daytona beach native: Silly Saturday and Pirate's Booty! - 09/18/10 11:40 AM
Shiver me timbers! Here's something silly and fun, and yer gettin a one-day advance notice fer it. Cuz Sunday, September 19th is "Talk Like a Pirate Day".   (Arrrrr) 
Yes, I'm serious. Of course it's true. It's on them thar internets! (lol) I would SOO love to see pirate videos... wait... not pirated video... Crap... I can't even correct that with the term "bootleg" videos   >.
In reality, "Talk Like a Pirate Day" is actually the launch of a new brand of groceries. But I'll take any excuse to have a bit of fun =)  So lighten up and have a … (10 comments)

daytona beach native: Buy Daytona Beach House Today. Price Drastically Reduced! - 06/28/10 07:37 PM
For real estate buyers who are looking for a great deal, this is it! This home is priced to sell right now! Drastically reduced from $69,900 to $59,900, this price is so competitive, you'll be kicking yourself later if you don't act now!
Call today to schedule your appointment to view and buy this great investment!
View house photos and description


daytona beach native: Photo Blog: Warm Summer Night - 06/20/10 03:50 PM
I LOVE this photo! Of course it's another one of Nick's. But the silhouette of the branches against the gorgeous orange of the sky, and the moon in the distance give this image so much depth! Thanks Nick!  =D 

To order prints of Nick's photos <--- click here!
And to buy real estate in the Daytona Beach area, make a Smart Choice and contact Lisa Hill. You can enjoy beautiful sunrises over the Atlantic ocean, and spectacular sunsets beyond our many lakes, treelines and other spectacular views of nature. Buy your next home or investment property in Daytona Beach, Port … (6 comments)

daytona beach native: Buy a Piece of the Sunshine State. Bring Offers on this Daytona Beach House! - 06/17/10 04:26 PM

This amazing little charmer is the perfect house for so many real estate buyers! It's close to shopping, banks, colleges, doctors and much more! And the home has everything you need, and room to grow as well. With a drastically reduced price of only $69,900, I suggest you contact me today for your own personal viewing.
Your Florida Home is Waiting for YOU!
Have questions about real estate in the Daytona Beach area? Lisa Hill is a Daytona Beach native! Contact Lisa today, for all your real estate needs.

**ALL CONTENT IS … (6 comments)

daytona beach native: Embrace Your Unique Gifts, Talents and Abilities. Be the Best YOU, that You Can Be! - 02/22/10 05:48 AM
A little while ago, I read this blog post by Gary Woltal called "Is Your Camel Parked in the Right Desert?". I felt the need to share it, because it spoke volumes to me.
As REALTORS®, most of us are constantly trying to better ourselves. We read and study and learn, with the intention of bettering ourselves, and providing better service to our customers. We even do our required continuing education, plus study for even more real estate education and designations. All this is good for us, and for our real estate customers!
But how often do we blame ourselves for … (4 comments)

daytona beach native: Speechless Sunday (again) - 02/14/10 04:35 PM
OK so I decided we needed 2 posts for this week's Speechless Sunday. Why? Because I forgot about this one. LOL! I just had to share it =)  Ah the good ole days. But then, not much has changed. She's older and more mature, but somehow I think this is something she'd still do! HAHA!


daytona beach native: Buy a Downtown Daytona Beach Condo. You Found it on Lisa Hill's Daytona Beach Real Estate Blog! - 01/13/10 03:25 PM
I was just trying to decide on what to blog for a serious post, and realized that I don't necessarily have to write a serious post. I'm gearing up for a bunch of real estate statistical posts with bar graphs and pie charts included, so the serious posts are definitely in the works! So why not toss in one more Wordless Wednesday for the day?  =D
These are the Daytona Beach "Wall Street Lofts". They're condos located in the heart of downtown Daytona Beach. You can enjoy the Intracoastal Waterway, plenty of shopping, and lots of street festivals and artistic venues. … (5 comments)

daytona beach native: Florida Snowman on Lisa Hill's Daytona Beach Real Estate Blog =) - 01/12/10 08:41 PM
I had to share this picture. I'm a Daytona Beach native, and I can't recall ever having temperatures this low, that lasted for this long! It's freezing!.... Literally!  The common Daytona Beach winter begines around the middle of December and lasts into March. We typically get a handful of nights when the temperature drops into the freezing range. But at the moment, it's been dropping into the 30s and 20s every day for 2 weeks straight! We don't even have the right clothes for this kind of weather! And even worse, our stores don't carry clothes for this type of cold … (7 comments)

daytona beach native: Wordless Wednesday on Lisa Hill's Daytona Beach Real Estate Blog: Featuring my Favorite Goofball Again - 01/06/10 05:14 PM
It's time for another Wordless Wednesday photo blog... with words (again) =D  And of course I'm featuring one of my favorite photo subjects, my goofy daughter (no idea where she gets this goofy side).  On this day, we were actually setting up for the family photo you see on this blog. I kept testing the light... and she kept "helping" with the test shots >.<

If you're moving to the Daytona Beach area, work with a Daytona Beach native. Lisa Hill is the Smart Choice for all your Daytona Beach area real estate needs.
If you're lucky, my goofy … (6 comments)

daytona beach native: Exciting News for Daytona Beach Real Estate Buyers and Sellers in 2010! - 01/01/10 11:06 PM
In the next couple of weeks, I'll be writing several posts about some exciting changes I'll be making, that will benefit real estate buyers and sellers in the Daytona Beach area! If you want to buy Daytona Beach real estate, you'll want to call me today! The same goes for those of you who want to sell Daytona Beach real estate!
This is just the beginning... in the beginning. Could the timing be more perfect? So what are the changes? Well, for starters just take a look at my profile. Notice anything different?  =)
And read my new, personal real estate … (5 comments)

daytona beach native: Nothing Silly about this Saturday on Lisa Hill's Daytona Beach Real Estate Blog - 01/01/10 02:26 PM
Happy New Year, and welcome to this week's edition of Silly Saturday, on Lisa Hill's Daytona Beach area Real Estate Blog.
This week's post is going to be different than the usual style. This week is a simple statement, and a little taste of some new and exciting things to come!
You know what's silly? Continuing to do the same things the way you've been doing them, and expecting different results! (Actually, that's just not very smart.) So watch for my next post! Because things are about to change around here!  =D

*All content, including text … (10 comments)

daytona beach native: Speechless Sunday in December: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree - 12/20/09 02:23 PM
So far for my Christmas photo posts we've had...
Anticipating Christmas =^.^= Oh Christmas Tree Anticipating Christmas (again) Still Celebrating Christmas... He Makes It So Easy And as we were playing with the camera that day, my daughter left me a little something extra to find later. So I'll just call this, "The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree" 

And be sure to read about her "Hooptie" from yesterday's post! HAHA! I live to embarrass my child. Is that a bad thing? C'mon... you MUST read that one! I'm counting on your comments to further embarrass her! ROFL!


daytona beach native: Wordless Wednesday on Lisa Hill's Real Estate Blog: Anticipating Christmas (again) - 12/16/09 02:36 PM
As I stated in my last Speechless Sunday post, I really enjoy the month of December.  For me, Christmas is a month-long celebration of all that Christmas represents.  So guess what kinds of pictures I'll be featuring all month? =D  So here we go again. And for all you real estate buyers and sellers out there, what better gift to give your family than a new home for Christmas and the upcoming new year? If you're a real estate seller in the Daytona Beach area... or if you're interesting in buying real estate in the Daytona Beach area, Lisa Hill is … (14 comments)

daytona beach native: Good Family Christmas Movies Online: Lots of Fun and Good Moral Themes - 12/13/09 02:01 PM
I thought this might be a fun post for the month of December; especially in an economy when many people are saving money by dropping their cable or satellite TV.  The absolute, best replacement for TV (you can watch all your same TV shows, and possibly have access to more than you had before, for free!) is found at You can register for free, and add your favorite TV shows to your "queue", then you can watch your shows at your own convenience. Most of the time, your subscriptions will show up in your queue the day after they were … (8 comments)

daytona beach native: Daytona Beach Peabody Auditorium Presents: Dean Martin & Friends Holiday Special - 12/13/09 01:59 PM
If you've been following all the local events I've been posting this month, from parades to parties to movies, to outdoor family events and as of late, great theater productions at The Daytona Beach Peabody Auditorium, and the Daytona Beach Playhouse, you know that we've had a LOT going on this month! There's no lack of culture when it comes to Christmas productions! And this next feature is no exception... it's probably the best one yet!
On Monday, December 14 at 7:30 p.m., the Daytona Beach Peabody Auditorium presents Dean Martin & Friends Holiday Special! This is sure to be a … (0 comments)

daytona beach native: Daytona Playhouse Presents: Amy's Wish... Details on Lisa Hill's Real Estate Blog - 12/11/09 07:35 PM
Daytona Beach residents and visitors; here's your opportunity to enjoy an affordable theater experience at the Daytona Playhouse in Daytona Beach.
Daytona Beach residents and visitors can enjoy holiday productions at several local theaters, and the Daytona Playhouse is one of the most affordable ways to enjoy the arts in the Daytona Beach area.
This Saturday and Sunday, December 12 and 13, 2009, the Daytona Playhouse is featuring "Amy's Wish", a romantic comedy by Tom Sharkey. (You can find details about this production in the previous link.) For more information call 386-255-2431 or visit
I hope you get a chance … (0 comments)

daytona beach native: Daytona Beach Peabody Auditorium: The Nutcracker Ballet - 12/04/09 02:10 PM
If you're a Daytona Beach area resident, or even if you're a visitor, here's something we can all enjoy this weekend. On Saturday, December 5, at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., The Peabody Auditiorium in Daytona Beach will be featuring performances of The Nutcracker Ballet.
To buy tickets, get more information, and/or reserve your seats, call 386-671-3462 or visit
You may also be interested in the Port Orange Christmas Parade on Sunday afternoon. eal estate data for the city of Port Orange, as well as a link to real estate MLS listings for sale in other local cities.
If you're … (3 comments)

daytona beach native: Mid Week Photo Blog on Lisa Hill's Real Estate Blog =) - 11/19/09 05:19 PM
This week's photo is really just a follow-up to this past Sunday's photo. It's the same bird from Sunday's blog post, standing in the shallow water at sunset, taken by my friend Nick (fully copyrighted). In this photo, I LOVE the perfect shadow that's reflecting in the water. And I decided that since I had so much trouble deciding which shot to use last week, I should go ahead and share the other one with you today =D
You can click here -->> to order prints of Nick's photography... he does a fantastic job!

And if you're interested in buying … (7 comments)

daytona beach native: Speechless Sunday on Lisa Hill's Real Estate Blog - 11/15/09 02:49 PM
It's Speechless Sunday, and once again, my post is not speechless. But I will keep this one short and sweet  =)  Once again, my friend Nick (Nickrun on has captured the silhouette of a beautiful bird, in a lake at sunset... two, no make that three, of my favorite things! Lakes, Sunsets and Birds =D

I hope you've enjoyed the photo (which IS copyrighted!) and if you're interested in purchasing any of Nick's images, you can checkout his work by following the link above.
And if you're interested in buying or selling real estate in the area of Daytona … (22 comments)

daytona beach native: A Silly Saturday Video. Just a Tiny Touch of OCD as I Rearrange My Office - 10/23/09 07:54 PM
It's Silly Saturday again! I stumbled across this old video a few days ago, and set it aside for today =D  Yes I sped the video up a bit... have to keep things interesting ;-)  Anyway, I bought some new decor for the walls in my office, and had some trouble getting everything to look balanced  =/   Then I got this totally unrelated phone call... LOL. It seems that while I was trying to get my office just right, my husband was at home, rearranging MY shelves in the garage O.o  NOT cool!  LOL
(And yes, I have just a … (6 comments)

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