, Daytona Beach Native and Volusia County REALTOR® - 10/25/09 04:16 PM
Some of you may remember this photo from a townhouse I had listed for sale. The community pool was closed with no explanation why. I was trying to get pool photos for my listing. Well, I think I discovered why the pool area was closed. ROFL!

For all your real estate needs, make a Smart Choice and contact Lisa Hill
View some of Lisa's Featured Real Estate Listings.
Search for real estate listings for sale in the Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, Ponce Inlet areas.


daytona beach: Speechless Sunday. Photos by Lisa Hill, Daytona Beach REALTOR®, Native, and Local Expert - 10/17/09 09:05 PM
Welcome Bikers! It's Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, so I thought I'd share some of my photos from some local biker favorites. If you're here for Bike Week/Biketoberfest, you may enjoy these areas as well. And don't forget, if you're interested in buying real estate here, I'm a Daytona Beach native, and professional REALTOR®. I'd love to help with your real estate needs!



Once again... to all our biker friends, we wish you a … (5 comments)

daytona beach: Speechless Sunday: Maturity! Photo by Lisa Hill, Daytona Beach REALTOR® and Native - 08/30/09 03:13 PM
Speechless Sunday photo by... well... a teenager with a remote controlled camera >.<  But what's going to be even more fun is when I post this on Facebook for all our friends to see =D  Ahh. The joys of parenthood. *muwa ha ha haaa*  >=)

Hmm. Maybe I should have used this for Silly Saturday instead... Oh what the heck. Why limit silliness to only one day? To Silly Saturday it goes!  =D

*Yep. This is copyrighted. Because I know you'll all want to claim her as your own. Well you can't! She's all mine....  … (17 comments)

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