florida: June 27-Declared Day of Prayer for The Gulf Coast Disaster - 06/25/10 07:42 PM

For all you prayer warriors out there, mark your calendars!
First of all, two days ago, on the evening of June 25, there was a conference call prayer line with the Family Research Council and the leaders of several 24/7 prayer teams, regarding the Gulf Coast Disaster...    During that same time, the Governors of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and the Lt. Governor of Florida, declared June 27, "The Gulf Coast Disaster Day of Prayer" and have each issued a proclamation to their respective states. 
And now, the even more amazing part of the "declaration" is just how it was … (6 comments)

florida: Ormond by the Sea Real Estate Listings - Sales - Foreclosures for 2009 - 02/12/10 04:21 PM
As a follow-up to my recent post titled "Ormond by the Sea Real Estate Listings and Sales 2000-2009 Market Report", I decided to write this post, which shows just how many of the 2009 sales were foreclosures and short sales. Once again, I've included a bar graph. And for statistical purposes I've also posted the actual numbers of how many of these real estate sales were along the lines of foreclosures, pre-foreclosures and short sales.

As indicated in the bar graph, for the city of Ormond Beach, the 2009 real estate Foreclosure Sales and Short Sales were not as high … (0 comments)

florida: Can You Find Things to Do, When You Know Nothing About Your Current Location? - 08/24/08 09:16 PM

Have you ever thought about how you would find inexpensive things to do in a particular city or area? I'm not talking about your home town, or even a vacation destination. I'm talking about moving to a new location and knowing very little about the area. Most of you will probably have your mental wheels turning. First of all, set aside the thought of how that could possibly happen. We'll get to that later. Once you get past that, you're probably thinking you can just go find a visitor's guide, or do an online search, or even ask some local … (6 comments)

florida: Avoid the Summer Heat. Buy Real Estate in Port Orange Florida! - 08/10/08 04:23 PM
I've previously posted many blogs about real estate and things to do in the beautiful city of Port Orange, which is just south of Daytona Beach, FL. It's so close that many people don't realize it's not part of Daytona Beach. Click here to read about the closeness of the cities in the Daytona Beach area.
If you're not aware of this, August is by far, the hottest month of the year, every year! And trust me. It's HOT! When I have real estate buyers who need to buy real estate in July or August, I actually leave the car … (9 comments)

florida: Summer in Daytona Beach: Wow It's Hot! But We Have A New Public Pool! - 08/09/08 12:14 PM

Great news for Daytona Beach residents who need a way to escape the heat. A new public aquatic center has been built on the corner of Nova Road and George W. Engram Blvd. This new "regulation size" pool is the Cypress Aquatic Center, with a 101 swimmer capacity. But this is more than just a pool. This affordable way to spend a day ($3.00 for adults, $2.00 if under 17, children under age 7 must be accompanied by a responsible person over the age of 16.) has locker rooms with showers, family changing rooms, and a covered picnic area which … (6 comments)

florida: Protecting Florida's Wetlands - 05/13/08 06:10 PM
It's been too long since my last post about Florida's Wetlands and how to protect our environment, so I decided it was time for some more education on the subject, with focus on Volusia County, which is Daytona Beach and the surrounding cities. If you're a resident of the Daytona Beach area, or are considering a move to Volusia County, I hope you find this information to be of interest.
I'm going to write this post as just a list of the Species of Concern. Our wetland species that are in danger can be placed into three categories...
Species of Concern, … (1 comments)

florida: Turtle Day and A Rehabilitated Sea Turtle, Finally Ready for Freedom! - 04/17/08 05:37 PM
Real estate buyers, sellers and owners in Volusia County, if you're not familiar with the Daytona Beach area, more specifically the town of Ponce Inlet which is just south of Daytona Beach, you may find lots of interesting facts in this post and in the embedded links.
I've previously posted articles about the Marine Science Center in Ponce Inlet, FL, and their program for rehabilitating and releasing washback green sea turtles.
Other Ponce Inlet posts included how to Adopt a Sea Turtle Nest to preserve the baby sea turtles during nesting seasons. In that particular post are links to information on … (6 comments)

florida: Adopt a Turtle Nest in Daytona Beach Florida! - 01/24/08 08:14 AM
In line with my series of posts on the problems with Florida's ecosystem, I decided to post a short little happy blog this time.
In one of my previous posts that was actually NOT part of the series, I mentioned that since we're allowed to drive on the beaches in the Daytona Beach area, we have to be careful not to disturb the sea turtle nests. This is actually a big problem. You can read that post here: Driving on Daytona Beach part 2 (Beach Conservation).
Well now the Volusia/Flagler Turtle Patrol is helping to ensure the continuation of this endangered … (8 comments)

florida: Daytona Beach Shores Real Estate: 2007 Year in Review - 01/11/08 12:36 PM
This week, I posted a blog about how well 2008 has started for me. Actually, I posted a couple of blogs on that subject. You can read those here...
Real Estate is Great in 2008Good News for Central Florida Real Estate in 2008? And yesterday I posted the Daytona Beach Real Estate: 2007 Year in Review. I'm going to take some excerpts from the Daytona Beach report, before proceeding with Daytona Beach Shores.
Here's an excerpt from yesterday's post titled Daytona Beach Real Estate: 2007 year in review.... In the summer of 2005, the Daytona Beach area MLS only had approximately 1000-1400 … (1 comments)

florida: Recycle Your Christmas Trees/Get Free Mulch! - 01/05/08 10:27 PM
Here's a great idea for Volusia County residents. Your Christmas trees can be transformed into mulch! Any trees placed curbside in unincorporated ares of Volusia County will be picked up for free on your regular yard waste collection days. Be sure to remove tinsel and decorations.
You can also take your trees to the landfill or transfer station until January 31. According to the Daytona Beach News Journal, the Christmas trees will be combined with other yard trimmings and chipped into environmentally friendly mulch.
To collect your free mulch, just bring a shovel and bags to collect your mulch from the … (7 comments)

florida: Florida's Aquifers (Vanishing Wetlands Part 2) - 01/05/08 01:10 PM
It's no secret that the mass production of new real estate developments has added to the well-known problem of Florida's clean water shortage. Last week I wrote my first post in this series. In that post I mentioned how much I love all the little critters that live here in Central Florida, and showed pictures of some. Of course, I'm a 3rd generation Florida native. I'm one of the few people who can truly appreciate Florida's unique wildlife.
Read my previous post about Florida's Vanishing Wetlands then come back here for some alarming information!In the comments on my previous post, it … (6 comments)

florida: Why Florida's Real Estate Issues Are Such A Big Deal! - 12/30/07 01:46 PM
If you're considering buying real estate in Florida, you may be wondering why so many Florida residents are making such a big deal about our real estate tax issues. If you're trying to sell real estate in Florida, you probably have a pretty good understanding of most of the problems. However, I'm going to provide some information in this post that I can almost guarantee will be news to both buyers and sellers of real estate in Florida.
Let me begin by stating that I'm a Daytona Beach native and I've been selling real estate in Central Florida for 8 years. Prior … (6 comments)

florida: Florida's Vanishing Wetlands - 12/27/07 04:00 PM

This post is going to be the first in a series about the loss of Florida's wetlands and how it impacts our state and our way of living.  (All these photos are of pets or critters I've found at one time or another)
I have to admit that I've never been overly concerned when I've heard people talk about the loss of our wetlands. After all, I've sold several properties that had large portions of them that were not buildable because they were zoned as wetlands. How could there possibly be a problem?
And let's face it. The state of Florida … (23 comments)

florida: 715 S. Beach Street, Daytona Beach, FL - 12/09/07 12:09 PM
Beautful, Direct Riverfront Condo Unit


florida: I Love My Real Estate Profession Because... - 10/27/07 06:43 PM
Another blogger here on Active Rain, Mike Mueller came up with the great idea for us to write about what we love about our jobs. I'm not sure if I can put how I feel into words, but here goes.
I think the best way to explain how I feel about selling real estate is to share how I got here. My previous job was at a manufactured home sales company in Port Orange. I was there for 6 years; in management in their DeLand office for the final 2 years. (I learned many things there, that led me to where I … (10 comments)

florida: 2 Bedroom Daytona Beach Condo for Sale or Rent - 09/20/07 06:59 PM

For everyone who's interested in investing in real estate in Daytona Beach Florida, here's another available condo in Surfside Villas. This one has 2 bedrooms and a great view from the private 3rd floor balcony. Click here to view a studio unit.
This Daytona Beach condomium/apartment project has been completely remodeled. All units have sliding glass doors, 16 inch tile, beautiful kitchens and bathrooms with maple cabinets and granite counters. Appliances are Frigidaire stainless steel. 
Enjoy cool ocean breezes from your personal Daytona Beach condo, just 2 blocks from the ocean. Buy this one for $158,900 now reduced to $149,500!  And the seller … (4 comments)

florida: Buy a Condo in Port Orange Florida - The Meadows at Countryside - 08/29/07 03:07 PM
This post will almost finalize my series on the communities in Countryside, located in Port Orange Florida. For a quick re-cap, Countryside is an upscale development that consists of several smaller communities within the large one. Residents of each of these smaller communities have access to the Countryside pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, lakes and common areas.In this post, I'll briefly describe The Meadows. The Meadows is the only section of Countryside that is maintenance-free. It consists of town houses and duplexes... well; actually they’re more like quads. Each of these little groups of homes are immaculately kept by the association itself. … (2 comments)

florida: Long Days and Nights. But finally...Results! - 08/26/07 11:20 AM
If you read my last two posts, you heard my frustration with trying to schedule appointments to show condos, when all the keys needed to be picked up in the listing offices, or the listing agents had to accompany the showings. After several hours of scheduling appointments, I was finally able to schedule enough showings for my condo buyers who were only in town for 2 days. Their daughter is going to be attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL.
We looked at condos in Daytona Beach Shores and Ponce Inlet until 8:00 Friday night. They narrowed it down to … (11 comments)

florida: Daytona Beach's Jackie Robinson Ballpark - Enjoy a FREE ball game! - 08/17/07 09:46 AM
Daytona Beach residents and visitors; are you looking for a way to spend a fun evening? Why not enjoy a ball game with the Daytona Cubs at Jackie Robinson Ballpark.
Visiting Jackie Robinson Ballpark is what Volusia Magazine recently called a "Norman Rockwell experience". This historic stadium that seats 4,000 was originally built in 1940, but many additions and renovations have been made over the years.
I recently found about this fascinating bit of history... It was at Daytona Beach's own Jackie Robinson Ballpark that Jackie actually broke the color barrier in baseball, when he played in the first ever, racially … (2 comments)

florida: Should Real Estate Sales Prices be Public Information? - 07/26/07 12:55 AM
I just finished writing a post about Florida's "Sunshine Law" which grants public access to all meetings pertaining to anything even remotely governmental. You can read that post here, at Florida's Government and the Sunshine Law.
While I was writing that post, my mental wheels were turning about related real estate issues (of course).  And I accidentally ran across some information that addressed the fact that real estate sales prices are not public information in all states. Well consider me floored. I never knew that. Since Florida gives everyone access to everybody else's business, and I've only sold real estate in the … (55 comments)

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