lisa hill: Making Changes - 12/29/10 08:52 AM
Lisa C. Hill is a veteran real estate agent and Daytona Beach native with a background in sales, management, marketing and negotiation. With a likeable personality that immediately puts folks at ease, as well as a large sphere of influence that comes from being a lifetime resident of the Daytona Beach area, real estate has been the Smart Choice for Lisa. (Just ask one of her many satisfied clients!) But now there is more!
After 15+ years of selling real estate, and helping you find your perfect home; with sales, and success, awards, and designations, Lisa is now semi-retiring from the … (21 comments)

lisa hill: My Favorite Subject - As Usual ;-) - 10/27/10 09:13 PM
B was recently asked by a friend who is taking photography classes, if she would be her model. Of course, she said yes. So here's one of her latest shots. I have to admit, this group of photos is definitely not what I've become accustomed to seeing, when we get copies of the photos. But she's still my favorite subject, so I guess I'll still share ;-)

I guess I have to keep in mind that these were taken by a student. B said she got no instructions at all. But she learned a few things too. Number one was, … (22 comments)

lisa hill: Facebook Changes and Abuses Part 2 - 10/23/10 03:46 PM
My last post was a reblog of C Tann Star's post about recent changes on Facebook, that allowed random people to add you to groups without your knowledge. At that point, and up until now, I had not had this personally happen to me... that I know of. But just a few minutes ago, I was logged in, and a box popped up at the bottom of my screen, saying that *insert name* had just added me to the group "Please Join! Stop Bullying In Schools!!".
Well, that certainly sounds like a worthy cause, but the problem is, I did not … (16 comments)

lisa hill: Port Orange Family Days - Happening Right Now! - 10/02/10 05:22 AM
I'm late on posting about Port Orange Family Days this year, since I haven't been blogging as much. And it's happening right now! But don't worry. It lasts all weekend. And so far we're having great weather for it!
So if you live in the Port Orange/Daytona Beach areas, head on over to the Port Orange City Center. If you've never been before, you should definitely go! You can enjoy music, games, food (LOTS of food!), fun and rides at the midway! I rarely miss a year, so I'll be there tomorrow. (You'll probably find me on the rides.)
If you're … (5 comments)

lisa hill: Life on Other Planets - What Do You Believe? Check This Out! - 09/29/10 07:38 PM
I can't remember the last time a bit of news got me this excited. (I'll bet Vegas Bob is jumping up and down right now!)
If you haven't read about the most recently found planet in the "Goldilocks Zone", you have to check out this article... "Could Goldilocks Planet Be Just Right for Life?"  What got me the most excited was this one quote- "...because conditions are ideal for liquid water, and because there always seems to be life on Earth where there is water, Vogt believes that chances for life on this planet are 100 percent."
I don't know about … (8 comments)

lisa hill: Central Florida College Fun! AND-Buy or Sell House or Condo in Daytona Beach Area - 09/20/10 11:02 PM
Yes, once again I've stolen a picture from my daughter's Facebook page. And this one really takes the cake. Her college (located in the Disney area, just over an hour from the Daytona Beach-Port Orange area) has Wi-Fi throughout the campus (supposedly so they can learn more).
Apparently, the general consensus is that this particular class is on the boring side. So during lectures, the kids all get on Skype. Of course they can't use their microphones during class, but they can turn on their web cams, and type into the chat portions. Oh, and they can take still shots too. … (10 comments)

lisa hill: Silly Saturday and Pirate's Booty! - 09/18/10 11:40 AM
Shiver me timbers! Here's something silly and fun, and yer gettin a one-day advance notice fer it. Cuz Sunday, September 19th is "Talk Like a Pirate Day".   (Arrrrr) 
Yes, I'm serious. Of course it's true. It's on them thar internets! (lol) I would SOO love to see pirate videos... wait... not pirated video... Crap... I can't even correct that with the term "bootleg" videos   >.
In reality, "Talk Like a Pirate Day" is actually the launch of a new brand of groceries. But I'll take any excuse to have a bit of fun =)  So lighten up and have a … (10 comments)

lisa hill: Brittany vs Dinosaur (part 2) - 09/08/10 07:21 AM
OK, so this post is not about real estate, since I'm still enjoying the photo (and picture) blogs, and I do tend to get stuck on my favorite image subject... my fabulous daughter! (Biased? What makes you think that?)
On Sunday I posted a picture of my daughter "fighting" a big, bad dinosaur. *Gasp!* There was much deliberation over who would win. Well, according to this shot, I think my daughter showed the dino who's boss! he he.  She took care of one and moved right on to the next one! (lol)
Umm... Notice the sign in the foreground? *sigh*


lisa hill: Brittany vs Dinosaur! - 09/05/10 10:35 AM
Welcome back! (to me-lol) Ahhh... Been having a nice, non-blogging break... *yawn*   (he he)  Still not in a big blogging mood (not ready to jump back in the saddle yet) so I figured, what better way to post something simple, than to feature one of my favorite subjects (my daughter) being her usual, goofy, self. (I still say I have NO idea where she gets this personality!)

Who do you think will win?
Oh. And yes. Once again, I stole this off my daughter's Facebook page. LOL!

If you're here because you're interested in buying real estate, or … (11 comments)

lisa hill: On the Spot at Rain Camp Orlando - 08/24/10 08:17 AM
At Rain Camp, listening to Ben Kinney talk about SEO. Meanwhile, cell phones keep ringing all over the room. I happen to be sitting near Neal Bloom, (new partner-in-crime?) who decided to ask a question.  As he's asking his question, his cell phone rings. D'oh!
Way to go, Neal!  Yes, I had to post this. You all know I couldn't resist something so tempting  >=)   I think you should all go over to his blog and give him an online pat on the back. :-P


lisa hill: Does Your "Professional" Photo Look Like A Facebook Picture? - 08/18/10 08:57 AM
In the last few days, as I've been perusing and commenting on different blogger's posts, I happened to stop in my tracks, as I noticed far too many images that looked like they'd been taken by the same person, while holding the camera at arm's length. They looked more like a picture I would have on my non-business Facebook page. Is it just me, or do these pictures actually lower the level of professionalism on our blogs? Shouldn't a potential client see a quality photo that says "I'm a professional"?
Now I admit that I'm a very visual person. Half the … (79 comments)

lisa hill: Sunday: Burning! - 08/15/10 03:22 AM
Since I've recently shared with you all, that I've been writing a LOT, only it's not about real estate, I decided to share just a little something from under The Willow Tree. Whether you worship on Saturday or Sunday, we serve the same God; and I pray blessings, healings, miracles, and encouragement for all of you.  (The following poem/prayer *possibly a song in the future, if I add to it*, was written about a year ago.)
As we look up to the Heavens; His fire is burning and it glows.
May that fire falll upon us, and purify our souls.

lisa hill: Contract Pending on Daytona Beach area House. Professional REALTOR® Advice for Consumers - 08/10/10 12:27 AM
I'm going to start this post with a bit of info about a sale on one of my real estate listings. But more importantly; I'm going to segue into some very important food-for-thought about how you, as a real estate buyer or a real estate seller, choose a real estate professional to represent you; and hopefully I'll educate you a bit, about the importance of how your REALTOR® handles the many intricacies that happen behind-the-scenes.
At this time, I have a bilateral contract on the house I have listed at 225 Arragon, located on the Holly Hill/Ormond Beach border (just 10 … (6 comments)

lisa hill: Speechless Sunday-Snow in July? ... in Florida!!?? - 07/25/10 04:19 PM
Can it be!??
No, of course not. It's just a Snowy Egret :-D  My brother took this photo. And I think he did a great job on this one (except for the date stamp), so I decided to share it. (This is from the bro who took those crazy weather shots over the ocean!) But this one's much more peaceful. And this little guy doesn't seem to mind if his feathers are getting ruffled.

If you're interested in buying or selling real estate in the Daytona Beach area, I'd love to help. I'm a Daytona Beach native, with experience selling … (14 comments)

lisa hill: Photo Friday - Above the Chicago Skyline - 07/23/10 04:31 PM
Today is not one of my usual photo days, but a friend of mine who frequently travels to Chicago insisted on e-mailing me this photo today. He said I HAD to see it. I warned him that if I liked it, he knew where it would end up. He didn't care. Sooo....  ENJOY!  Isn't this amazing!?

BTW, a lot of the photos you see on my blog, if taken by my friend Nick, are from Chicago, where he lives =)  But this one happens to be from a REALTOR right here in Port Orange, who has family in Chicago. So … (16 comments)

lisa hill: Have You Seen the New Look of Localism? - 07/22/10 11:06 PM
Have you seen the new Localism layout? I LOVE it! In my last blog post, which was a Localism post that primarily focused on the city of Port Orange, FL, I decided to add a link to my own Localism blog posts. So I clicked the "States" button as I usually do, and.... SURPRISE! Localism has a whole new look! And it's so professional!
Take a look for yourself. Click on the "States" button on the bar above. (If you have a black bar and didn't change your text to a lighter color, you can't see the buttons.)  Running down the … (8 comments)

lisa hill: Summer's Almost Over. Are Your Children Enrolled in a YMCA Summer Program? - 07/22/10 09:00 PM
It seems like summer (in terms of children and school) can fly right by. Before you know it, your children are back in school and a grade higher (hopefully)  ;-)   But to families where both parent's work, or in single-parent homes, summers can be a stressful time. And you don't want your children sitting idle and bored. You probably want something your children can enjoy, while you can have some peace of mind while you're working to support your family! So I ask, have you considered your local YMCA?
When my daughter was younger (she's now in college and chose to … (0 comments)

lisa hill: Wordless Wednesday - Getting All My Ducks in a Row - 07/21/10 04:58 PM
It's time for another one of my (not) Wordless Wednesday posts =P  And I haven't tapped one of my friend Nick's shots in a while so I figure we're due. I hope you like his ducks. They're so perfectly aligned... in a row =D

If you're a real estate buyer, or real estate seller in the Port Orange/Daytona Beach/Ponce Inlet areas (and all of East Volusia County), I'd love to help. Make a Smart Choice and contact Lisa Hill for all your real estate needs.
To order prints of Nick's photos <--click here.

**ALL TEXT, … (23 comments)

lisa hill: Get A Piece of Daytona International Speedway. Repaving Happening Now! - 07/21/10 01:06 AM
Daytona Beach area residents and visitors, here's some interesting news for NASCAR Racing Fans. The Daytona International Speedway is currently being repaved... a one year project that began right after the "400". What's interesting about this repaving are a couple of key points.
This is the first time the track has been re-paved since 1978; only the 2nd re-paving since it was built. Fans will have an opportunity to own a piece of the old track. This idea came from the behaviors of passionate Dale Earnhardt fans who began digging up turf from the infield after his historic 1998 win at … (6 comments)

lisa hill: Home Stagers and Real Estate Agents Helping Each Other - 07/19/10 10:01 PM
Last night I was reading a post by Ginger Faust titled "Sellers and Realtors: Staging Education, Part Seven, DRAMATIZE". Her post contained such wonderful before-and-after photos that I was considering printing the page, to use in my listing presentations for those listings that contain furnishings and decor that will actually hinder, or prevent the listing from selling. We've all had real estate listings like these. And it's always a problem when it comes to trying to tell a real estate seller that their house is too cluttered, too sparsely decorated, or that their furnishings are actually detracting from the home itself. … (19 comments)

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