How To Buy Or Sell A House In Woodbridge, Lorton, Or Mount Vernon Virginia

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How to buy or sell a home in Woodbridge, Lorton, or Mount Vernon Virginia. Call Erick Blackwelder now at 703-677-1120 to find out how Erick can get you the best value, in the shortest time, and with the fewest hassles.



  8980 Benchmark Lane, Bristow, VA    Affordably priced at just $289,900 Lovely home on a quiet street backing to trees.  Luxury features include hardwood floors, luxury bath, fireplace, oversized deck.  3 bedrooms, 4 baths.   Just $1,989 per month, with just $8,697 down payment.    Call now for ...
An informed colleague who has deep connections inside the County told me today that over seven thousand (7,000) home owners have let their homes go to foreclosure over the past two years. Moreover, she mentioned that County records show that 50,000 people have left the county. I've noticed a patt...
Jill Landsman, media relations manager for the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors, said that while the average decrease in listing prices might not be the best news for sellers, buyers are benefitting, and any movement in the market is good. Last year in April, the average sale price of a ...
I've noticed that the general public often thinks that we who are top-selling agents are "competitors". In fact, we top-sellers consider each other friends, colleagues, allies, who tell the truth and don't play games. Among my pals in the area, George Lyons is the ultimate gentleman. Here are som...
Countless authors have gained huge fortunes selling books full of nonsense to the masses. The authors get rich. I do indeed HAVE a stable of genuine real estate investors who have built wealth through real estate. From time to time, an investor wannabe comes to me for my expertise. I listen to th...
The Housing Crisis Is Over By CYRIL MOULLE-BERTEAUXMay 6, 2008; The Wall Street Journal, Page A23 The dire headlines coming fast and furious in the financial and popular press suggest that the housing crisis is intensifying. Yet it is very likely that April 2008 will mark the bottom of the U.S. h...
A significant portion of wage-earners in Northern Virginia commute by car to and from work.So rising gas prices are no secret in a town where the average commute time is 50 minutes each way.Some folks within Congress and the popular media are forming an angry mob, heck-bent on "getting our money ...

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Text or call Erick now at 703-677-1120.
Text or call Erick now at 703-677-1120.

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