mls: Pre-Listing Announcement for Smart Real Estate Buyers! Great House in Ormond Beach - 04/20/10 03:43 PM
If you're looking to buy a great house in Ormond Beach (one of the most desirable cities in Volusia County), stay tuned! Some of you may remember a house I had listed for sale a couple of years ago, by the picture at the right.
At that time, the seller decided to rent it, so it's been off the market for a while. But it will soon be back on the market at an incredible price! This 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath house with a nice yard, and roomy interior will be only $69,900! That's about half the price they were asking … (5 comments)

mls: South Daytona Real Estate Listings - Sales - Foreclosures for 2009 - 02/08/10 05:25 PM
As a follow-up to my recent post titled "South Daytona Real Estate Listings and Sales 2000-2009 Market Report", I decided to write this post, which shows just how many of the 2009 sales were foreclosures and short sales. Once again, I've included a bar graph. And for statistical purposes I've also posted the actual numbers of how many of these real estate sales were along the lines of foreclosures, pre-foreclosures and short sales.

As you can see by the sales numbers, a significant number of the 2009 real estate sales for the city of South Daytona were NOT traditional seller-to-buyer … (4 comments)

mls: Port Orange Real Estate Listings - Sales - Foreclosures for 2009 - 02/08/10 05:01 PM
As a follow-up to my recent post titled "Port Orange Real Estate Listings and Sales 2000-2009 Market Report", I decided to write this post, which shows just how many of the 2009 sales were foreclosures and short sales. Once again, I've included a bar graph. For statistical purposes, on this graph I've also posted the actual numbers of how many of these real estate sales were along the lines of foreclosures, pre-foreclosures and short sales.

As indicated in the bar graph, for the city of Port Orange, the 2009 real estate Foreclosure Sales and Short Sales were not as high … (0 comments)

mls: Mid-Week Photo on Lisa Hill's Port Orange Area Real Estate Blog - 10/28/09 07:05 PM
Today's photo is once again a photo by my friend Nick (used with his permission of course). This photo reminds me of the many beautiful birds that migrate to Florida at this time of year... right along with our seasonal residents =)   We may not have leaves that change colors, but we have entire species that arrive every winter! And we welcome the many real estate buyers who come to beautiful Central Florida who are looking to find a warmer climate, out of the snow.

If you're a "snowbird" I'd like to extend a warm welcome to beautiful Central Florida! … (4 comments)

mls: Things are Just Ducky in Venetian Bay, New Smyrna Beach FL - 05/31/09 04:11 PM

This photo is for my (almost) Speechless Sunday blog  =)   This guy's a hungry little fellow. Isn't it adorable with the berries on the end of his (or her) beak? It had just rained and I found all kinds of critters this day.
This photo was taken in beautiful Venetian Bay, in New Smyrna Beach FL. If you're interested in buying or selling real estate in New Smyrna Beach, or specifically in Venetian Bay, or even anywhere in east Volusia county, make a Smart Choice and contact Lisa Hill for all your real estate needs.
For information on … (15 comments)

mls: Holly Hill Real Estate Report; 1st Quarter Listings and Sales 2009 - 05/13/09 12:20 AM
Next on the list of Volusia County city reports for the 1st quarter of 2009 is Holly Hill. Holly Hill is a small town located just north of Daytona Beach, and just south of Ormond Beach. I actually just listed a townhouse in Holly Hill as a short sale. It's a great value at only $59,900. It needs a little bit of TLC, but overall, it's a great value! But this post is to continue with my 1st quarter reports for 2009. We're on the home stretch now with only Ormond Beach and Ormond-by-the-Sea left. So far we've covered the 1st … (4 comments)

mls: 386 = FUN? Video, Townhouse Listing and Random Conversations. - 05/10/09 08:12 PM

Last week I listed a townhouse, and after church today, I went there to take photos for the MLS, my web site, and the blog I'll be posting soon. Since this is a tenant-occupied property, I made small-talk with the tenant while taking photos. Then the conversation took an interesting turn. This prompted me to have the same conversation with my daughter when I got home. Imagine my surprise when I got a similar response! Surely Daytona Beach residents haven't already forgotten about our area code change, and the accompanying propaganda at that time!


mls: Pulling Back the Curtain. A Behind the Scenes Look at the Real Estate Business - 02/23/09 07:44 AM
As a REALTOR®, it's easy to forget that the public doesn't always know how we get paid and/or how the real estate business works. They don't see what happens behind the curtain. So I'm pulling back the curtain. I believe the consumer might enjoy learning about the hidden part of the real estate transaction, and at times, just how much can be hanging by a thread. Hopefully, you'll enjoy learning about the process behind the process. To keep this as simple as possible, I'll start by stating that REALTORS® are not employees. We're Independent Contractors. We don't get a W-2, with … (6 comments)

mls: Volusia County Real Estate Listings vs Sales Review for 2008 - 01/26/09 03:47 PM
Being a REALTOR® can be a tough job. Especially when everyone who wants to sell real estate, or buy real estate, wants to hear some good news about the real estate market. Unfortunately, for the last couple of years, the one answer that everyone wants to hear, is not the answer I've been able to give them.
Last year, I posted a blog with a chart that showed the real estate market statistics for 2000-2007. << Follow the link to view that data.
And now it's time for the 2008 year-end real estate review for Volusia County. The following chart shows … (2 comments)

mls: Why Should You Buy Real Estate in New Smyrna Beach? - 12/07/08 04:57 PM
If you're one of my regular blog readers, you know that many times, when providing you with information about a particular city in which you might like to buy real estate, rather than present you with just facts and figures, or straight real estate data about that city (although I sometimes do that too, since some of you like those posts as well) I often like to present you with fun things to do in that area. That's what this post will be; for the city of New Smyrna Beach.
If you currently live in New Smyrna Beach FL and are … (5 comments)

mls: Is the Real Estate Economy So Bad that People Can't Afford Their Pets? - 11/16/08 03:24 PM
I was shocked when I recently read an article in our local newspaper, indicating that due to the economy, people are being forced to give up their pets. Of all the things I've heard about this horrible economy, this has to be one of the most depressing. I'm going to share something that recently happened with one of our pets. But make sure you read all the way to the bottom for a FREE way, yes I said a FREE way to help the pets that have lost their homes!
Just last week, one of my cats came within hours of … (19 comments)

mls: Real Estate Tools for the Techie or the Not So Techie... The Sony Mylo - 11/01/08 03:37 PM
For all you real estate tech geeks, you might like this. But then, you probably already know about the Sony Mylo®. From what I can see, it looks like the perfect text messaging gadget. The way the keypad is laid out, it looks very easy to use, and keep in contact with your real estate sellers and buyers, and other REALTORS® who want to show your listings. And if it does what it claims it can do, I would be fully on board with the social networking peeps. (I'm only about 50% on board right now... chalk it up to a … (15 comments)

mls: How to Handle Lying, Unethical REALTORS® - 09/27/08 02:56 PM
I recently wrote a blog post about...
A house I just sold that was in horrible disrepair The worst listing agent I've ever encountered. These were both part of the same post and transaction.
This story is real, but extremely unusual. I'm writing it for educational purposes, for both real estate professionals and for consumer knowledge.
(This paragraph has been added, since apparently some commenters thought I wasn't clear enough in my first draft.) My reason for leaving this post open for the public to read is NOT to draw attention to bad agents, but to show that it is very … (56 comments)

mls: The Greatest Real Estate Seller I've Ever Met - 09/06/08 03:55 PM
A few days ago, I wrote a post called "How Would You Sell This House?".  If you haven't already, please read that post before this one. In that post, I outlined the problems that a Port Orange real estate seller was experiencing in selling his house. He was interviewing real estate agents when I met with him. But his house is already listed with another agent at this time. If you're a real estate agent, you know that we frequently get calls from real estate sellers who currently have their houses listed with another agent, whom they are considering replacing … (20 comments)

mls: Summer in Daytona Beach: Wow It's Hot! But We Have A New Public Pool! - 08/09/08 12:14 PM

Great news for Daytona Beach residents who need a way to escape the heat. A new public aquatic center has been built on the corner of Nova Road and George W. Engram Blvd. This new "regulation size" pool is the Cypress Aquatic Center, with a 101 swimmer capacity. But this is more than just a pool. This affordable way to spend a day ($3.00 for adults, $2.00 if under 17, children under age 7 must be accompanied by a responsible person over the age of 16.) has locker rooms with showers, family changing rooms, and a covered picnic area which … (6 comments)

mls: Real Estate Listings on other web sites. Who controls the data? - 07/11/08 07:07 PM
This is such an overly discussed topic that I'm reluctant to bring it up again; but I'm concerned with what I'm finding on other real estate sites, about the houses and condos that I've listed. I was recently reading a post by Brian Brady about Zillow's new program that allows their advertisers to have their face and links show up at the top of their real estate pages, while Trulia is penalizing their advertisers by inserting the "no-follow" code into their advertiser's links. So I clicked Brian's link and sure enough, his face is at the top of every page I … (9 comments)

mls: Volusia County Real Estate Update: 2nd Quarter 2008 - 07/02/08 06:15 PM
If you're a regular reader of my blogs, you know that for 2007, I did a city-by-city, 2000-2007 real estate report for Volusia County (Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach areas), including graphs of that data. Here are the links to those reports...
Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Holly Hill, Ormond Beach, Ormond by the Sea, Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, South Daytona, Wilbur by the Sea, Edgewater, New Smyrna Beach.
I also did a combination city-by-city, all-in-one graph for this data. You can view this data in the graph at the right.
I also did a first quarter real estate report … (5 comments)

mls: REALTORS® selling For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings, and the Daytona Beach Real Estate Market - 06/24/08 11:13 AM

Last week I wrote a Daytona Beach real estate blog that provided general information, updates and listings. In that blog post, I mentioned how over the years, there have been times when, as a REALTOR®, I've sold houses that were not actually listed in the Daytona Beach area Multiple Listing System (MLS). In this post, I'm going to elaborate on the real estate conditions of a few years ago, in contrast with today's real estate market, and how it affects the way real estate agents conduct their business.
With the current Daytona Beach area real estate market being such a … (5 comments)

mls: Walking Fans in Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach & Local Areas-This is for you! - 05/30/08 12:11 PM
East Volusia county residents and visitors, here's a fun thing to do. Make your plans for June 3, 15 & 24, to join The Happy Wanderers Walking Club for their 5K and 10K "Going North for Summer" series of Walks.
On June 3 at 6:00 p.m., the Happy Wanderers will meet in Tuscany Village in Venetian Bay. On June 15 at 9:00 a.m., you should meet at the Winn Dixie on S. Nova Rd. in Port Orange to start your Wandering. June 24 at 6:00 p.m., meet at Sunshine Park in South Daytona and Wander your way to happiness =) The … (7 comments)

mls: Real Estate Sellers- What is Your REALTOR® Doing For You? - 05/24/08 07:44 AM
In this difficult buyers market, when every real estate listing has all the odds stacked against it, and slim chance of selling quickly, it's more important than ever that REALTORS® do their jobs to the best of their abilities.
I was recently reading a blog post by Susie Blackmon about a house that had been on the market over a year. As most of you know, in a buyer's market, having a listing on the market for over a year is not anything out of the ordinary. In the Daytona Beach area, we have over 2 years of inventory on the … (5 comments)

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