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It's house tour season in Massachusetts. This Sunday marks the 27th Annual House tour in Newton MA.  I'm doing my best to keep Sunday afternoon free because this is one of my all time favorite house tours. Newton is a city of absolutely exquisite houses and neighborhoods.  Every year I go on this...
Ok - it's got to be Friday somewhere...  In fact it will be Friday where I am in just over an hour but I hope to be asleep by then. I saw this on Keith Olbermann tonight and just couldn't resist sharing it.  This pooch puts me to shame in the exercise department.  And little did I know that there...
I thought it was my computer but now, after having the problem on three computers and reading some of the posts I guess it's a much bigger problem. I can't leave any comments on ActiveRain. I'm also not sure this post will "take" - I had the same problem when trying to post that I have with attem...
It doesn't happen all that often - so probably most people know this instinctively - but for those who don't It's NOT a good idea to have music accompanying your Active Rain post. It always takes me by surprise - I hit the Next button and - aaaagh!! - music begins blaring out of my speakers.  It'...
As long as I can remember Memorial Day has meant it's time to plant the geraniums. At the cemetery that is.  Each Memorial Day we would drive with my grandmother to plant geranium plants at the family plot. My father and mother have continued the tradition. I've always loved cemeteries and can re...
One of the things I enjoy about working in real estate is getting to see how people live.  I've always loved to glimpse inside houses - through a lit window in the early evening, on a house tour, and now all the time as part of my work. And one of my softs spots is old and untouched houses - they...
Real estate has a way of taking over our lives - at least it does mine.  I'm not one to take days off as a rule. When I do take any time - time measured in hours not days - I tend to do so with an unsettled feeling that there are things I should be doing at the office, on the phone, or online. Do...
I've always been a huge fan of continuing ed and try to attend any seminar or take any class in my area.  Ever since tumbling into ActiveRain I've been much more drawn to technology training.  I've been really envious of some of the wonderful training opportunities offered in other states that pe...
I first heard of Douglas Tallamy's book, Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens, in a New York Times Home and Garden (my Thursday treat!) article about the book. The quote that caught my eye and has stayed me with since was this: "You don't have to cut down the li...
My nemesis - black swallowwort - is invading Cambridge.  I've been out and about in the last few days and found big patches of it in many, many  front yards in Cambridge. And no question about it - it's in Somerville, Medford, and Arlington too.  In fact, it's becoming an issue all over Massachus...

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