How To Buy Or Sell A House In Woodbridge, Lorton, Or Mount Vernon Virginia

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How to buy or sell a home in Woodbridge, Lorton, or Mount Vernon Virginia. Call Erick Blackwelder now at 703-677-1120 to find out how Erick can get you the best value, in the shortest time, and with the fewest hassles.



The Real Estate Market Has Been Recovering For Two Years The Bottom Of The Market Was Hit In 2008 The Recovery Went Into Full Swing In 2009   Do you have a real estate question you would like to ask? Shoot me an email right now     Don't forget if you have a home to sell Peggy James my listing sp...
Owner Sale vs Short Sale vs Foreclosure Sale Time From Contract To Closing Vary Among Different Types Of Sales Owner Sales And Foreclosure Sales Close 30 Days Or Less Short Sales Close In 2-4 Months     Do you have a real estate question you would like to ask? Shoot me an email right now     Don'...
Home Owners Listen To The Two Words That Will Help Your Home Sell Faster Find Out What You Can Do To Help Home Shoppers See Your Home Find Out The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Selling Your Home     Do you have a real estate question you would like to ask? Shoot me an email right now     Don'...
Buy A Home Before April 18 2011 To Avoid Expensive Rules For FHA Home Mortgages FHA Home Loans Will Charge You Higher Mortgage Insurance Fees Effective April 18 2011 You Will Also Lose Half Of Your FHA Bargaining Power With Sellers If You Buy After April 18 2011
Insider Secrets About Your Credit Scores Find Out How Your Credit Score Is Computed And What You Can Do To Gain A High Score Find Out What Causes Your Credit Score To Go Up Or Down
Best Days For Home Buyers To See Homes For Sale You Get A Hot Tip On How To See The Best Selection Of Homes For Sale Home Buyer Information You Won't Get Anywhere Else
USA Today Says 47.4% Of Prince William County Homes Are Worth Less Than Their Mortgage Balance The Popular Media Would Say 47.4% Of Our Homes Are "Under Water" Right Now That Number Is Down And Declining As Time Passes Home Values Are On The Rebound In Prince William County If Your Home Is Under...
Open The Shades And Blinds And Let The Light Make Your Home More Attractive To Buyers Don't Just Crank The Blinds Open, Raise Those Blinds And Let The Sun Shine Through Bright And Light Homes Sell While Dark Dingy Houses Just Sit Unsold You want your home to shine with lots of light when buyers s...
Homes That Are Too Good To Be True Fully Renovated Homes At Market Prices That Have Been On The Market A Long Time May Have A Story To Tell Homes In Perfect Condition NOW Might Have Been In Lousy Condition For 120 Days
Home Mortgage Interest Rates As Of Monday February 7 2011 Rates Still Near Historic Lows But Edging Up Steadily Good Time To Lock A Rate For A Purchase Or A Refinance CONVENTIONAL Rate Disc. Points APR Payment       4.875 0.721 4.974 $1,588 Details     5.000 0.193 5.054 $1,610 Details     5.125 0...

Erick Blackwelder

Text or call Erick now at 703-677-1120.
Text or call Erick now at 703-677-1120.

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