first time homebuyer: Embrace the Adventure of Homeownership! - 11/27/23 05:15 PM
🏡 Embrace the Adventure of Homeownership, Even in the Face of Rising Interest Rates! 🏡✨
Hey fellow first-time homeowners! 🎉🔑 We've got some fantastic news to share—YOU are now part of the homeowners' club, and that's a big deal! 🏠✨
Now, we know some of you might be thinking about those rising interest rates, but here's the scoop: even in this dynamic market, there's no better time to celebrate your homeownership dreams! 🥳🌟
Here's why NOW is a great time:
1️⃣ Lock in Your Future: Sure, interest rates might be on the rise, but locking in a mortgage now secures a stable financial future. Over … (3 comments)

first time homebuyer: Backyard Fun this Summer! - 06/03/23 08:12 AM
Summertime is here! For most homeowners, that means sunny days, warmer weather, and more time spent outdoors. You might be planning to host a barbecue and invite friends and family over or to simply relax and soak in some sun rays. Whether you plan to welcome a large party or enjoy some solitude, now’s the time to start getting your back yard ready for the summer.
Creating an awesome outdoor space adds value to your home, but more importantly, it allows you to take full advantage of your house and make great memories that you’ll cherish. You can go all out in making over … (2 comments)

first time homebuyer: What is a Mortgage Pre-Approval? - 01/23/23 01:41 PM
The very first step in buying a home is making the decision that you’re ready to buy.  The next step after that is determining how much you can afford and what your financing options are.
Getting pre-approved by a lender will help you accomplish both of those. It will also help set you apart from other potential buyers, showing a seller that you’re serious about buying and have the ability to get approved for a loan on the home.
Now that you know you need to get pre-approved, you’re probably still left with some questions. What does pre-approval entail? How long does the … (2 comments)

first time homebuyer: What is the Difference between Interest Rate and APR? - 11/28/22 10:35 AM
When you're applying for a mortgage, you want to find the lender that will give you the best deal. 🕵️‍ But how do you know what that is? Check out our article that breaks down the difference between APR and interest rates to help you make the most informed decision!
To get to a proper comparison, you have to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges, as the adage goes. So, to help you in that endeavor, we’re setting out to tackle the difference between APR and interest rate.
What is an Interest Rate?The interest rate on your loan is the annual cost you’re … (4 comments)

first time homebuyer: How a Recession Affects the Housing Market - 10/26/22 09:06 AM
Inflation has been in the news and on the minds of just about everyone throughout the past year. Now there’s a new concern emerging – the possibility of a recession.
For some, the term recession evokes concern. You may be questioning what this will mean for your finances and for the economy as a whole. For others, this might be your first time living through the possibility of a recession and you may not know what to expect.
First, it’s important to understand exactly what a recession is and how it’s measured. With that perspective, we will also cover how it typically affects … (4 comments)

first time homebuyer: How to Choose a Real Estate Agent - 10/20/22 08:50 AM
Real estate agents are an essential part of the home buying process. They know your local area, they have connections that can win you the house you love, and their negotiation skills will help you stay within your budget. Use these tips to help you choose an agent who will be your real estate superhero.
There are many reasons why you should buy your home with a real estate agent. They know the ins and outs of the industry and your local market, they have connections that can win you the house you love, and their keen negotiation skills can help you … (2 comments)

first time homebuyer: What To Do When Your Appraisal Comes In Lower Than Your Offer - 10/20/22 08:44 AM
Your appraisal coming back lower than your offer does not mean that it is time to press the panic button. With some creative solutions from your loan officer, you should still be able to get the deal done.
Appraisals are an important part of the mortgage process, mainly because they ensure that you’re paying a fair price for your new home as a buyer. Appraisals also act as a safeguard for all parties involved, from the seller to your mortgage lender.
If it’s your first time buying a home, you might wonder how exactly appraisals can help protect you and your new … (2 comments)

first time homebuyer: FICO vs Vantage Credit Scores - 09/23/22 07:25 AM
Why are “Credit Karma scores” so different than the scores you pull as a lender? Credit Karma uses Vantage scores and Lenders use FICO scores. Bottom line, they calculate the scores differently. Major Differences are Late payments over 2 years (not scored in Vantage), Medical collections (not scored in vantage), Collections under $100 (not scored in vantage ) Debt utilization is about 50% of the vantage credit score it is about 30% of the FICO credit score.
Credit Karma is mainly used by credit card companies, it gives you a free credit score and credit report in exchange for information about your … (0 comments)

first time homebuyer: How to Furnish your Home on a Budget! - 08/10/22 06:47 AM
Within the past almost two years, the furniture industry has come to a slow crawl and it’s not due to a lack of furniture buyers. Many customers have placed orders only to be told it could take 6 months to a year to receive their orders. While other companies may have furniture items in stock, you could still end up not only waiting a long time for your item to be shipped, but pay a ton in shipping costs.  Instead, you may be able to look in your area and find exactly what you need. 
Second hand stores
If you have places like Goodwill … (2 comments)

first time homebuyer: Getting Ready to Sell Your Home? - 07/28/22 09:07 AM
Maybe you’re getting ready to move for a job or to be closer to family. Maybe you need more space, so you’re moving up to a bigger house. Maybe you just want to take advantage of the rising value of your home. Whatever your reason is for selling your home, these tips will help you start the process with confidence.
There are steps you can take to help bring in more offers and get your house sold faster. We will cover the best tips for selling and advice for how to decide what should you spend money on so that you can … (2 comments)

first time homebuyer: How are Mortgage Interest Rates Determined? - 07/28/22 09:01 AM
There’s been a lot of talk about mortgage interest rates over the past few years. Throughout 2020 and 2021, rates dropped to record lows, linked mainly to the economic uncertainty felt worldwide amid a public health crisis.
As the coronavirus became more manageable with vaccines and precautions in place, the economy started to rebound. Now, interest rates have started to rise as financial markets have rallied around that economic recovery.
All of these ups and downs might leave you wondering – what factors really play into how mortgage interest rates are determined? It’s an intertwined combination of market factors, your personal credit profile, and … (3 comments)

first time homebuyer: How the DC Open Doors Program Helps First Time Buyers - 07/13/22 06:36 AM
As the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. attracts homebuyers from across the country. First-time homebuyers in the District can utilize the DC Open Doors program, which features down payment assistance and federal tax credits. Learn more about how you can qualify here.
The District of Columbia is a special place. It’s the United States’ capital – the center of all the action for the federal government. It’s also an international city, home to embassies of nations from around the globe. Even its jurisdiction is unique, not being a state but rather a special, federal district.
While you’re probably familiar with all of these … (0 comments)

first time homebuyer: Georgia Dream Program - 07/06/22 09:10 AM
Looking to move to Georgia? That’s just peachy! Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or not, while the process at times may seem like a hassle, purchasing a home is an exciting time. As there are several programs that can help you become a homeowner, one of the most popular programs in Georgia is the Georgia Dream program.  
In this post, we will dive in and explore what key details are associated with the Georgia Dream program.
 What is the Georgia Dream Program?The Georgia Dream program was established by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Through the help of nominal financing options, … (0 comments)

first time homebuyer: Who Qualifies for a VHDA Loan? - 06/27/22 12:16 PM
Who Qualifies for a VHDA Loan?Purchasing a home is a big life achievement for many people. That’s because it takes plenty of time and saving to be able to afford a down payment. Luckily, there are plenty of government resources to help expedite that process and make it much more affordable.
If you are planning on purchasing a home in Virginia, the Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA) works with lenders in the state to make homeownership achievable for residents. First-time homebuyers can take advantage of programs like down payment grants or federal tax breaks that allow access to affordable, 30-year fixed-rate mortgages.
Eligibility RequirementsThe eligibility … (0 comments)

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