woodbridge virginia real estate news: You Want To Make Low Ball Offers On Homes In Woodbridge Virginia - 10/20/15 02:04 AM

You want to make low ball offers on homes for sale in Woodbridge Virginia.  Let's take a look at the psychology behind low ball offers from the seller's point of view.  Let's see if you are putting you, and your offers in the best light.
Low Ball Offers Make You Appear Inexperienced
1. When you make a low ball offer you are telling the seller you are a first time buyer who doesn't know what you're doing.  This could be your second, third, or fourth home, but the seller perceives you to be a first time buyer with Uncle Harry whispering advice in … (1 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: Woodbridge VA August 2015 Home Sales Report - 09/29/15 01:24 AM
It's time for the Woodbridge VA August 2015 home sales report.  Time to compare August 2015 sales to 2014 sales to see where the market is going.
The market is a steady and healthy market.  It's not a buyers market.  It's not a sellers market.  It's a neutral market.
The typical difference between list price and sold price is 3%.
The Woodbridge VA August 2015 Home Sales Report
In August 2015, 145 single family homes sold at an average price of $362,647.
In August 2014, 134 single family homes sold at an average price of $$357,278.
The number of single family homes sold was up this year … (1 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: New Website To Keep Up With Technology - 08/18/15 04:48 AM
You expect a world class experience when you visit a business website.
Every 3-4 years I have to update my website to incorporate new technology into the viewer experience.
This time I hired Dakno to build a new website for my business.  The website offers two search experiences.  First, you may search anywhere in Northern Virginia from the top search bar.  Second, you may search Woodbridge houses in specific price ranges, such as $400,000 - $450,000, starting at $200,000 and going to $1,000,000+.
The website is 100% mobile compatible, so it will work on your smart phone or tablet.
On the website you can also … (0 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: Housing Prices Are Up 6.5% In Northern Virginia In 2015 - 08/05/15 02:12 AM
Real estate in Northern Virginia has recovered and surpassed the value reached in the peak of the boom market in 2007.
Housing prices in 2015 are up 6.5% as of June and are still climbing, and there is more pent up demand just waiting on the sidelines, ready to get into the game.
Below is a brief video that will give you insight into the psychology of potential buyers and sellers
Did you see yourself in that video?  Are you one of the folks who has been thinking about moving up to a larger home?  Do you think your home value is still in … (0 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: Congress Wants To Tax Mortgages To Pay For Transportation - 07/23/15 12:32 AM
Congress is working on a bill that will tack a tax on to mortgages to pay for transportation.  Email, call, or write your members of Congress today and say "No" to the government fee, or "G fee" on mortgages.
Drop what you are doing now and go to www.house.gov , look up your member of the House of Representatives, and send your member a fax or an email saying "No" to taxing mortgages.  Next, go to www.senate.gov, look up BOTH of your senators, and send them a fax or an email saying "No" to the G fee, government fee on mortgages.
Congress works for … (0 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: 5 Ways HGTV Is Creating Unrealistic Home Buyers - 07/22/15 01:16 AM
I enjoy watching HGTV, but some shows are leading home buyers down an unrealastic path.
Here are 5 ways some home buyers are being lead astray by "reality" TV.
1. Open concept homes with stainless steel and granite are "normal", not the exception.
On some shows, every house is an open concept house with new appliances and stone counter tops.  That is the exception, not the norm.  The normal house has builder grade Formica counter tops, almond colored appliances, and oak cabinets.  Maybe one out of fifteen houses has an updated kitchen and updated baths in established neighborhoods.  Buyers, you need to reset your … (1 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: Homes For Sale In Lake Ridge Virginia - 07/20/15 02:35 AM
Homes for sale in Lake Ridge.
Lake Ridge is among the most popular communities in Woodbridge.  Lake Ridge was the first large planned community with a home owners association, pools, recreation facilities, lake front park, and shopping.
Approximately 20,000 people call Lake Ridge home.
There are links below that will show you lists of homes for sale in Lake Ridge.  If you want to see any of the homes on the  lists, give me a call or send a text to me at 703-677-1120.
As of July 20, 2015, there are 54 single family homes for sale in Lake Ridge. Click here now to see … (1 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: Why Are Home Rents Sky High In Woodbridge Virginia? - 07/17/15 05:54 AM
Why are rental prices sky high in Woodbridge Virginia?
Rental housing is in short supply, so landlords can ask top dollar for their houses.
It's a classic example of supply and demand.  Low supply, high demand leads to high rent.
For example, a lovely 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage single family home in Old Bridge Estates just rented for $3,000 per month to a military man coming to DC for a one-year class.
That house was up for sale or for rent.  If it were purchased with a VA, no money down loan, the monthly payment, including taxes, insurance, and home owners association … (1 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: Why Are Home Loan Interest Rates Rising? - 07/17/15 02:50 AM
Home mortgage rates are up from 2.5% in January to 4% in July 2015. 
Economists forecast rising interest rates on home loans in 2015, with rates reaching 5% by the end of the year.
Why are rates rising?
There are more than one reason why rates are rising.  Other investments are offering investors greater rates of return on their money, causing them to pull their funds away from the bond market that backs home mortgages.
The stock market is the primary investment pool that is attracting money away from the bond market.  Corporate profits are up, feeding higher dividends, and rising stock values.   Institutional … (0 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: What If The Housing Market Crashes Again? - 07/13/15 01:03 AM
What if the housing market crashes again?
Specifically, what will happen to the mortgage market if the money market implodes because Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are sitting on too much "funny money"?
Sounds to me like Congresswoman Waters ran off and put her head back in the sand.
I don't see signs of a crash.  In fact, the market has recovered on strong fundamentals, common sense loans, and healthy property values.
Perhaps you have been thinking about selling your house and moving up to a larger home.  Or you want to sell your house and move down to something smaller now that the kids … (1 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: How Financial Turmoil In Greece Lowers Mortgage Rates In Woodbridge - 07/06/15 11:40 PM
This quick video shares with you how financial turmoil in Greece is driving down mortgage interest rates in Woodbridge, Virginia, and throught the United States.
Let me translate some of the mortgage-speak for you.  When bond prices go up, the yield, or interest rate goes down.  So when Barry was talking about bond prices going higher in the short term, and yields going down, that's good for borrowers because home loan rates will be trending lower.
Investors who had money in the Greek economy are pulling their money out of Greece and looking to safer places to invest, such as the US mortgage … (2 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: What Is The Condition Of The Housing Market? - 06/25/15 01:32 AM
What Is The Condition Of The Housing Market?
The housing market has made a full recovery, to be now within 1% of the values of the market in 2007.  
Back in 2007, 35% of the market was built on the shaky ground of lousy loans that were destined to crumble and fail from the day the loan applications were taken.  The market was destined to crash.
This market has been built on rock-solid loans that have been built on strict underwriting guidelines; Some folks would say TOO STRICT underwriting guidelines.  The point is, today's real estate market is based on home owners who … (2 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: What Is A Luxury Home In Woodbridge Virginia? - 06/23/15 11:42 PM
A luxury home is a home priced in the top 5% of the market.
In Woodbridge, the luxury home market is defined as single family homes, priced over $700,000, with 4+ bedrooms, 2+ bathrooms, a basement, a 2+ car garage, that is a standard sale (not a short sale or foreclosure).
The average price for a single family house in Woodbridge Virginia is $365,728 according to the Metropolitan REALTORS Information Service (MRIS).
There are currently 14 luxury homes on the market for sale over $700,000 in Woodbridge, Virginia, at an average price of $1,043,193.
11 luxury homes have SOLD over the past 90 days at … (0 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: $5Billion+ Homes Sold Past 30 Days - 06/23/15 02:57 AM
Our Multiple Listing Service, Matrix, covers a small portion of the nation.  Just for fun, I looked up the sales volume over the past 30 days.  
Within Matrix, 12,978 houses have sold over the past 30 days, adding up to a total sales volume of $5,104,779,619.  That works out to an average sold price of $393,341 per house. 
That's a lot of houses, and a lot of monetary velocity through the economy.  Velocity is a measure of the flow of cash economists track through the economy.
So curiosity lead me to wonder how many homes have sold within the Matrix network over the … (1 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: Watch Shores Club Video - 06/15/15 01:10 AM
Watch The Shores Club Video now for a glimpse of what is coming to Potomac shores next summer.
If you've been following my blog you've noticed that I'm a big fan of the new community at Potomac Shores.  
Potomac Shores is like nothing else we have seen in Northern Virginia.
First, let's watch the video, then I'll share some more inside information with you.
The Shores Club will bring an amazing new sense of community to Potomac Shores in 2016.  The future for Potomac Shores is very bright.  Other future events include the opening of a 450 slip marina, the largest marina on the … (0 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: New Rules For FHA Appraisals May Scare Appraisers Away - 06/03/15 01:05 AM

Appraisers work hard for the money they earn.  A typical appraisal comprises many pages, with lengthy narratives about the subjective property, and three other similar properties that were used to support the value of the subject property.
New FHA rules for appraisals will dump a ton more work squarely on the backs of overworked appraisers.  I suspect the cost of an FHA appraisal will rise in response to the increased workload heaped on appraisers.
Don't get me wrong.  FHA home financing is one of the best home loans in the market today.  FHA gives you a low 3.5% down payment, resonable qualifying ratios … (0 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Statistics - 05/06/15 12:49 AM
Here are the latest market statistics for each county and city that make up the Northern Virginia real estate market.
DOM = Days On Market
The Northern Virginia market is thriving and vibrant.  Homes are selling fast in some areas, with multiple offers on the better homes for sale.
Home loan interest rates have been bouncing between 3% and 3.75% from week to week.  Low home loan rates are helping buyers afford more house for their money.
Are you in the market for a house in the Woodbridge, Virginia area?  You can get listings that match your wish list when you CLICK HERE NOW.
How much … (0 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: How Much Value You Will Get From Updated Bathrooms - 04/30/15 04:10 AM
My family and I moved to a really cool, 45 year-old house two years ago.  The house had a kitchen that was updated 25 years ago, and the bathrooms were the original baths from when the house was built.
We updated the kitchen when we moved into the house, and we planned to update the bathrooms until we found out that the back foundation wall needed a major repair to keep from caving-in.
Well we just had all three baths remodeled.  
The photos below will take you behind the scenes so you can see the challengs we tackled during the remodeling.
The first step … (2 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: Give Your House Inexpensive Curb Appeal - 04/28/15 01:50 AM
You want your house to stand out from the competition as the best house on the market.  You've cleaned and scrubbed your house inside until it shines.  What can you do to make your house stand above the competition?  Follow the simple, inexpensive steps below to give your house and exterior makeover that will attract buyers.
1. Trim bushes so they don’t block windows or architectural details.
Overgrown shrubs hide the beauty of your house.  They can also block sunlight from coming through the windows, sunlight that makes your house look bright and open.
 2. Mow your lawn often, especially in the spring time.  … (1 comments)

woodbridge virginia real estate news: Why Zillow Z-Estimates Of House Values Are So Wrong - 04/24/15 03:36 AM
One of the questions that real estate agents often get from consumers is “how accurate are the Zillow home value estimates”. There are more tools available than ever for the average person interested in buying or selling a home. The internet provides numerous resources for everything related to real estate – locating properties, viewing, listing, advice on buying and selling and even pricing calculators. Zillow is one of the more popular real estate websites that offer many of these tools. Unfortunately, while these tools can certainly prove handy, there are times when using them can give you unreliable information.
The Problem With Zillow Home Value … (6 comments)

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