photo: My Favorite Subject - As Usual ;-) - 10/27/10 09:13 PM
B was recently asked by a friend who is taking photography classes, if she would be her model. Of course, she said yes. So here's one of her latest shots. I have to admit, this group of photos is definitely not what I've become accustomed to seeing, when we get copies of the photos. But she's still my favorite subject, so I guess I'll still share ;-)

I guess I have to keep in mind that these were taken by a student. B said she got no instructions at all. But she learned a few things too. Number one was, … (22 comments)

photo: Wordless Wednesday: Ocean Storm Part 2 - 05/12/10 07:36 PM
So some of you have read my posts where I pick on my younger, twin brothers Christian and Christopher (aka Squid and Squidley... he he) Anyway, both of my brothers, in their spare time, can usually be found (or not found) fishing somewhere. They're usually on the "Sunglow Pier" in Daytona Beach Shores/Wilbur-by-the-Sea.
One of my brothers has been taking a lot of jobs down in South Florida where he conveniently has to do a lot of work on the beach. This means he gets a first-hand view of incoming weather changes. In this case, he got an incredible shot of … (25 comments)

photo: Running the Rat Race? Or Running the Long Race for Real Estate Success? - 04/18/10 03:06 PM
This is another one of Nice Gregor's photos. Since he's been slacking (already!), I'm back to using his photos =P  I've actually had this photo saved on my computer for a long time. You see, what you don't know about Nick is that he's a marathon runner.  His nickname on every forum he joins is "Nickrun".
I know he has several photos of his running exploits. I've seen them. I'm hoping he'll share some of them, and his stories eventually. But for now, I have to say, I was inspired by this photo from the first time I saw it. Thinking … (7 comments)

photo: Photo Blog - The Beauty of A Sunset - 04/08/10 04:50 PM
Hello my beautiful Active Rain buddies. You all rock! LOL. How's that for an intro? I missed yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post, but I still wanted to post this photo... once again, by my friend Nick. And I think he'll be joining us here soon =)  I've already sent him an invitation, and suggested that he might be able to make some extra money, if agents in his area would like some professional real estate listing photos. But we'll discuss that later ;-)
For now, here's another beautiful sunset, taken by Nick. And maybe he'll add his 2 cents in the comments … (19 comments)

photo: Speechless Sunday-Don't Feel Blue. But Don't Get Stung Either! - 04/04/10 09:23 AM
Kinda wacky title? Yeah. I thought so too. But you're here, so mission accomplished =P
Enjoy another photo from my friend Nick. And to order a print of this image, just follow this link ---> Buzzzzz  =)  Or take time to browse through his many photos. He takes fantastic photos, and is brilliant at creating beautiful masterpieces too!




photo: Speechless Sunday: Blackmail! - 02/07/10 01:10 PM
Don't you hate it when your mom comes into your bedroom and finds you sleeping like this? LOL! OK... yes, this is an older photo. But I just love digging through old pictures of my daughter. As a matter of fact, I think I'll use them for the next couple of weeks =P

Yes, I have blackmail for life. SCORE!
By Lisa C. Hill with Florida Property Experts. "The Smart Choice" for all your real estate needs.


photo: Speechless Sunday on Lisa Hill's Real Estate Blog: Pick It Up! - 12/06/09 04:35 PM
Yep. It was laying on the ground, just like this. Would you pick it up? I did! Woo Hoo! lol

OK, so I kinda feel bad for the person who lost $5.00, but I'm happy to be the one who found it =D


photo: Mid Week Photo Blog on Lisa Hill's Real Estate Blog =) - 11/19/09 05:19 PM
This week's photo is really just a follow-up to this past Sunday's photo. It's the same bird from Sunday's blog post, standing in the shallow water at sunset, taken by my friend Nick (fully copyrighted). In this photo, I LOVE the perfect shadow that's reflecting in the water. And I decided that since I had so much trouble deciding which shot to use last week, I should go ahead and share the other one with you today =D
You can click here -->> to order prints of Nick's photography... he does a fantastic job!

And if you're interested in buying … (7 comments)

photo: Not Perfect... Just Like Me: Speechless Sunday on Lisa Hill's Daytona Beach Real Estate Blog - 11/08/09 09:23 AM
OK. So as usual, this is not spechless =P 
Happy Sunday! Once again, I'm sharing a photo by my friend Nick. I guess it pays to know some people ;-)  I love his photos! FYI, most of his photos are NOT in the public domain. He's just allowing me to use them in my blogs, so please remember there are copyright laws! If you're interested in purchasing any of Nick's photos, you can find his work on I've taken you directly to his work in the embedded DeviantArt link. And I'm sure you'll be seeing more of his work on … (4 comments)

photo: Frog Mania! Fun Photo and Video, on Silly Saturday! =D - 08/06/09 10:42 PM
In answer to all the question about my Wordless Wednesday post this week, I thought I'd tell a little story. In case you missed that particular post. Here's the little bugger that's causing all the ruckus.

To answer the questions that were asked on that post...
1. Vickie Nagy: Nope. He didn't get in and hop around; at least not by himself
2. Kelli-Rhyanne Bartley: I think I had him pretty worn out by the time I took this picture =P
3. Crystal Kilpatrick: Nah. He was just a little slimy. lol
4. Johnny Huang: Son? Who says only boys … (8 comments)

photo: Wordless Wednesday.... Croooaaak - 08/05/09 04:21 PM

Well, it's Wordless Wednesday again. And as usual, my post is not wordless >.<  BUT, I'm not telling you about the photo  >=)  LOL. So enjoy contemplating, surmising, and commenting on this week's photo. (Hope you're not grossed out. Muwa ha ha haaa) And when you're done, I'll tell you what I had to go through to catch this leaping little bugger!

Lisa is a Daytona Beach Native, and REALTOR® with Adams Cameron & Co., REALTORS®. Adams Cameron & Co., REALTORS® has been in business in the Daytona Beach area since 1967 (the year I was born =) ) … (8 comments)

photo: Speechless Sunday: Time Flies - 08/02/09 03:08 PM
It's time for another (not so) Speechless Sunday photo. I'm calling this one "Time Flies". And as usual, this may not be "speechless", but you'll have to make your guesses about the photo.  =)

Now for the real estate info!
If you're a young family, looking to buy your first home, or retirees moving to Florida, or if you're of any age or circumstance above, below, or in-between; make a Smart Choice and contact Lisa Hill for all your real estate needs.
Lisa Hill is a Daytona Beach Native with experience selling real estate of all kinds, and in … (18 comments)

photo: Speechless Sunday. Photo by Lisa Hill, Realtor and Daytona Beach Native - 07/26/09 04:03 PM
It's that time again. It's Speechless Sunday. That means it's time for this REALTOR® to share a photo with you, and give no explanation about the photo. I love doing this when I can find a photo that's not just "pretty". I like photos that are different, unique and offbeat. So enjoy this Speechless Sunday's photo.
Be sure to "come back", "guess", and "conclude" in the comment section =D

If you're a real estate buyer or seller, visit my web site at
View my listings at
Click here >> if you want to do a Large Scale Real … (15 comments)

photo: I've Got My Eye On You. By Lisa Hill, Port Orange REALTOR® - 07/22/09 03:54 PM
Wordless Wednesday Photo. "I've Got My Eye On You!" By Lisa Hill, Port Orange and Daytona Beach area REALTOR®.

*In the interest of full disclosure, this hilarious shot came from a video collaboration I did with some of my YouTube friends.

Click here for information on >> buying or selling real estate in Port Orange Florida.
For all your real estate needs, make a Smart Choice and call a Daytona Beach Native, Lisa Hill with Adams Cameron & Co., REALTORS®. << My primary web site
Click here to >> Contact Lisa Hill, Daytona Beach Native and REALTOR®.
More helpful … (7 comments)

photo: A Very Cool Cake! Photo Taken by Lisa Hill, Daytona Beach Native. Please Take Time to Read the Blog Too! - 07/12/09 04:55 PM
It's that time again... time for a REALTOR® to show another aspect of their personality. So here I am, to throw my hat into the ring on yet another Speechless Sunday. And as usual, I'm unable to be "speechless" =P  But as I share this week's photo with you, as usual I will draw the line at any type of description, or discussion regarding the photo itself. But I want to preclude my photo with a little statement about my personal thoughts about photos and any type of art.
Most of the photos we see here on Wordless Wednesday and Speechless … (15 comments)

photo: Ponce Inlet Photo: Walkway Among the Dunes - 07/07/09 08:42 PM
Hello Ponce Inlet potential real estate buyers and sellers, and those of you who just like the (not so) Wordless Wednesday photo blogs (<< follow this link to the Wordless Wednesday description). As usual, I'm providing you with a brief intro to this particular blog post, without describing the photo. Not describing the photo leaves you free to let your creative juices flow, and pick what you like from the image. Although, for this one, I may provide some additional information in another post tomorrow. But today, I'm interested in your thoughts. There are quite a few details in this photo. … (9 comments)

photo: It's Sunday. Time for Another Photo Blog by Lisa Hill, Daytona Beach Area REALTOR® - 06/28/09 04:24 PM
Hello to all my real estate readers out there in blogland =)  A couple of weeks ago, in lieu of a typical real estate post, I gave you an explanation of some our photo-oriented posts. This is another one of those posts, only this one is for Speechless Sunday. Follow the preceding link to discover the "rules" of our photo-oriented posts. In this post, the word "Speechless" is a hint, but I never have a blog with no words at all ;-)
Enjoy the photo...   (Real Estate Information Links are below the photo)

If you're … (4 comments)

photo: Sharing Another Photo. Courtesy of Lisa Hill, Port Orange REALTOR® - 06/24/09 06:59 PM
It's Wordless Wednesday again... although I'm starting this post so late that it will probably post on Thursday. Oh well  =) And as usual, it's not wordless either! LOL. But, I will adhere to the Wordless Wednesday standard of not discussing or explaining the actual photo. So enjoy. And if you're interested in buying or selling real estate in Port Orange FL, make a Smart Choice and contact Lisa Hill with Adams Cameron & Co., REALTORS®. (You'll find helpful real estate links below the photo.) =)

Buy Port Orange real estate
Sell Port Orange real estate
View Port Orange and … (10 comments)

photo: Your Friendly Daytona Beach REALTOR®, Lisa Hill, once again brings you Wordless Wednesday! - 06/17/09 02:14 PM
Here we go again. It's time for your friendly Daytona Beach REALTOR®, Lisa Hill, to bring your weekly-Wednesday-photoblog treat. It's a little treat we like to call "Wordless Wednesday"<<(follow the link for an explanation) You have my husband to thank for this one. And that's all I can say about it <=o)


When you're ready to buy or sell real estate in Daytona Beach Florida, make a Smart Choice and contact Lisa Hill, your expert REALTOR® and Daytona Beach native. Lisa Hill is the Smart Choice for all your real estate needs.
Visit my Daytona Beach area … (11 comments)

photo: Speechless Sunday (Belated) - 06/07/09 07:06 PM
Oops! I'm a little bit late getting my Speechless Sunday blog posted. I'm now about an hour into Monday. Doh!  But when you read my next blog post, you'll understand the delay.
I received an e-mail from Trulia, with a question from a distressed home owner, and I felt obligated to answer. Once I finish this post, I'll post my next one, featuring the Trulia question that distracted me, and I'll ask others to add their 2 cents in helping to cheer up this unhappy home owner. But for now, here's my photo for (yesterday's) Speechless Sunday... Hmm.  I just realized … (4 comments)

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