prince william county homes for sale: How To Buy A Home In Woodbridge VA - 10/24/12 02:47 AM
How To Buy A Home In Woodbridge VA
Short Video Clip Gives You The Steps You Take When Preparing To Buy A Home
If You Are A First Time Buyer This Video Is For You



prince william county homes for sale: When Did The Real Estate Market In Northern Virginia Hit Bottom Then Rebound? - 09/21/10 06:27 AM
When Did The Real Estate Market In Northern Virginia Hit Bottom Then Rebound?
You Would Be Amazed To Find Out How Often I Get That Question From Woodbridge Home Owners
The Answer May Surprise You Or Even Shock You
I've been selling 80-100 homes per year over the past 20+ years in Northern Virginia, especially around the Woodbridge and Manassas areas.
Being the "Local Real Estate Guy" has made me a sort of mini-celebrity; Folks recognize me in the grocery store or other local businesses and they don't hesitate stopping me to ask me about the market conditions.
A quick trip to … (0 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Woodbridge And Prince William County School Enrollment Up 3,000 Students Because Homes Are Selling Fast To First Time Buyers - 10/13/09 06:31 AM
Woodbridge VA And Prince William County Real Estate News
Rapid Home Sales To First Time Buyers Have Added 3,000 New Students To County Schools
County School System Hiring More Teachers To Keep Up With Home Sales To Families With Children
WOODBRIDGE, Va. - It was a big surprise for Prince William County (web | news) schools. The district had to hire extra teachers because of an unexpected jump in enrollment.
Jennifer Vydareny discovered Prince William's school population spike firsthand on the first day of school. Her first grader, Maya, … (0 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Prince William Real Estate Market Inventory Reaches Historic As Number Of Homes Under Contract Exceeds Number Of Homes For Sale - 03/26/09 07:34 AM
Prince William Real Estate Market Turned Upside Down As Number Of Homes Listed For Sale Drops Below Number Of Homes Under Contract
Woodbridge And Prince William Homes For Sale Outnumbered By Homes Under Contract In The County
At 2:50 PM today, I ran my usual monthly search of homes for sale in Woodbridge and Prince William County.  1,768 homes "Active"... 1,866 "Under Contract".
Prince William County homes for sale are now outnumbered by homes under contract.
Number of homes actively listed for sale in the county today: 1,768.
Number of homes under contract in the county today: 1,866.
I am home … (0 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Woodbridge Real Estate Foreclosure Prevention Plan - 03/23/09 03:26 AM
President Obama Announced A $75 Billion Foreclosure Prevention Plan Funded By Our Tax Dollars
Congress Appropriates Funds To Help 9 Million Home Owners Lower Mortgage Payments With Plan That Combines Loan Modification With Loan Refinance
Home owners who are in the midst of losing their homes to foreclosure are excluded from the Plan, and left to lose their homes to foreclosure.
Home owners who have been anxiously looking forward to implementation of the much-anticipated Foreclosure Prevention Plan, whose lenders have initiated foreclosure procedures, well, those folks are left out of the plan.
The folks in desperate need of some sort of … (0 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Woodbridge Virginia Real Estate Among Fastest Recovering Markets In The Nation - 03/09/09 04:49 AM
Business Week Magazine Report Shows Woodbridge Home Sales Booming
Woodbridge Real Estate Among The Fastest Growing In the USA
I got a phone call last week from Business Week magazine reporter and columnist, Prashant Gopal.
Mr. Gopal was researching the real estate markets that are knee-deep in recovery mode, with stable prices, and fast-paced sales.
Woodbridge and Prince William County are among the markets he researched that have turned the corner from stagnant to prospering.
I gave Mr. Gopal the numbers.  The numbers speak for themselves.  I hoped he would report the numbers.  However, you will see that he quoted me … (0 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Woodbridge VA Homes For Sale, Selling Real Estate In Woodbridge - 02/24/09 05:11 AM
Making Money Selling Homes For Sale In Woodbridge
Get A Real Estate License And Make A Fortune... Right???
A lovely lady said to me that she will get her real estate license and make some "quick money" so she can remodel her kitchen, and put a pool in her back yard.
"How much will your kitchen and pool cost?"
"All I need is $50,000 and I'll have a new kitchen and pool by summer," she replied.
"What's your business plan," I asked.
"My what?"
"How do you plan to make $50,000 by summer?"
"Well," she said, "all I need to do … (1 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Woodbridge Homes For Sale Plus The Seven Facts You Need To Know About The Virginia Real Estate Market - 01/10/09 08:17 AM
Woodbridge VA Homes For Sale Are Good Value In Virginia Real Estate Experts Say
Seven Facts About Real Estate In Woodbridge Virginia
1. Virginia Outperforms The NationThe Commonwealth of Virginia is in better shape than the nation as a whole.  Sales are up, mortgage bankers are taking oodles of home loan applications, home ownership is high compared to the rest of the nation, and we have fewer foreclosures.  -- Source: Virginia Homewoners Alliance
2. The Commonwealth's Overall Economy Is Healthy And GrowingSince January 2008, more than 200 companies have announced plans to open facilities in Virginia that will create 15,770 new … (0 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Woodbridge Real Estate And Prince William County Homes Sold Double In 2008 - 01/02/09 07:10 AM
Woodbridge Virginia Homes Sold In 2008 Double Homes Sold In 2007
Prince William County Virginia Homes Sold in 2008 Double Homes Sold In 2007
Woodbridge Homes Sold In 2007 And 2008Homes Sold In 2007: 1,899Homes Sold In 2008: 4,190
Prince William County Homes Sold In 2007 And 2008Homes Sold In 2007: 4,577Homes Sold In 2008: 8,522
Woodbridge home sales jumped 2,291 units in 2008 compared to 2007.
Prince William County home sales jumped by 3,945 units in 2008 compared to 2007.
I'm no math genius, but my calculator says Woodbridge homes sold in 2008 were up 120% over 2007.
Mr. … (0 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Woodbridge Virginia Homes For Sale Some Day With Cheap Nuclear Power??? - 11/14/08 06:31 AM
Woodbridge Homes And Real Estate In The Future Could Enjoy Cheap Electricity
Nuclear power could someday be a source of cheap electricity for homes in Woodbridge if some enterprising entrepreneur purchases one of the new "Mini" nuclear power plants under development.
Imagine Woodbridge homes getting electricity as cheap as 5 cents per killowatt.
An Arizona company is designing miniature nuclear reactors, with no moving parts, about the size of a hot tub, that could power up to 20,000 homes.
Just two of those miniature reactors could generate enough power to accommodate all of Woodbridge, and still have power left over that … (0 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Woodbridge Homes For Sale, Woodbridge Homes Sold, New Listings Woodbridge VA - 10/06/08 05:34 AM
Woodbridge Virginia real estate sales have been fast and furious this year. 
That's right, I said fast and furious.
"But Mr. Erick, the news reports say homes aren't selling."
As usual, the media is one year behind the curve.
In fact, homes are selling all over Prince William County.

Here are the numbers
As of September 30, there were 3,380 homes actively for sale across Prince William County.  Way down from the 7,000+ that were for sale one year ago.
There were 1,652 homes SOLD in September.  Yes, 1,652 homes went under contract in September.
Only 992 new listings were … (0 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Market Snapshots for Manassas, Bristow, Haymarket, Woodbridge, Dale City, Dumfries - 06/26/08 04:19 AM
Before reading onward, CLICK HERE for an example of a Market Snapshot.  Then come back and you will find out how to order your own customized Market Snapshots for home owners, or home buyers.
Go back to the Market Snapshot example and play with the markers on the map, and click the pull-down windows for more topics, and more selections.
Blue and green map markers show homes for sale.  Red markers show homes recently sold.  Hover your mouse cursor over any marker and see a pop-up box with a photo of the house, the price, and a link you can click … (0 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Foreclosures In Loudoun County, Foreclosures In Prince William County - 06/23/08 06:54 AM
Much ado has been made in the press about the "rising number of foreclosures" and the "housing slump".
The media is typically behind the curve when it comes to market trends.
When the media says "Real estate values are in a free-fall", we who work in the business just shake our heads with amusement because we see the true numbers that clearly show the market is recovering.
Loudoun and Prince William Counties were clobbered by unprecedented numbers of foreclosures 2006-2007.
Market data in 2008 shows declining numbers of foreclosures for sale, and fewer foreclosures entering the market for sale.
In Loudoun … (0 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Real Estate In Prince William County, Woodbridge, Manassas, Haymarket, Bristow See Foreclosures Plummet - 06/18/08 05:37 AM
There are 670 foreclosed properties for sale in Prince William County as of 12:42 today.
That's down by over 50% from summer 2006.
Some "expert" somewhere, in a news report I cannot recall, mentioned that over 7,000 homes were foreclosed in Prince William since 2004.  My experience says that number is right on target.
My contacts in the Real Estate Owned (REO) departments at mortgage banks say that their workload has steadily subsided month by month this year.
Moreover, the total inventory of all homes for sale in the county is down to roughly 4,800, down from … (0 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Best Buys Among Prince William County Homes For Sale Priced $400K - $800K - 06/11/08 07:57 AM
You can get some amazing homes with glitz, glamour, upgrades galore, in pristine condition right now in Prince William County.
Today's report contains Erick's Primo Picks of the week.
I sifted and sorted the listings of homes for sale in the $400,000 - $800,000 range, looking for the exceptional homes, that have tons of features, at amazingly affordable prices.

I see current list prices that are stupid-low compared to 2005 prices.  Homes that would have sold for $800,000 in 2005 are now priced $634,000 and lower.  Homes that were close to a million dollars in 2005 are now priced in … (0 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Just Listed Over The Weekend Newest Listings Of Homes For Sale In Prince William County - 06/09/08 05:55 AM
Fifty-nine homes SOLD over the weekend.  Fifty-nine home buyers took advantage of low home prices, low rates on home loans, and flexible terms.
As of 1:39 PM today, there are 1,686 homes "Under Contract" in Prince William County.  There are 1,686 homes that are SOLD, pending settlement.  Most will settle in 30 days or less.
Forty-one new listingings were added to the market over the weekend.  Forty-one homes "Just Listed" over the weekend.
As of 1:39 PM today, we have 4,888 "Active" listings on the market, for sale, in Prince William County.
The number of "Active" listings has been steadily declining … (0 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Open House List June 8, 2008 Prince William County Homes For Sale - 06/08/08 06:17 AM
Oh the weather outside is frightful.  Hot, hot, hot.
Here is today's list of homes that will be open this afternoon.
Take a few bottles of water, pump $95 of gas into your tank, and hit the road!

prince william county homes for sale: Short Lesson In Bad Behavior, Bad Manners, Rudeness, and Nastiness - 06/02/08 01:50 PM
Have you ever wanted to learn how to become rude and nasty?
Do you want to enhance your bad manners and treat people who try to help you with disdain?
Best of all, do you want to enjoy a new, exciting career in which you are encouraged to be a heartless jerk?
Now you can!!
You can actually earn a living being an ass, and get paid for your worst character traits.
Yes, you can get paid for being a bully and a common thug.
Apply today to the mortgage bank of your choice for a job as a Real Estate … (4 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Lovely Home, Quiet Street, $1,989* Monthly Payment, Just $8,697* Down Payment - 05/31/08 02:37 PM
8980 Benchmark Lane, Bristow, VA    Affordably priced at just $289,900
Lovely home on a quiet street backing to trees.  Luxury features include hardwood floors, luxury bath, fireplace, oversized deck.  3 bedrooms, 4 baths.
Just $1,989 per month, with just $8,697 down payment. 
Call now for a complete listing report by email, or a showing.  703-590-2252
Financing based on FHA 30 year, fixed-rate home loan at 6.0%, with one percent loan origination fee, and one discount point.  6.881 APR.  These figures are reliable, but not guaranteed.  Buyer(s) must qualify. Loan terms subject to change any second … (0 comments)

prince william county homes for sale: Affordable Homes In Prince William County Are Back! - 05/21/08 07:46 AM
Jill Landsman, media relations manager for the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors, said that while the average decrease in listing prices might not be the best news for sellers, buyers are benefitting, and any movement in the market is good.
Last year in April, the average sale price of a house in Prince William County was $405,629. This year the average house sold for $291,852, a decline of 28.05 percent.
Last April in Manassas, houses sold for an average of $325,502 compared to $222,535 this April, a decline of about 32 percent, Landsman said.
In Manassas Park the average sale price … (0 comments)

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