How To Buy Or Sell A House In Woodbridge, Lorton, Or Mount Vernon Virginia

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How to buy or sell a home in Woodbridge, Lorton, or Mount Vernon Virginia. Call Erick Blackwelder now at 703-677-1120 to find out how Erick can get you the best value, in the shortest time, and with the fewest hassles.



Home Loan Interest Rates As Of Friday January 28 What Is "APR" And Why Is It Always Higher Than The Effective Rate? Will I Get The Interest Rate Quoted Or Will I Have To Pay At The Rate Posted In The APR?  
Stable Inventory Of Homes For Sale And Rising Home Values In The Spring Market Erick Blackwelder Of Exit 1st Choice Realty Explains Local Market Statistics Rising Demand Plus Low Inventory May Lead To Rising Home Values In The Spring Market
When You Sell Your Home Sweat The Small Stuff Buyers Look For Reasons To Eliminate Homes From Their "A" List Don't Give Buyers Excuses To Exclude Your Home Give Buyers Reasons To Put Your Home On Their "A" List
Short Sales Aren't A Short Process Find Out What This Short Sale Expert Knows About Short Selling Your Home You Could Be In Your Home A Long Time Before Your Short Sale Goes Through The Bank Systems  
One Of The Largets Banks Admits Improper Treatment Of Military Families Improper Foreclosures Of Homes While Serving Overseas Military Families Overcharged Thousands Of Dollars For Mortgages One of the nation's biggest banks — JP Morgan Chase — admits it has overcharged several thousand military ...
The White House Has Defaulted On A Home Equity Loan And Could Face Foreclosure This Is Not A Joke (Though it is funny)  CNBC Report Below Reports Default On Loan Taken To Update White House Pipes, electrics, Update The Kitchen As reported today on the CNBC  website: A home equity loan taken out b...
How Can You Buy A Home In Woodbridge And Know You Are Getting A Good Deal Find Out About The Most Important Tool You Will Need When You Make An Offer On A Home Don't Make An Offer Without It  You can get a FREE computerized report showing the value of any home right now by CLICKING HERE to send t...
"I'm not gonna lie to you... your house isn't selling because it's overpriced in the market." What Woodbridge Home Sellers Need To Know About Pricing Your Home To Sell Home Buyers Are Buying Homes That Are "The best deal." When you need to buy something substantial, for example a riding lawn trac...
Some Folks Are Just Plain Stupid Short Sales Are For Persons Whose Adjustable Rate Payment Doubled Or Tripled Short Sales Are NOT For Folks Who Are Paying A Reasonable Payment On-Time I met a lad at a holiday event who said he was short selling his home when he found out I sell real estate.  He p...
Sell Your Home In Woodbridge VA With An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition Make Your Home Show Like A Model Home Make Your Home Look Good In Photos And On Video So Buyers Will Want To See Your Home First      Find out how  your home might sell fast right now by calling Peggy James, Listings M...

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Text or call Erick now at 703-677-1120.
Text or call Erick now at 703-677-1120.

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